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Reviewing the Top 5 HHC THC Flower Products for an Unparalleled Cannabis Experience

HHC is now available in flower form! If you want to recreate the marijuana experience as closely as possible, legal HHC hemp flower is the best way to do so. Out of all the hemp-based highs available right now, HHC has the most in common with classic THC.

You’ve probably got lots of questions! HHC is new and, in my experience, still poorly understood – even in the cannabis community. I’m here to clarify any concerns and misconceptions about HHC Flower and explain why it’s the real deal.

I’ll get into the specifics later, but I want to kick off with my top five HHC THC flower products in 2023!

1. Utoya – HHC Hemp Flower

HHC Flower

Utoya has remarked on the unprecedented demand for its HHC Hemp Flower, which delivers full-body relaxation and an enjoyable, euphoric buzz. 

With more than 20% CBD and 16% HHC, these buds are less intense than a pure HHC product but are arguably better for it. The CBD complements the HHC, removing anxiety and paranoia while ramping up the soothing effects.

Utoya’s Hot Hemp HHC treated flower comes in an airtight jar or a resealable bag, depending on how much you buy. All hemp flower is third-party tested by Northeast Processing. Currently sold in two strains.

Strains: Forbidden V, Sour Lifter

2. DharmaD8 – HHC Flower

HHC Flower

Already famous for its famous and relaxing effects, DharmaD8 is one of the best places to purchase HHC flower. They use Farm Bill-compliant CBD-rich hemp flower and HHC distillate, keeping the cultivation and manufacturing process 100% natural.

Amazingly, DharmaD8 promises that its HHC flower gives users a euphoric experience without the crash commonly associated with marijuana. HHC also stays fresher for longer than THC, given the hydrogenated nature of the compound.

Dharma D8 cultivates its flower in the United States and has its HHC products third-party tested by ACS Laboratory. They offer a selection of sativa, indica, and hybrid HHC flowers, selling them in 3.5-gram jars.

Strains: Acapulco Gold, Maui Wowie, Super Silver Haze, Trainwreck

3. Boston Hempire – HHC-Coated Flower

HHC Flower

Boston Hempire is an established brand selling CBD, delta-8, and now HHC products. They stock an impressive collection of indica, sativa, and hybrid CBD flowers, which are made delightfully psychoactive with a coating of HHC.

Boston Hempire cultivates its hemp flower in an indoor greenhouse using entirely organic practices. Despite the name, all the hemp is grown in Vermont, meeting federal requirements with less than 0.3% THC.

Two third-party lab reports are relevant here – the CBD flower analysis by Northeast Processing and the HHC distillate report from Apollo. Boston Hempire passes both with flying colors!

Strains: Atomic Sour Tsunami, Purple Rhino, White Fire OG, Sour Sunrise, Star Fuel, Skywalker Kush, Red Runtz, Cali Haze, Sour Lemon, Super Sour 

4. Smilyn Wellness – The Smoke River HHC Flower

HHC Flower

The Smoke Rive available at Smilyn Wellness is solid if unspectacular. Naturally grown and non-GMO, this flower is still firmly in the top tier, with more than enough HHC to produce a potent, euphoric high.

Smile Wellness notes that the HHC flower has the same appearance, aroma, and flavor as marijuana, which is vital to the experience. Each purchase comes with 4g of flower, sold in an airtight jar fitted with a child-resistant cap.

The lack of variety stops this HHC flower from featuring higher up my list. Right now, they only stock a single strain: Cheesecake. Third-party tested by Marin Analytics with less than 0.3% THC. 

5. Exhale Wellness – HHC Hemp Flower

Exhale Wellness first came to the industry’s attention with its extensive range of delta-8 products, and it’s no shock to see them venturing into HHC. Made with federally compliant hemp flower and HHC distillate, these flower strains are 100% natural and non-GMO.

Exhale Wellness packages the buds in a glass jar (with a child-resistant cap) or a resealable bag, depending on how much you buy. You can purchase anywhere between 4 grams to 1lb!

While most Exhale Wellness products come with an accompanying third-party lab report, I couldn’t find one for these HHC strains. Hopefully, they will update this soon, but it’s a big mark against them for now. 

Strains: Northern Lights, Skywalker OG, Sour Diesel

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a legal psychoactive substance derived from hemp. Part of the cannabinoid family, HHC is a naturally occurring compound and the hydrogenated derivative of THC (delta-9-THC).

Given that HHC has a similar chemical profile to THC, the cannabinoid produces broadly the same effects. However, there are some subtle differences – HHC is seemingly a little less potent and more relaxing than THC.

But HHC’s popularity lies in its remarkable legal status. While federal law declares that hemp-based products must have less than 0.3% THC (per the 2018 Farm Bill), the legislation does not restrict HHC!

Indeed, HHC is one of several psychoactive cannabinoids that are now legal thanks to the Farm Bill. You may have seen delta-8 and delta-10 products! But HHC is possibly even better since its effects match up so closely with THC’s.

The Farm Bill determines that all naturally occurring cannabinoids from hemp are federally legal. Therefore, companies like CBD Genesis and ELYXR LA can confidently make products with 1000mg or more HHC – all that matters is that they have less than 0.3% THC!

What is HHC THC flower?

HHC Flower aims to recreate the classic cannabis experience that’s full of flavor and promises intense, hard-hitting highs. HHC flower is literally like a regular marijuana flower, boasting the same appearance, scent, and taste.

