The Complete Guide to Taking CBG Oil for Anxiety


If you struggle with anxiety and haven’t had success with traditional treatments, you may want to consider CBG oil, a natural, non-intoxicating remedy derived from hemp. Following the CBD boom, the possible health benefits of other cannabinoids, like CBG, are starting to get more attention.

Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of more than 120 cannabinoids identified in hemp. A non-psychotropic substance, CBG is currently under research, with scientists trying to determine its therapeutic value. CBG may have anti-anxiety properties, but a lack of human trials makes it difficult to say with certainty.

In this post, I want to discuss why CBG may work for anxiety and how you could benefit from it. I’ll also explore what makes an excellent CBG oil product and where you can find one.

Top 3 CBG Oils for Anxiety

1. Best Selling CBG Oil

NuLeaf Naturals – Full-Spectrum CBG Oil

This premium full-spectrum CBG oil from NuLeaf Naturals is an excellent option for anxiety. Containing a whole-plant hemp extract rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, NuLeaf’s tincture really brings out the entourage effect. The organic virgin hemp seed oil provides some additional therapeutic value.

NuLeaf has pulled out all the stops, using a highly-concentrated proprietary hemp formula. This product is third-party tested, manufactured in an ISO certified facility, and conforms with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices. You simply won’t find a safer or more potent CBG oil. 

Available tinctures: 300mg (60mg/ml), 900mg (60mg/ml), 1800mg (60mg/ml)

2. Most Popular

Active CBD Oil Tincture – Water-Soluble CBG Oil

The 150mg Water-Soluble CBG tincture from Active CBD Oil is more effective than you might think. Water-solubility enhances bioavailability and the potency of hemp extract, allowing you to get maximum relief from a small dose. Each full 1ml dropper administers 5mg of CBG extract. 

Active CBD Oil uses a broad-spectrum hemp extract free from THC, putting any drug test concerns to rest. Cultivated with non-GMO hemp, this unflavored tincture has a natural, earthy taste. You can take it under the tongue or by adding it to food or drink. 

3. Runner Up

CBDistillery – Daytime Synergy CBG Oil (1000mg)

Made with a full-spectrum hemp extract, the Daytime Synergy tincture from CBDistillery delivers the best of CBG and CBD. The 1000mg total hemp extract is equally divided into 500mg of each cannabinoid, with the 1:1 ratio promoting well-balanced effects.

In addition to full-spectrum hemp, CBDistillery’s tincture consists of natural terpenes and MCT-rich fractionated coconut oil, boosting overall effects and bioavailability. Third-party tested and approved, this CBG oil contains less than 0.3% THC. 

What is CBG?

CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that acts upon the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Research indicates CBG is a weak and partial CB1 and CB2 receptor agonist, a moderate 5-HT1A receptor antagonist, and an alpha-2-adrenergic receptor agonist.

CBG promotes homeostasis and balance in the ECS, but seemingly differently from CBD and THC. Rather than interacting directly with cannabinoid receptors, CBG mostly limits the breakdown of anandamide, an endocannabinoid and natural neurotransmitter. The increased levels of anandamide help with ECS regulation.

Interestingly, most cannabinoids – including CBD and THC – actually start off as cannabigerolic acid (CBGa) in the hemp plant, which is the acidic form of CBG.

Eventually, CBGa mostly breaks down into the acidic versions of CBD and THC, leaving just a small amount of CBG remaining. But this explains why CBG is often called the “mother of all cannabinoids”.

Does CBG Oil Work for Anxiety?

CBG is not a proven anxiety treatment, but very little literature exists on the topic. Cannabinoid science is still relatively young, with decades of prohibition stifling scientific progress.

While first discovered and isolated in 1964, CBG has taken a backseat until recently. The limited funding available for research has mostly gone on understanding the psychoactive effects of THC and the medicinal potential of CBD.

However, despite a lack of proof that CBG oil works for anxiety, many people are getting positive results. Studies on anandamide suggest CBG may be effective for anxiety, although no research has looked specifically at the compound’s effects.

