5 Best CBG Wholesale Vendors

Tim Rosenberger Tim Rosenberger

May 6, 2022

Cannabigerol (CBG) might be a secondary cannabinoid, but it’s a first-class option for companies wanting to sell hemp products that aren’t CBD. While the two share similarities, CBG-specific products have qualities their CBD counterparts don’t.

The hemp industry continues to thrive and you can buy wholesale CBG products from tens, if not hundreds of vendors. In this guide, I want to explore how to buy CBG in bulk, and the benefits of selling CBG in your shop.

I will start by showcasing my top five CBG wholesale vendors operating in the legal hemp scene right now.

Top 5 Begin Here

1. Best Selling CBD


CBD Genesis

CBD Genesis has a high-quality selection of finished CBG products available for wholesale purchase, including tinctures, cigarettes, and crystal isolates. They stock products from the likes of Active CBD Oil and Delta 8 Factory.

Ready-made products are the perfect way for start-ups to approach buying wholesale. It saves companies the hassle of developing products from scratch that have no guarantee of success. It’s best to go with something tried and tested.

Buying wholesale from CBD Genesis is a pleasant, seamless, and informative experience. Their knowledgeable and attentive team will help you find smart CBG solutions for your customers. And CBD Genesis has rock-bottom wholesale prices!

2. Most Popular



LaurelCrest is a high-end wholesaler with a premium range of minor cannabinoid extracts, including CBG. They offer options for all types of businesses, whether you are well-established or just getting your feet wet.

LaurelCrest partners with Pharma Hemp to produce third-party tested 99%+ CBG isolate and 75%+ CBG distillate. Some products work best with isolate, whereas others suit distillate. LaurelCrest processes its CBG extracts in the United States.

Choose between white and private label wholesale CBG options. You may be interested in LaurelCrest’s raw cannabigerolic acid (CBGa), too. All CBG products sold by this wholesaler are third-party tested by ACS Laboratory. 

3. Runner Up


CBD American Shaman

Pick up world-class wholesale CBG products from CBD American Shaman. With an extensive range that includes CBG-infused tincture oils, flower, and gummies, you have no shortage of options. They have a CBDa / CBGa tincture, as well.

CBD American Shaman is a good vendor if money is no object and your customers don’t mind shelling out extra. They have a reputation for using the finest hemp extract and ingredients to make the purest and strongest CBG possible.

CBD American Shaman’s CBG products come at a 50% discount when buying wholesale. However, with minimum order requirements (per order and purchase), they aren’t a good fit for start-ups on a budget. 

4. Runner Up


Bulk CBD Distributors

Renowned CBD wholesaler Bulk CBD Distributors holds its own with CBG, stocking a selection of high-strength extracts and finished products. They have isolate, distillate, biomass, seeds, and Farm Bill compliant CBG flower at excellent prices.

Bulk CBD Distributors’ CBG isolate boasts 99%+ purity, thanks to a refined ethanol extraction process. The company’s similarly impressive distillate undergoes molecular CBG distillation using state-of-the-art equipment.

When buying CBG flower, you can choose from cheaper machine-trimmed buds or their pricier hand-trimmed nugs. Bulk CBD Distributors operates out of Denver, Colorado, and submits its products for third-party testing. 

5. Runner Up


Eagle Moon Hemp

While not my top pick, you could do worse than bulk-buying CBG from Eagle Moon Hemp. An established wholesaler that specializes in several cannabinoids, these guys sell CBG isolate powder and smokable flower.

I cannot fault EMH’s excellent products, which all pass intense third-party scrutiny. And with a 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s no risk when purchasing from them – although I doubt you will be disappointed.

However, for a CBG wholesaler, EMH has a limited product selection. Sure, you can use CBG isolate powder to make e-liquids, tinctures, cosmetics, and more, but you will have to put in the hard yards. That will inevitably lead to higher costs. 

What is CBG?

CBG is a therapeutic and non-intoxicating cannabinoid derived from hemp and marijuana. A secondary cannabinoid, CBG typically occurs in minor quantities (less than 1%). In contrast, CBD concentrations in hemp strains can exceed 20%.

But even a small amount of CBG packs a unique punch. Farm Bill compliant CBG products must come from hemp and have no more than 0.3% THC. Users cannot get high from taking CBG.

CBG may provide a boost to anandamide, a crucial endocannabinoid produced by the body. It’s thought that, via this mechanism, CBG improves motivation, relieves pain, promotes a healthy appetite, and alleviates stress.

Despite the current absence of clinical evidence, it makes sense that CBG has such a broad range of benefits. Indeed, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) influences and regulates several areas of health. And since CBG works within the ECS, it’s no surprise the substance has so many uses.



Let’s consider this from a sales perspective. As a store, you are more likely to stand out with CBG than CBD. Everyone knows about CBD and there are many hemp stores and even non-CBD businesses selling standard CBD products nowadays.

With CBD well-established, companies and consumers increasingly want novel hemp products. CBG is relatively new, although quickly gaining traction. With its different and unique effects, CBG is building a loyal fan base.

If you have a start-up, I recommend investing in CBG over CBD. Success comes from finding a niche and being the best company in that specific field. In a less competitive, but growing market like CBG, you can cash in. 

Types of CBG Products

Not all CBG products have the same cannabinoid makeup. Some contain a pure CBG extract, while others have a mix of CBG and CBD – indeed, the latter often outweighs the former. But let’s focus on the perks of different products 

Tincture oils: These versatile products give users a healthy way of getting their CBG. For rapid effects, take CBG sublingually. For discretion and longer-lasting CBG relief, add it to a meal or drink.