The difference is that the flower itself is rich in CBD (as opposed to THC), with the HHC added afterward. Plants only generate tiny concentrations of HHC, and producing more purely natural is impossible. That’s where HHC distillate comes in.

Generally synthesized from CBD (sourced from hemp, of course!), HHC distillate is a highly concentrated form of THC. The base ingredient in nearly all HHC products, manufacturers combine CBD-rich flower with HHC distillate to embellish it with psychoactive effects.

Companies will either soak the buds in distillate or spray them. I prefer the submerging and soaking method as this ensures a thorough coating. Sprayed HHC flower could have inconsistent effects, depending on how well or badly it was sprayed.

How to use HHC THC flower

Smoke it: The main reason for buying HHC flower is to smoke them. While not the healthiest consumption method, it’s the most authentic and arguably the most sociable and enjoyable. How many of you indulged for the first time by passing a joint around at a party?

In addition to joints, you could also smoke blunts or grind up the flower for smoking in a pipe, bubbler, or bong. You have lots of options, all of which guarantee a flavorful smoke and a near-instant high.

Vape it: Manage the health risks without denying yourself the fast-acting effects of vaping HHC flower. You still get all the flavor, and the HHC cannabinoids enter your bloodstream similarly fast. But there’s absolutely no burning or smoke involved.

Vapor has fewer cancer-causing carcinogens than smoke, and many studies confirm that vaping is less dangerous, even if it’s not risk-free.

If you want to vape, you’ll need a dry herb vaporizer. Choose between affordable, basic vapes and more expensive models with all kinds of fancy features. Regular vape pens and tanks are not compatible with HHC flower.

Make edibles: While you could purchase some HHC gummies or other professionally made edibles, baking fans may be interested in rustling up homemade HHC brownies.

Or cookies, cakes, flapjacks, or maybe even ice creams! You get my point: there are all sorts that you can do with HHC flower! Find a recipe you like designed for CBD or THC edibles and follow it with an HHC twist!

Will HHC THC flower make me fail a drug test?

HHC’s safety profile for drug tests has not yet been established, with conflicting reports about whether it can set off a positive test. On that basis, I recommend against using HHC flower if you’re drug-tested regularly. Regardless, let’s analyze the evidence.

Drug tests don’t detect THC itself, but the metabolite – in this case, 11-hydroxy-THC. We know that delta-8, delta-10, and other THC analogs break down into detectable metabolites, but the situation with HHC is less clear.

As a hydrogenated derivative of THC, in theory, HHC could be metabolized into a different, undetectable metabolite. Indeed, some HHC users say they have taken drug tests without issues.

But this could have occurred for several reasons. Maybe they didn’t have much HHC in their system, or perhaps the drug test wasn’t sensitive enough. We won’t know for sure until we get a chemical understanding of HHC.

Maybe you’re willing to risk it. If so, always double-check the third-party lab report so that you know what’s in your product. Typically, HHC flower has a small but detectable delta-9-THC (THC) level, which could cause problems.

Edibles, tinctures, and vape carts made with pure HHC distillate (i.e., zero THC) could work better. But it’s impossible to be 100% certain without knowing how HHC breaks down.

What to Look for When Buying HHC THC Flower

You’ve seen my top five HHC THC flower products but are wondering how I came to my decision. Before I purchase any HHC buds, these are the three things I check for.

Independent certificates of analysis

Third-party lab reports or certificates of analysis are non-negotiable. It’s the only quality control that happens with HHC products, which currently go unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

An independent lab report provides assurances that the manufacturer isn’t ripping you off or selling you dangerous goods. Good analyses contain information about the HHC concentration, whether there’s any THC and the purity of the product.

Lab reports are the first thing you should check for – and ensure the report matches the product! Don’t underestimate the lengths scammers will go to! 

HHC potency

Perhaps you’re craving a rocket ship kind of trip or looking for something milder to get acquainted with HHC. Find out the HHC percentage of a flower strain by checking the product description and the third-party report.

HHC is milder than THC, but the super-strength nature of HHC distillate could still catch you out. As a general rule, any strain with more than 20% HHC should be considered strong.


The hemp flower itself is also rich in terpenes. These bring decadent natural flavor and some specific effects, too. You may have heard of sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis strains. The same applies in the world of HHC.

Sativa HHC flower initiates a stimulating and invigorating high. Indica HHC buds take you deep down into relaxation. Hybrid strains fit somewhere in between! 

How to Store Your HHC THC Flower

Store in an airtight container – such as a jar designed for cannabis storage or a mason jar. Also, keep the jar in a cool, dry, and dark place to keep the flower fresh over time.

Keeping HHC flower away from direct sunlight stops light degradation. Indeed, you can buy containers that protect against ultraviolet rays. Airtight jars limit degradation via oxidation – if left in the open air, the cannabinoids will quickly oxidize, and the flower will go stale.

Purchasing HHC THC Flower Online vs. Shops Near Me

Buying HHC flower online is your best move – as it is for all legal hemp products. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated hemp retailer near you, the likes of gas stations and convenience stores are the only places you’ll find products.

In contrast to these shops, which will stock anything, specialist hemp vendors take the utmost care in curating a high-quality product range. The top stores stock various brands, all of which provide up-to-date third-party test results.

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