Top 3 THCV Carts

Top THCV Carts

THCV is one of several cannabinoids growing in stature – but intriguingly, it produces significantly different effects to THC. Often nicknamed ‘diet weed’ or ‘weederall’, THCV reduces appetite while boosting energy levels and concentration.

The emergence of THCV shows the versatility of cannabinoids. We once thought of marijuana as a recreational drug with few benefits – the likes of THCV are proving us wrong.

1. Exhale

Exhale Cart


  • Crafted from pure, natural ingredients, ensuring a wholesome product without any artificial additives.
  • Free from preservatives and additives, prioritizing purity and quality in every batch.
  • Utilizes full-spectrum hemp oil, harnessing the holistic benefits of the entire hemp plant.
  • Each cartridge contains a generous 900mg of Delta 8 THC, providing ample potency for an enriching experience.


  • Only one sizing option

2. Extrax



  • Offers exceptional value with a significantly reduced price point, making it accessible to a wider audience.
  • It features a generous 2-gram cartridge filled with premium live resin, ensuring top-tier quality and potency.
  • Delight your senses with enticing flavors, including Mimosa, GSC, and 24k Gold Punch.
  • Compatible with all 510 thread devices, ensuring versatility and convenience for users.


  • Some users have mentioned that it requires some time to take effect.

3. CG4

CG4 Cart


  • Offers a potent hybrid vaping experience for enhanced enjoyment.
  • Includes a bundle of 10 disposable vape pens, ensuring long-lasting value and convenience.
  • Choose from a diverse selection of over 10 enticing flavor options to suit individual preferences.
  • Enjoy an affordable price tag, especially during sales, making it accessible to budget-conscious consumers.


  • There are limited verified customer reviews available.

What are THCV Carts?

THCV carts cover a range of vape cartridges centered around the THCV cannabinoid – although they rarely contain THCV exclusively. Manufacturers generally pair the THCV with one or more cannabinoids, such as delta-8 or CBD.

Nowadays, nearly all vape carts have 510-threaded connections – so you can use them with almost any vape pen battery. If you’re fed up with constantly adding vape juice to your tank and making a mess, sealed vape cartridges will make your life much easier!

I love having carts with me when out and about. It’s ideal to have a sleek, pen-like device in my pocket, capable of discreetly delivering vapor within seconds. Bulky tank vaporizers cannot match the convenience and portability of carts.

Let’s look at the two main types of THCV carts on the market and discuss which might work best for you.

  • THCV + delta-8: These carts will make you high, thanks to the presence Delta-8. But unlike pure delta-8 carts, the addition of THCV means you won’t get hungry, as usually happens when consuming a cannabis product!

Both THCV and delta-8 have stimulating properties. If you suffer anxiety easily, consider a cart that mixes CBD and secondary cannabinoids.

  • THCV + CBD: Carts with THCV and CBD but no delta-8 have therapeutic and non-intoxicating effects. Some find classic CBD products too sedating – a cart with THCV administers an energizing kick to keep you focused and alert!

What is THCV?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in cannabis and a homolog of THC. There are two types of THCV: delta-8-THCV and delta-9-THCV. Both are non-psychoactive but associated with stimulating and appetite-curbing effects.

Studies show that THCV is an inverse agonist, or selective antagonist, of the CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). THCV has the opposite effect on this receptor to THC, hence why it doesn’t get you high and reduces, rather than increases, appetite.

The ‘diet weed’ moniker has caught on and gives THCV a unique commercial appeal. While it is an attractive weight-loss agent, THCV also helps limit the appetite spike that comes from classic marijuana products.

The non-intoxicating nature of THCV also means we can focus on its therapeutic potential, which includes combating obesity and managing type 2 diabetes. However, THCV’s benefits are mostly speculation at this stage, with few high-quality studies to back up the claims.

Like all substances, THCV has side effects. The stimulating properties may increase anxiety levels – if you’re prone to the jitters, I recommend avoiding caffeine when using THCV. As THCV wears off, you may suffer a crash as the energizing effects subside.

How to use THCV carts

How to use THCV carts

You’ll need a vape battery with 510-threaded connections to use THCV carts – screw the two together, and you’re away! Your cart will work via a button or breath-activated firing, depending on the battery type.