Edibles: The benefits of CBG edibles include extended effects and accurate dosing. CBG enters the bloodstream via the stomach, a slow and steady process.

Gummies, chocolate bars, and other edibles have set serving sizes. However, CBG gummies can melt at room temperature in hotter climates. Stores selling these edibles should keep them in a refrigerator. 

Capsules: Customers put off by the cannabis-like nature of many CBG products may prefer more familiar capsule supplements. Capsules give users a discreet way of obtaining a set amount of CBG. I recommend soft-gel caps for easier swallowing. 

Vape products: CBG-infused cartridges, disposable pens, and e-liquids provide swift CBG relief without the damaging effects of smoking. Some vape products have natural terpene flavors, but low-quality brands often use cheap, artificial ingredients.

Flower: You can buy CBG-rich hemp buds with less than 0.3% THC. While there’s less selection than with CBD, there are a few well-known CBG strains, such as White Widow, The White, Jack Frost, and John Snow.

Most customers want CBG buds for smoking, but we shouldn’t dismiss its versatility. CBG hemp flower can form the basis of homemade edibles, topicals, and tinctures. 

Concentrates: Some customers need extra relief and they can find it with CBG concentrates. Crystals, wax, shatter, and crumble have substantially higher concentrations of CBG than regular products and therefore deliver much larger doses.

Not everybody needs CBG concentrates. I only suggest buying these products if your customers are already acquainted with hemp products.

Topicals: Cannabinoid-based skincare and cosmetic products are big business. We have seen the emergence of creams, massage oils, serums, and balms in the CBD industry and the same is coming to the CBG market.

CBG interacts with neurotransmitters and receptors in the ECS, which is present in the skin. There’s science behind applying CBG to the skin – it’s not a fad or gimmick! 

CBG Products and Drug Tests


Most CBG products do not cause drug test issues – and the CBG itself will never be responsible for a failed test. However, some CBG products contain ingredients that could, in theory, lead to a positive urine, saliva, or hair follicle sample.

Full-spectrum CBG products that take advantage of the Farm Bill’s 0.3% THC cap may present a problem. If used regularly, even small amounts of THC will accumulate in a person’s system and exceed the threshold set by drug tests.

Brands are increasingly making CBG products with delta-8, a THC analog that is also detectable on all standard drug tests. These products can have unlimited quantities of delta-8 and still be Farm Bill compliant, making a failed test more likely.

If you sell full-spectrum CBG or delta-8-infused products, make customers aware of these complex drug screening scenarios. I suggest having CBG-isolate products in your store to cater to customers who cannot take chances with drug tests. 

The Legal Status of CBG Products

CBG products are legal and protected in the United States by the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill). Hemp-based CBG products have less than 0.3% THC.

The Farm Bill de-scheduled all hemp-derived cannabinoids, CBG included. Since CBG does not have psychoactive properties, there is no risk it could get banned again in the future. The Farm Bill was about legalizing these sorts of compounds.

What to Look for When Buying CBG Wholesale

Do you think that CBG products could be a good fit for your store? Great! But before you go on a spending spree, I have some pointers that will help you get the best bang for your buck when shopping for wholesale CBG. Let’s check them out. 

Third-party tested products


Ensure customers see your shop as legit by stocking third-party tested CBG products. Taking a punt on untested products might save you money at first, but your business will acquire a reputation for selling sketchy and low-quality CBG.

Independent lab testing provides critical assurances on product safety, strength, and legality. Stores selling third-party tested CBG automatically become more credible than those offering untested products.

As a vendor, having a third-party tested CBG collection shows you respect customers and aren’t ripping them off. That decency will help you sell more CBG than corner-cutting stores. 

Cannabinoid concentrations

Unfortunately, CBG products don’t always have a ton of CBG. In some cases, CBG levels are above-average but still significantly outweighed by the amount of CBD. However, some brands do make products containing purified CBG extract.

Decide what you want beforehand and purchase accordingly. Expect to pay more for CBG-dominant products than those that have a mere splash of CBG and are mostly CBD. 

Helpful wholesaler

Purchasing CBG in bulk is much easier with a hemp wholesaler that provides tip-top customer service. It’s better to buy from a company that has an in-depth understanding of the products they sell, as opposed to those just trying to make a quick buck.

If you don’t know what type of CBG extract or finished products to buy, the best wholesalers will do their utmost to help. Different stores have different needs and you must get the right fit.

How to Store Your CBG Wholesale Products


Keep CBG products fresh and at full strength by storing them in a dry, dark, and cool location away from direct sunlight. If your storage area has a moderately warm climate, keep CBG gummies in a refrigerator. 

How Long do CBG Wholesale Products Last?

CBG products can stay fresh for up to a year in the right conditions. However, you should prepare for products to degrade after a few months. Only purchase products you know you can sell within a few weeks. 

Purchasing CBG Wholesale Products Online vs. Shops Near Me


You have a choice to make – buying CBG wholesale products from the internet or at a local wholesaler. I choose to shop online for reasons of price and convenience.

Online wholesalers can undercut physical wholesalers thanks to lower running costs. And instead of spending all day looking at different wholesalers in person, I can check out several online within a couple of hours and discover all I need to know.

Pick up wholesale CBG products for your store from CBD Genesis! Register for a wholesale account today and get your CBG business started.

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