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5 Best THC-V Vape Products

Are you looking to naturally enhance your focus or get your appetite under control? You may be surprised to hear that it’s possible with cannabis and hemp-derived THCV. While we traditionally associate marijuana with relaxation and getting hungry, THCV works differently.

For an efficient, fast-acting, and relatively safe THCV experience, you’ll need a vaping product. Cartridges, disposables, and concentrates containing THCV can all give you rapid effects and a unique, legal cannabis experience.

Before I dive into the topic of THCV vaping, I want to share my top five THCV vape products.

1. Binoid – THC-V + Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge

Binoid THC-V Delta-8

Binoid combines stimulating THCV and delta-8 in these mildly psychoactive vape carts. Great for busting fatigue and maintaining motivation throughout the day, Binoid’s cartridges make you a little intoxicated without stopping you from carrying out your tasks.

The cannabinoid breakdown shows a delicate balance – the carts contain 20% THCV, 30% delta-8, and a 45% CBD, CBC, and CBN combo. Binoid has developed an all-encompassing vaping product that leans into the remarkable entourage effect.Natural terpene profiles make up the final 5% of these carts, and you can choose from three incredible sativa highs. ACS Laboratory does third-party testing for Binoid’s THCV cartridges.Strains: Candyland (Sativa – Uplift), Sour Tangie (Sativa – Happy), Purple Haze (Sativa – Creative)

2. Delta Extrax – URB Extrax Premium THC-V Vape Disposable

THC-V Vape Disposable

Experience a cannabinoid mash-up with a premium THCV disposable vape pen from Delta Extrax’s Urb range. The mix of delta-8, delta-9, delta-10, CBG, and THCV makes for a sneakily intense high enriched with stimulating and sedating elements.

These Zenergy disposables are unique and exciting and play to Delta Extrax’s reputation of being a brand that does things differently. The cannabinoids synergistically work together, producing an enhanced entourage effect. 

While these are single-use pens, you can recharge the 280mAh battery to ensure it’s always operating at optimum levels. The Marin Analytics third-party report shows the broad blend of cannabinoids present and that these pens have less than 0.3% THC. Available in two strains.

Strains: Uplift (Sativa), Unwind (Indica)

3. Spyglass Wellness – Oil Barrel™ THCV+ Concentrate

Oil Barrel Concentrate

Indulge in higher doses of THCV with this Oil Barrel Concentrate from Spyglass Wellness. They use full-spectrum hemp extract rich in THCV, CBD, CBDA, CBDV, and CBG. Trace amounts of THC help boost the therapeutic effects.

Spyglass Wellness utilizes high-tech CRYO extraction methods and never blends PG, VG, PEG, or MCTs into its THCV dab syringe. The concentrate contains 1000mg of fully activated, non-GMO, and organic hemp extract.

You can dab this high-strength THCV product, mix it into food, or use it to strengthen joints. The concentrate features natural cannabis terpenes, including terpinene, humulene, and pinene. The THCV+ Oil Barrel from Spyglass Wellness has passed third-party tests.

4. 3Chi – THC-V Vape Cartridge

THC-V Vape Cartridge

3Chi’s THCV Cartridge is slightly deceptive, as it contains much more delta-8 than THCV (75% to 10%). Therefore, these carts will get you high, with stimulating and cerebral effects comparable to classic sativa strains.

The 510-threaded CCELL carts also have a hefty 10% cannabichromene (CBC) and tiny amounts of CBD and CBT. The rest consists of delicious, cannabis-derived terpenes, with 3Chi sticking to its philosophy and shunning cutting and thinning agents.

The 1ml carts attach to any 510-threaded battery and work with breath and button-activated devices. Choose from two third-party tested strains by ACS Laboratory – neither typically has any detectable THC.

