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Rescue Detox Review: Legit or Scam?

Ice is the most popular out of the Rescue Detox product line. It comes in a 32 oz bottle for people over 200 lbs and 17 oz for those under 200 lbs. They offer 3 delicious flavors, including:


-Green Tea


To eradicate and mask the toxins in your body (i.e., THC), they included 9 potent herbal extracts and various vitamins. They also balance the creatine levels in the diluted urine sample by including creatine monohydrate. To increase authenticity, they added Riboflavin, which is responsible for restoring your urine’s color to yellow after detox.

If you need to pass a urinalysis drug test, Rescue Detox Ice has you covered! Just click the button below. For regular marijuana users, nothing ruins landing that dream job interview like hearing the phrase “drug test.” If you discovered Rescue Detox in your search for ways to pass a drug test, you might have some questions. 

Rescue detox is an herbal supplement blend that is primarily natural and contains few synthetic ingredients. Many of their products are marketed as potent cleansing energy drinks. Their products are intended to help you pass a urine test, though they do not directly make that claim. It could be worth your time, especially if you’re in a jam.

If you’re swearing over an upcoming urine test and need solutions fast, you probably wonder if Rescue Detox can help. This article aims to help you understand if Rescue Detox is your right choice. 

What is the Rescue Detox?


Rescue Detox is a company that claims to be an industry leader in detoxification products review. The Rescue Detox website, branded as Applied Sciences and Rescue Detox, is slick and intuitive, giving them some credibility. 

The website overstates their passion for detoxification research and claims they’ve unlocked an effective way to rid your body of toxins. 

Rescue Detox Ice drinks are prominently displayed as their most important product, but they have many others. The Rescue Detox Ice formula is available as a liquid shot and capsules. These products are easy to find at many major retailers, as a quick search for Rescue Detox Walmart will show you. 

Outside of the Rescue Detox Ice line, Rescue Detox offers a variety of product review. These include shampoo, mouthwash, a 5-day detox program, a 10-day detox program, and a detox drink for sensitive digestive systems. Some of the reported benefits of these products include:

Rescue Detox Shampoo


With only 2 oz of detox Shampoo, you best believe Rescue Detox is confident they can get the job done. The entire bottle must be used to pass a hair follicle drug test. It takes roughly one hour after the application for the shampoo to be effective, followed by 24 hours of toxin-free hair. The shampoo is super simple to use and very affordable.

  1. Eliminate toxins from the body.
  2. All-natural ingredients
  3. Dye-free
  4. Increased energy
  5. Promotes health and well-being
  6. Variety of great-tasting flavors
  7. Lasting results
  8. Budget-friendly pricing
  9. Widely available through popular online retailers
  10. It contains only natural sweeteners.

Rescue Detox does not directly report some of the benefits. However, it is hard to ignore the chorus of positive Rescue Detox reviews from those who have tried their products.

Rescue Detox products all contain roughly the same blend of ingredients. The capsules contain green tea, creatine, whey isolate, riboflavin, parsley, goldenrod, dandelion, cranberry, red clover, and marshmallow root. 

In addition to this, the drinks contain milk thistle seed extract, echinacea purpurea herb extract, mangosteen juice extract, psyllium husk extract, guarana seed extract, and cascara sagrada extract. The drinks also contain a healthy combination of B vitamins, potassium, and C.

Unfortunately, there is no actual research to back up the claims that these ingredients help detox your body. However, none are dangerous, and many have real health benefits, so Rescue Detox isn’t wrong about promoting health and well-being.  

Rescue Detox Ice Review

Rescue Detox Ice Review

Rescue Detox Ice products are the most popular and widely available offerings from Rescue Detox. You can take Rescue Detox Ice in various ways, including a 17- or 32-fluid-ounce bottle, a 2.5oz liquid concentrate with capsules, and super strength capsules. 

The drink is the most widely used product from Rescue Detox Ice. The 17oz version is for those who weigh under 200 lbs, while the 32oz version is considered more. Instructions for these products can be confusing, but Rescue Detox Ice makes it slightly easier to follow. 

The instructions are:

  1. Avoid eating anything for 5 hours before using the product. 
  2. Drink the bottle’s contents within 15 minutes. 
  3. Fill the bottle halfway with water and drink it within 15 minutes.
  4. Urinate often. You may have to drink more water to make this happen.

Rescue Detox Ice is also available in 12 capsules, though this form is not recommended for those who weigh more than 200lbs. If you don’t want to swallow 12 capsules or a full drink, there is a combination of liquid concentration and capsules. 

It combines the 2.5oz liquid concentrate Rescue Detox Ice formula with four pills. Rescue Detox claims this is the best option for anyone who needs to keep a detox option handy.

How Long Does Rescue Detox Ice Last?

How Long Does Rescue Detox Ice Last?

Many detoxification products claim to permanently eliminate traces of toxins from your body, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with Rescue Detox Ice. Instead, these products offer a shorter window of effectiveness, which is at least an honest approach, though not convenient. 

Most of the products don’t last much longer than a few hours. This means they are not ideal for taking days before an anticipated urine test. According to Rescue Detox, Rescue Detox Ice products take 90 minutes to work or as much time as needed to urinate three times. 

