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Certo Drug Test Detox: Honest Review

Wondering if Certo Detox can help you pass a drug test. Short answer is, it can. However, there’s something I’d like to share with you before I continue.

Certo is a brand for fruit pectin, a concentrated fructose extract naturally present in all fruits. It is a polysaccharide that is easily digested by enzymes in the body and makes fruit-based desserts such as spreads and jams. It is also one of the most popular home remedies in the drug community to pass a urinalysis. 

If you’re wondering if home detox remedies such as Certo can help you pass a drug test? You should definitely keep reading because depending on your drug of choice, you could end up with a positive test.

What is Certo? 

Certo is a home drug detox remedy composed of fruit pectin that was initially conceived to use in jellies and jams. It is manufactured by a company called Sure Gel, which sells another product similar to Certo called Sure Gel. Certo has become a very popular home method to cheat a drug test and achieve a negative result. It can detoxify your system from drugs and their metabolites.

Furthermore, it is only sufficient for fat-soluble drug metabolites and their by-products such as THC, a compound found in marijuana. It will not work with non-fat-soluble drugs and their metabolites because the pectin binds with bile and fat cells specifically to release any toxins present in your body through your feces. If you’ve been ingesting vast amounts of non-fat-soluble drugs such as cocaine recently, you should be using high-quality detox kits and refraining from drug use.

How Does Certo Detoxes Your System?

Contrary to popular belief, Certo does not stick to your stomach or bladder liner and trap drug metabolites. This is impossible because your stomach contains concentrated hydrochloric acid that breaks most of it down. Considering hydrochloric acid can burn through human skin, it is highly unlikely that Certo can resist your stomach’s acidity.

It does not behave like the layers of mucus that protect your stomach lining from being disintegrated by hydrochloric acid. Instead, Certo works by interacting with the drug metabolites themselves. When you use Certo, instead of drug metabolites being expelled from your system through your urine or sweat, they will be discharged through your feces. 

When you take a hit of weed, the THC in your bloodstream is transported throughout the body, including the stomach and bladder. However, after 24 hours, THC will have metabolized into its respective metabolites, which are fat-soluble. When these metabolites bind to fat in the body, they are broken down by a bile substance that is produced in your liver and stored in the gallbladder. 

Upon ingestion of Certo, the fruit pectin binds to bile, which breaks down fats. It is then excreted through the intestines and eventually through the rectum in your feces. Drug labs never check for human waste as it is an unsanitary practice, so there is a good chance you can pass your drug test but don’t bank on it.

How Effective is Certo at Cleansing Your Body?

The effectiveness of Certo to clean your body of detectable toxins is a subject often debated among those who have tried it to pass a drug test. Testimonies on social media sites and online forums such as Reddit and Quora contain numerous positive user comments, but the results vary widely. Without scientific evidence and proof of it being effective, there are better options out there.

Many people claim that it works like a charm, but a lot of people say they failed their drug test or received an inconclusive test when using Certo. Although this home remedy works better than other methods, the only way to see how effective it is at passing a drug test is to try it by experimenting with a home drug test kit.

Certo is one of the better home drug detox remedies out there and is undoubtedly better than the following things that people have tried doing:

  • Overdiluting urine: Desperate users have previously resorted drinking a lot of water to lower the concentration of drug metabolites in their urine to pass their drug tests. Moreover, they fail to realize this dilutes the attention of all other biochemicals present in their urine, tipping the labs off to an attempt to cheat the drug test. 
  • Detox drinks: Many detox drinks claim to flush toxins out of your body thoroughly. This is impossible because only the liver and kidney can lay claim to these assertions. In light of this, what detox drinks do help with is the over dilution of your urine.
  • Infrequent users: Some drug users are confident that their drug use will not be detected because they only smoke pot every once in a while. This is incorrect. The drug metabolites for infrequent use are still stored in your system until they are entirely excreted from the body, which can take up to four weeks or more. 
  • Drinking extraordinarily acidic or basic solutions: You might have seen some home remedies suggesting that you drink lemon juice, baking soda mixed with water, a ton of tea, or just bleach. This is all unnecessary because anything you consume ends up being digested by your stomach anyway. Consuming noxious substances such as bleach can be incredibly harmful because it can burn through your trachea, your stomach lining, and result in internal bleeding. 

It doesn’t matter how desperate you are, the remedies above should not be tried or even considered. Even if you try one of the more harmless ones which only over dilutes your urine, when the sample goes to the labs, you could get an inconclusive result, and companies treat these drug tests as a negative result.

Some but not all employers don’t like to spend additional money on testing, but some have a very strict drug policy and don’t mind footing the bill. The bottom line, an inconclusive result is better than a positive one because it gives you more time to properly prepare for a retest.