Strains: Blue Dream, Snowman

5. Puerto Rico’s Finest – THC-V Vape Cartridges

Vape Cartridges

For a pure and potent THCV vaping experience, try a cartridge from Puerto Rico’s Finest. They check in at an eye-popping 70% THCV extract, the highest concentration I’ve seen in a THCV-isolate vaping product.

With the high THCV levels, prepare for an intense energy surge and heavy appetite suppression – perfect for dieting! Puerto Rico’s Finest’s carts bring out THCV’s touted therapeutic effects. These include neuroprotection and reduced inflammation.

Choose from four unforgettable carts made with terpenes taken from some of the most famous cannabis strains the world has ever known.

Frustratingly, I couldn’t find a relevant third-party report – that’s why, despite the promise, they rank at the bottom of my list.

Strains: Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, Sour Diesel

What are THC-V Vape Products?

THCV vape products include cartridges, disposables, concentrates, and bottled e-liquids with high levels of the THCV cannabinoid. Hemp-based products sold in the United States must have a maximum of 0.3% THC, as stipulated by the 2018 Farm Bill.

Vaporized THCV has a fast-acting effect. When you inhale, the cannabinoids travel into your lungs as part of the vapor and get absorbed into the bloodstream via your lung tissues. That’s a speedier process than THCV taken in edibles, which goes through the stomach.

Only smoking THCV has a comparably rapid onset of effects. But, of course, we all know the considerable long-term risks posed by smoking. And while I’m not going to pretend vaping doesn’t have harmful effects, experts agree it’s significantly safer than smoking is.

In addition, vaping doesn’t attract as much attention as smoking, especially when it’s hemp or marijuana. It’s much easier to get your THCV dose in public with a disposable vape pen than with an aromatic hemp joint.

But there’s more than one way to vape THCV, and every product type comes with unique perks. Let’s run through the various vaping products that may contain THCV.

Cartridges: Carts with THCV have 510-threaded connections and screw together with mainstream vape batteries. They are ideal for on-the-go vaping and more affordable than one-piece disposables.

Disposables: For an additional cost, you can enjoy an even more convenient THCV vaping experience. No need to worry about a battery – it comes built-in and fully charged!

Nowadays, some disposables have a charging port, although you likely won’t need to use it. And once the pen is empty, you can throw it in the trash and start afresh!

Concentrates: Wax, crumble, crystals, and dab syringes are all examples of concentrates – super-potent products that deliver much higher doses of THCV. Concentrates are versatile and suitable for vaping, dabbing, adding to joints, or even eating.

E-liquids: Occasionally, you may find THCV in a separate bottle of e-liquid. These give you more bang for your buck than cartridges and disposables but require extra effort on your part.

You’ll need to keep adding vape juice to your tank and regularly clean the coil to maintain peak performance. That said, standalone e-liquids allow the connoisseurs to mix different vape oils and find a perfect blend.

What is THC-V?


Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is a cannabinoid with therapeutic qualities and unusual traits for a cannabis-derived substance. You could think of THCV as the anti-THC – it boosts your motivation and energy levels, and it curbs your appetite, too.

THCV’s unique effects have made it a sought-after weight loss agent and natural nootropic. The appetite-suppressant properties can combat daytime snacking, while the focus-enhancing attributes help with studying and concentration at work.

THCV has recently emerged as part of the cannabinoid boom unleashed by the 2018 Farm Bill. With hemp and all-natural cannabinoids de-scheduled besides THC, we’re now seeing the potential of the minor cannabinoids present in the plant.

Like other cannabinoids, THCV does its most essential work within the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The intricate biological network implicated in several aspects of health responds better to cannabinoids than any other substances, bringing THCV into play.

At the CB1 receptor, which regulates mood, appetite, and pain perception, THCV primarily acts as an antagonist – hence why it’s great for dieting! However, some evidence suggests that THCV may be a CB1 receptor agonist in high doses.

If so, THCV would then work like THC, increasing appetite and producing psychoactive effects. That scientists haven’t established all THCV’s properties yet speaks to how much catching up there is to do in cannabinoid science, a field of research stifled for so long.