There are plenty of reviews available online that support this claim. However, there are just as many who say that they failed their urine test for several hours after using it. It’s unclear how many people who failed did so because they didn’t follow the product’s directions.

Rescue Detox claims that the Rescue Detox Ice products work for up to five hours. The website also recommends avoiding eating after taking the detox products, as food will weaken the effects. This is all standard, as you have to give your body time to flush out the bad before adding anything else.

One thing that sticks out about the product’s instructions is that you have to remain “toxin-free” for 48 hours ahead of time. While it never mentions any drugs specifically, it is assumed that means you need to stop taking whatever your substance of choice is before attempting to detox. 

While it may not be the case for THC, many drugs don’t last that long in your system anyway. 

Rescue Detox 5-Day Review

It is one of the longer-lasting products offered by Rescue Detox. Rescue Detox claims it is an all-natural supplement that boosts your body’s natural detoxing processes. If you know for sure that you’ve got a build-up of residuals from your preferred drug, this is the better detox option.

Rescue Detox 5-Day

Rescue Detox 5-Day

Intended for people under 200 pounds, the 5-Day Detox offers a thorough cleansing which includes:

-30 Morning Formula Capsules

-30 Evening Formula Capsules

-4 Head Start Formula Capsules

-8 Free Bonus Same Day Cleanse Caps

The capsules contain many ingredients necessary to pass a urinalysis drug test, including but not limited to the following: Creatine Monohydrate, herbal extracts, and vitamins such as Riboflavin. These ingredients combine to cleanse your system, restore proper creatine levels, and recolor your sample urine to its original yellow.

Rescue Detox 5-Day is not the quick-fix solution to passing a urine test. However, a quick internet search shows a solid group of fans. If you want to avoid using synthetic urine on a drug test, five days is not too much to ask. 

Rescue Detox never suggests that its primary function is to help you pass a drug test. Instead, they say they’ve used research to develop a “proprietary blend” that clarifies your system of toxins and free radicals. The ingredients in the 5-day kit are similar to the Rescue Detox Ice products, with some notable additions that include:

  • Licorice root
  • Burdock root
  • Turmeric root
  • Cayenne leaf
  • Reishi mushroom
  • Alfalfa leaf
  • Slippery elm bark

The instructions for the 5-day detox program are relatively simple, but getting the timing right is critical. Before starting the 5-day detox, there are four “head start” pills you need to take with 32oz of water. You should do this the night before the 5-day routine and should avoid eating for two hours ahead of time. 

Each morning of the detox, you will take six pills with 32oz of water and avoid eating for two hours afterward. You will also do this again at night. You should avoid any “toxins” during this time. Rescue Detox says you should be free and clear of toxins by the end of this process. 

However, a 10-day kit is available for those who need a more extended detox period. The 5-day and 10-day detox kits from Rescue Detox have more people who claim it works than their other products. This is interesting since the Rescue Detox Ice drink is their most popular detoxification product.

Rescue Detox 10-Day

Rescue Detox 10-Day

Intended for people over 200 pounds, the 10-Day Detox is the same product as the 5-Day but with twice the am and pm capsules. The box contains:

-60 Morning Formula Capsules

-60 Evening Formula Capsules

-4 Head Start Formula Capsules

-8 Free Bonus Same Day Cleanse Caps

The capsules contain a myriad of ingredients necessary to pass a urinalysis drug test, including but not limited to:

Creatine Monohydrate, herbal extracts, and vitamins such as Riboflavin.

These ingredients combine to cleanse your system, restore proper creatine levels, and recolor your sample urine to its original yellow.

Perhaps it’s because drinking enough water for ten days is enough for your body to detox naturally. However, Rescue Detox’s supplement blend definitely won’t hurt.

Rescue Detox Mouthwash Review

As you may already know, not all drug screenings are urine tests. Saliva and hair follicle tests are just as standard. Fortunately, Rescue Detox has developed a product to free your mouth of toxins.

Rescue Detox mouthwash is a 2oz bottle of specially-concentrated liquid meant to help rid your mouth of unwanted toxins and free radicals. Like most other mouthwashes, it is intended for those who want a clean mouth and fresh breath. This product claims to work within five minutes and lasts over an hour. 

You swish it in your mouth for one minute and then spit it out to use this product. Rescue Detox is quite clear that you should not swallow it. They also recommend avoiding chewing gum, smoking, eating, drinking, and using lip products for one hour. 

This product freshens breath, and plenty of people online claim it works. However, you must follow directions precisely to avoid alerting any testing facilities. 

Should You Use Rescue Detox 5 Days While Pregnant

Rescue Detox makes it clear that using this product while pregnant is not recommended. A quick review of the ingredients shows that some things in the product may pose a health risk to pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

For example, licorice root is an ingredient in the 5-day kit that is regarded as dangerous for pregnant women. 

The Verdict is in on Rescue Detox

So, what is Rescue Detox Review? There are a large number of people who say that it does. If a lot is riding on you passing a urine test, you may want to have a few backup plans just to be safe. However, if you’re only looking for a way to cleanse your system, Rescue Detox is excellent. 

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