In 2003, Trends in Molecular Medicine published a paper outlining how preventing anandamide breakdown could be crucial to treating anxiety. As we know, CBG has this effect, hence why it could be a beneficial substance.

Why choose CBG oil?

The legal hemp industry does not want for innovation and variety. There are numerous CBG products on the market, including flower, e-liquids, edibles, concentrates, and capsules. So, why should you choose CBG oil for anxiety?

Much comes down to personal preference, but CBG tincture oils do offer some distinct advantages. Firstly, when taken sublingually, CBG oil gets to work within minutes – the rapid effects are ideal, and even necessary, for soothing acute social anxiety.

Only CBG flower and e-liquids offer faster relief, but these come with adverse health consequences. If smoking or vaping isn’t your thing, sublingual absorption is a safe consumption method that’s only slightly less efficient.

Furthermore, CBG oil allows for more accurate dosing than vape juices and flower. In tinctures, the CBG is distributed evenly throughout the product, and you know exactly how many milligrams you are taking with each full dropper.

CBG oil is also more versatile than other products, and edibles and capsules in particular. While a CBG tincture can double up as an edible in food and drink, edibles and capsules cannot be taken sublingually.

Types of CBG oil

The different types of hemp extract can be intimidating and confusing for first-timers. Here’s a quick overview of the various forms of CBG oil on sale and any pros and cons.

CBG-isolate oil: These tinctures are all about the CBG and nothing else. The CBG is extracted from the rest of the hemp plant and then mixed with a carrier oil.

CBG-isolate tinctures cost less but are not as therapeutic due to the absence of other cannabinoids and terpenes. However, with no THC at all, CBG-isolate oil is ideal if you’re worried about drug tests.

Full-spectrum CBG oil: CBG tinctures made with full-spectrum hemp promote the famous ‘entourage effect’. The theory goes that cannabinoids are more beneficial when taken as part of a whole-plant extract than when consumed in isolation.

Full-spectrum CBG oil is usually a little more expensive and contains traces of THC (up to 0.3%). It won’t make you high, but you could potentially fail a drug test with these products.

Broad-spectrum CBG oil: This type of CBG oil does not contain any THC but is otherwise no different from full-spectrum products. Broad-spectrum CBG tinctures recreate the entourage effect as closely as possible while keeping you in the clear with drug tests.

Delta-8 oil with CBG: Delta-8 is effectively a legal, hemp-derived form of THC, but it will get you stoned. Some delta-8 oil products contain CBG extract to complement the intoxicating effects. These tinctures deliver a mellow high, but delta-8 does show up on drug tests.

How to Take CBG Oil For Anxiety

We’ve already touched briefly on the different ways of taking CBG oil for anxiety, but here’s a closer look at how to get the most from each consumption method.

Sublingual absorption

Sublingual absorption works by administering CBG oil under the tongue, where the sublingual glands quickly absorb the cannabinoids into your system. Decide on your dosage and either apply a few drops or a full dropper under your tongue and hold for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing.

CBG hits hard and fast when taken sublingually, hence why I recommend it for social anxiety, which often arises without warning. The quick and potent relief helps to swiftly settle your mind, making those tricky social situations that much easier. Sublingually absorbed CBG is effective for about three hours.

In food and drink

Mixing CBG oil with your food or adding it to your beverage is a convenient and discreet way of getting anxiety relief. If you don’t like the strong, earthy taste of hemp, this is a handy trick to cover up the taste. CBG oil’s effects also last longer when taken in this manner.

However, CBG taken orally doesn’t provide immediate benefits. You may have to wait up to an hour before feeling anything – although this can be sped up somewhat by consuming on an empty stomach.

Therefore, I don’t advise this method when you need speedy anxiety relief. Instead, the long-lasting effects are more suitable for relieving chronic and persistent anxiety. If anxiety affects you around the clock, taking your tincture orally may be more cost-effective.