It is also important to remember, Certo is not a fool-proof method. Despite the vast majority of claims by users, there are no scientific studies supporting the use of Certo to pass a drug test. Although an increased percentage of drug metabolites can be excreted through your feces up to 60% after using the Certo method, the remaining 40% still needs to be removed through your urine. This is when drinking water comes in handy – the Certo method uses a small amount of dilation to flush out the remaining 40%. 

Certo is most effective for those who use drugs on an irregular basis because they will have the least amount of drug metabolites to flush out . If you’re a hardcore user, there’s no harm in trying the Certo method, but don’t get your hopes up. Instead, you should try using other alternatives such as synthetic and powdered urine.

Does Certo Detox Drug Metabolites?

Certo does not decrease the number of drug metabolites you have in your system. Rather, it makes your body expel them in a different way, so it can’t be detected by labs. As a result, it detoxes drug metabolites and speeds up your system. Additionally, it’s important to remember, Certo only works with fat-soluble drug metabolites. 

How To Use Certo? Step-by-Step

To use the Certo method, you can obtain the ingredients you need at supermarkets and local grocery stores.

Here are the items you need:

  • Two packets of Cert and one pack should be the 32-ounce version. 
  • B2 tablets. Upon decomposition, this tablet will color the urine its appropriate yellow color to not seem over-diluted.
  • Multivitamin tablets. These tablets are essential to restoring the average biochemical concentrations in your urine. 
  • Creatine monohydrate. This will form by-products such as creatinine. 
  • Two liters of electrolyte-rich sports drinks such as Gatorade.
  • Water

Once you have your items, simply follow these seven steps:

  1. Mix a Certo packet with 1 liter of the sports drink. 
  2. Shake it violently until the mixture is completely dissolved. It should have a thick consistency. 
  3. Drink it all down within 15 minutes. Even if you don’t like the consistency, the fruit pectin is essential to bind with drug metabolites and remove it. The electrolytes in sports drinks are necessary to give it the appearance of normal, undiluted urine despite having drunk so much water. 
  4. Three hours before the test, drink a gallon of water. 
  5. Repeat step one. 
  6. After taking the second batch of Certo, take all of the multivitamins, creatine, and B2. 
  7. Ensure that you urinate at least a few times before going for your drug test. This ensures the sample you submit contains the least amount of drug metabolites and tests below the cutoff point used for a positive urinalysis.

Once all of these steps have been taken, the Certo method has a five hour window before the effects wear off.. If you’re really worried about your drug test and paranoid, buy a drug test kit to test your urine at home and see if the remedy is effective. For this, you will need to buy at least four packs of Certo – two for the test at home and two for the necessary urinalysis. 

What to Avoid When Using Certo

Using Certo is not a comfortable process because it can cause diarrhea, excessive urination, and anxiety. Giving up drugs such as coffee may seem crazy to some people, but all these steps are vital for passing your drug test lawfully. Abstinence alone does not work because drug metabolites tend to linger in the system for weeks and months; therefore, you need to find a detox solution to clear the metabolites from your system faster.

Here are a few tips to consider when using the Certo method to pass your upcoming drug screen:

  • Stop using drugs: The presence of new drugs in your system cannot be concealed by Certo because the drug metabolites have not moved from your bloodstream to your fat cells yet. Hence, these new metabolites will be excreted through your urine and sweat, and you will fail your drug screen. Drugs do not just include illicit drugs and pot, but also refer to prescription drugs, alcohol, and even coffee. 
  • Avoid skipping any steps: Many people have failed tests because they were careless and decided to skip steps by drinking all the Certo packets at once. 
  • Do not use substitutes: If it says to use a sports drink, don’t substitute it with juice or water. The electrolytes in sports drinks are essential to ensuring that labs don’t realize that your urine is diluted. 
  • Use pectin, not gelatin: Even if both are jelly-like substances and appear to have the same name, they have entirely different functions. Pectin is a fiber, while gelatin is a protein. They metabolize differently and react with drug metabolites differently. 
  • Ensure you have enough time: Don’t try to rush things when using the Certo method. If you use both packets in an hour or two right before the test, it will not work because your body needs time to digest and metabolize the fruit pectins. 
  • Avoid over-hydrating.: Even if you take a ton of vitamins, over diluted urine can still show up in the form of abnormal gravity and acidity levels for your urine sample. This will raise a significant red flag to labs. 

To sum it up, Certo does not add adulterants to your urine sample; therefore, it has the potential to work in certain cases, but it’s not guaranteed. You came here looking for an honest review, and it is in our opinion that quality brand name detox solutions are the way to go to avoid a positive test.

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