THCV displays an agonist effect at the CB2 receptor, indicating its anti-inflammatory potential. The compound could treat immune system disorders, either as a single substance or as part of a cannabinoid cocktail.

Preliminary research suggests THCV has potent neuroprotective properties, stimulates bone growth, relieves anxiety, and tackles diabetes by modulating blood sugar levels.

Types of THC-V Vape Products

THCV rarely features in isolation, with brands preferring to pair multiple or several cannabinoids together to create unique effects or solve issues.

THCV-isolate: If a vape pen has pure THCV in it, you are in for an energizing boost akin to Adderall or a high dose of caffeine. I prefer taking products with sativa-like effects in the daytime so they don’t interfere with my sleep.

THCV + delta-8: The delta-8 cannabinoid has become a best-selling legal hemp high thanks to its THC-like psychotropic properties.

But as we all know, THC – and therefore delta-8 – sends your appetite soaring! Delta-8 vaping products infused with THCV get you stoned without making you hungry.

THCV + CBD: Perhaps you currently vape CBD to relieve pain or soothe anxiety. For some, CBD-induced drowsiness and sleepiness make it hard to consume large doses during the day.

A smidge of THCV in your CBD pen can transform your experience. The energizing THCV banishes any sedative sensations, keeping you stimulated and alert until it’s time to wind down.

What to Look for When Buying THC-V Vape Products

Unless you are well-versed in the hemp industry, purchasing THCV vape products could be a confusing process. With so many product variations and a plethora of cannabis jargon to wade through, it’s easy to buy the wrong concentrate or vape pen by mistake.

But it needn’t be complicated. I have a short checklist when shopping for THCV, which I’ll share with you now.

Third-Party Lab Reports

Lab Reports

If it’s not been third-party tested, it’s not the product for you. The hemp market does not have an official regulator, but independent laboratories work with ethical brands to make up for it. After all, it’s in the interests of a legitimate manufacturer to prove their worth to potential buyers.

Lab reports covering THCV vape products must examine THC levels and show they are legal. Analyses should also clarify quantities of THCV and other cannabinoids. Third-party reports that look for impurities are even better.

Cannabinoid Levels

I’ve noticed that many so-called THCV cartridges often have higher concentrations of other cannabinoids. And even if the product packaging mentions CBD or delta-8, the product description might also refer to additional minor cannabinoids.

Do not purchase a THCV vape product until you are 100% certain of the cannabinoid makeup and the breakdown. THCV carts can have as little as 5% THCV – that doesn’t necessarily mean they are inferior, but they might not be what you expect.

Cutting Agents

There is no valid reason for THCV carts and disposables to have cutting agents, thinning agents, or diluting ingredients. In 1ml products, these diminish your experience without providing any benefits. E-liquids are the exception – these should have VG, PG, or both.

How to Store Your THC-V Vape Products

Store Your THC-V Vape

All THCV vaping products should be kept in a cool, dark, and dry spot. I store mine in a locked cupboard – it keeps them out of direct sunlight and stops them from falling into the wrong hands!

How Long do THC-V Vape Products Last?

Concentrates, cartridges, and disposables can stay potent for a year or more, but only if you take care of them. Keep my storage tips in mind!

Purchasing THC-V Vape Products Online vs. Shops Near Me

Shopping for THCV products shouldn’t be a hassle. However, it can turn out that way if you buy from the wrong stores (i.e., gas stations). When buying THCV vapes or concentrates, go to the professionals – and by that, I mean well-known online hemp stores.

Competition is fierce online, and only the best vendors can stand the test of time. Established web-based stores sell third-party tested products at fair prices and offer plenty of variety.

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
Ralph is a passionate author at tooslick.com, a leading drug education website. With a background in public health, he combines research and empathy to create informative content that empowers readers with knowledge on substance abuse. Ralph's mission is to foster a safer and healthier community through education.

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