What to Look For When Buying CBG Oil for Anxiety

Over the past couple of years, more brands have started selling CBG oil. Increased competition means better quality products, but unfortunately, there are a few not-so-good companies in the industry.

When buying CBG oil for anxiety, first ensure that you’re purchasing a legit product, and then check whether it’s suitable for your needs. Don’t worry – this is easier than it sounds!

Third-party tested products

Independent approval is the only way of knowing if a CBG oil product is genuine. In most industries, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets strict safety and quality standards. But this isn’t the case with hemp-derived products, which are currently unregulated.

However, third-party testing has helped bring this Wild West industry under control. In a nutshell, companies making legal, pure, and potent CBG oil can prove it by letting independent laboratories test their products.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and the transparency of third-party testing inevitably exposes low-quality brands. Genuine brands get to display a certificate of analysis alongside their CBG oil products, while scammers have nothing to show.

CBG oil with CBD extract

For anxiety relief, I like CBG products that also contain CBD. Research suggests that CBD helps with anxiety, with more studies available than we have for CBG at the moment.

In addition, CBD is non-psychoactive – the only difference you might notice is more relaxation compared to a pure CBG product.

The amount of CBG and CBD in a tincture oil should be stated on the product packaging. The label typically states how much of each cannabinoid is in the entire tincture, and how much is administered with each serving.

Tinctures with MCT oil

Try finding CBG oil tinctures made with medium-chained triglyceride (MCT) oil. All CBG oil products consist of hemp extract and a carrier oil – the best CBG tinctures contain an MCT-rich carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil.

MCTs are fatty acids that enhance the bioavailability of CBG molecules. When you take CBG oil or any other CBG product, only a low percentage of your dosage ever reaches the bloodstream.

By increasing bioavailability, MCTs make your CBG dosage more potent. You can either enjoy the stronger effects or reduce your dosage slightly to get more servings from your tincture.

Is CBG legal?

Hemp-derived CBG is legal at the federal level and in all US states. Marijuana-derived CBG remains prohibited at the federal level, and in all states where marijuana is illegal. CBG from marijuana is still tightly restricted as a Schedule 1 drug in the Controlled Substances Act.

Federal law describes “hemp” as the Cannabis Sativa L. plant with less than 0.3% delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on a dry weight basis. CBG became legal after the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill) was signed into law, legalizing hemp and its cannabinoids.

At the international level, CBG is not scheduled by the UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances.

Can I Travel With CBG Oil?

Yes, you can freely travel with CBG oil within the United States – but make sure your tincture has less than 0.3% THC. However, if your CBG oil contains delta-8, check the law in your destination state, as some areas have recently banned the substance.

Traveling abroad with CBG oil is not so clear-cut. Hemp is legal in many countries, but not everywhere. Moreover, countries where hemp and its components remain banned often enforce strict penalties for possession.

Always study the law in your destination country before traveling with CBG oil. If in any doubt, leave it at home.

Where to Buy CBG Oil for Anxiety

When shopping for CBG oil or any other hemp-based products, you can choose between purchasing from an online vendor or going to your local store. While popping down to a shop near you may seem convenient, I strongly suggest buying CBG online.

Compared to CBD products, CBG oil is still quite rare – you might not even find it at your local health and wellness shop. Also, gas stations, head shops, and similar brick-and-mortar stores often don’t really check what they are selling.

In contrast, online hemp vendors take extra care when choosing what products to stock. For these stores, selling high-quality CBG is critical to their success, whereas other shops are just selling CBG as a side hustle.

Therefore, online hemp companies like CBD Genesis only sell third-party approved CBG oil – and they provide the relevant certificates of analysis for your convenience.

CBG isn’t as easily extracted from hemp as CBD, so CBG oil products tend to be more expensive. CBG oil is cheaper online than in physical stores!

Ready to try CBG oil for anxiety? You can buy genuine, high-quality CBG and other legal hemp-based products from CBD Genesis! They have products from all the top brands and provide free shipping on orders over $50.

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