Some carts release a specific amount of THCV (in milligrams) with each draw. You can take as short or as long of a puff as you wish with others. I prefer carts that release a set THCV dosage, so I know how much I’m taking.

While THCV is non-psychoactive, many carts contain psychotropic delta-8, too. Although delta-8 is less potent than THC, the risk of taking too much and experiencing a bad trip remains. When experimenting with any new vape cart, start slowly.

Ease in with one or two hits and wait 30 minutes. THCV has a rapid onset of effects when vaporized – so you can quickly judge the strength of your dose. If required, take another couple of hits and continue dosing at 30-minute intervals until satisfied.

Will THCV carts make me fail a drug test?

It’s hard to say. As a THC homolog, THCV has a similar chemical structure to the notorious cannabinoid, hence why it may show up on a drug test. Scientists have previously detected THCV metabolites in urine samples.

But there isn’t much research, and I don’t want to draw too many conclusions from one study. However, THCV carts generally contain other cannabinoids that can result in a failed drug test – namely delta-8 and THC.

Many THCV products have hefty levels of hemp-derived delta-8, which is a THC analog. Product manufacturers regularly warn that drug tests can detect delta-8, which has a metabolite much like the THC-COOH produced by THC.

And not forgetting, THCV products made with full-spectrum hemp extract naturally have trace amounts of THC. The Farm Bill permits up to 0.3% THC in hemp-based products, potentially enough to trigger a positive drug test with regular use.

Are you worried about failing a drug test? I have two ideas. Detox drinks and pills can help quickly cleanse your system of cannabis metabolites. Synthetic urine will also bail you out of a sticky situation – but make sure you use an authentic, up-to-date product.

What to Look for When Buying THCV Carts

When shopping for premium THCV carts, keep the following four things in mind. Remember these, and you’ll never get a low-quality or unsuitable product again!

  • Third-party lab reports
Third-party lab reports

Independent lab reports (i.e., certificates of analysis (COA)) provide assurances about the authenticity of a THCV cart. Does the product genuinely have less than 0.3% THC? Is the THCV content as high as stated? You’ll find the answers in the third-party report.

Avoid THCV carts without an accompanying COA. There’s no excuse for companies not to have them; the lack of a report points towards something sketchy. Legit brands pride themselves on transparency and want to show they make THCV carts correctly.

  • THCV potency

The quantity of THCV in vaping products marketed as ‘THCV carts’ varies. I’ve seen carts with as much as 20% THCV and others with as little as 5%.

Products with small quantities of THCV generally have lots of delta-8, with the THCV only there to take the edge off your appetite.

  • Terpenes

THCV is naturally energizing. Terpenes either amplify the stimulation or have a mellowing effect. For maximum energy, choose a cart with sativa terpenes. To bring some relaxation into the mix, pick a cart with indica terpenes. Try a hybrid for something in between.

  • Cutting agents

Cutting agents have become less common in vape cartridges, but you should always double-check. They aren’t necessary, reduce cartridge potency, and may even be dangerous – see vitamin E acetate in illicit vape carts.

I’m skeptical about the safety of MCT oil in vape carts. MCTs make cannabinoids more potent, but the oil might not be safe to vape. PG and VG are safe e-liquid carrier oils but still serve no purpose in highly-concentrated 1-gram carts.

How to Store Your THCV Carts

How to Store Your THCV Carts

Store THCV cartridges in a cool, dry, and dark place. Keep out of direct sunlight and out of reach of children. If you have kids, store the battery and carts separately as an extra safety measure.

How Long do THCV Carts Last?

THCV carts should last several months and possibly up to two years. Keeping products in a cool location and away from sunlight and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays is essential for long-term storage.

Purchasing THCV Carts Online vs. Shops Near Me

Purchasing THCV Carts Online vs. Shops Near Me

I only buy THCV cartridges from online vendors that I know and trust. Brick-and-mortar stores hoping to make quick and easy profits from the THCV boom are notorious for stocking obscure, low-quality products without third-party COAs.

In contrast, legit online hemp stores with deep knowledge of the market and brands’ tricks and tactics know what’s hot and what’s not. Stay safe when vaping THCV by purchasing from online stores that take third-party testing seriously.

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