5 Best Organic CBG Oil Products

CBG Oil Products

Cannabigerol (CBG) is the so-called mother of all cannabinoids and the next big thing after CBD. Products like non-psychoactive CBG oil have taken off in recent times, and it is even better when they are organic! 

In this review, I will showcase the five best organic CBG oil products. I also want to touch upon some possible benefits and reveal my top tips for finding a high-quality CBG oil. Let’s get stuck in. 

1. NuLeaf Naturals – Full-Spectrum CBG Oil

NuLeaf Naturals CBG Oil

NuLeaf Naturals is the best producer of minor cannabinoid products right now, and the company’s Full-Spectrum CBG Oil is a winner. Made with a whole-plant hemp extract rich in CBG, other cannabinoids, and terpenes, this tincture brings out the full force of the entourage effect.

NuLeaf uses organic, non-GMO hemp and follows the Good Manufacturing Practices set by the FDA, hence why its products are cGMP certified. The accompanying third-party lab test affirms the potency and quality of NuLeaf’s CBG Oil, and it goes straight to the top of my list.

Sizes available: 300mg (60mg/ml), 900mg (60mg/ml), 1800mg (60mg/ml)

2. Plant People – CBD + CBG Drops + Relief

Plant People Drops

CBD + CBG Drops + Relief from Plant People is a worthy runner-up. Made with full-spectrum hemp extract, anti-inflammatory turmeric, and an array of synergistic botanicals, this tincture oil boasts impressive therapeutic effects.

Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO, these drops are safe and suitable for all and meet Good Manufacturing Practice standards. In addition to CBD and CBG, this tincture contains cannabichromene (CBC), terpenes, ginger, and black pepper. Plant People also adds coconut MCT to enhance bioavailability.

Sizes available: Starter (360mg – 12mg/ml), Standard (720mg – 24mg/ml), Strong (1440mg – 48mg/ml)

3. Medterra – CBG + CBD Tincture

CBD tincture oil

Relax and unwind with Medterra’s citrus-flavored CBG + CBD tincture oil. Made with a 1:1 ratio of CBD to CBG, this well-balanced product is perfect for getting your endocannabinoid system in tip-top shape.

Medterra uses a broad-spectrum hemp extract free from THC, easing any concerns you may have about drug tests. They also mix in organic, coconut-derived MCTs to enhance the effectiveness of the CBD and CBG.

Organic, non-GMO, and grown in the USA, this lab-tested CBG tincture from Medterra provides a clean, consistent, and therapeutic hemp experience.

Sizes available: 1000mg (33.3mg/ml), 2000mg (66.6mg/ml)

4. Also Organics – 500mg CBG Tincture

CBG Tincture

For a pure CBG experience, this 500mg tincture from Also Organics is a fantastic option. Made with phyto-rich hemp extract and organic MCT oil, you can expect potent effects and a no-frills experience. Also, Organics keeps things as simple as possible and does not use any unnecessary additives or flavorings.

This non-psychoactive tincture is organic and produced with US-grown hemp. Not to mention it is non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and 100% bioavailable. While 500mg of CBG may not sound much for the price, maximum bioavailability and the utilization of nanotechnology boost the effects significantly.

5. American Shaman – Water Soluble CBG Oil

Water Soluble CBG Oil

American Shaman’s cutting-edge CBG tincture is water-soluble and harnesses the power of nanotechnology. Promising increased energy, focus, and alertness, this CBG oil contains broad-spectrum hemp extract and MCTs derived from coconut oil.

Each 1ml serving contains 15mg CBG and 5mg CBD, equating to a 3:1 CBG to CBD ratio. American Shaman’s organic tincture is rich in terpenes and essential oil and delivers a caffeine-like energy boost without any anxiety and jitters. This product is third-party tested and made entirely in the United States.

Sizes available: Sample Size (100mg – 20mg/ml), Regular Size (600mg – 20mg/ml)

What is CBG Oil?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non-intoxicating, naturally occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant. Most hemp-based tincture oils consist of large amounts of CBD, but a growing number are centered around CBG.

Hemp doesn’t contain as much CBG as CBD, hence why the former is sometimes labeled a secondary or minor cannabinoid. But CBG is thought to have significant therapeutic potential, with scientists giving plenty of attention to the compound in recent times.

Like all cannabinoids, CBG does not have any approved medical uses. However, studies show that CBG is a weak, partial agonist of the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

Researchers believe CBG boosts the effectiveness of anandamide, an endocannabinoid made by our bodies. CBG oil may have anti-inflammatory properties, neuroprotective effects, antibiotic potential, and more.

Is CBG Oil Legal?

CBG oil is legal

CBG oil is legal in the United States. CBG was legalized as part of the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill). In legalizing “hemp”, the federal government also legalized all parts of the plant, while restricting the maximum THC content in hemp products to 0.3%.

Therefore, when hemp became legal, highly concentrated CBG products like CBG oil also became legal. Since CBG is non-psychotropic, it doesn’t get you stoned, nor does it show up on drug tests.

How to Use Organic CBG Oil

Tincture oils are my preferred way of consuming CBG and any other cannabinoids – I love the convenience and versatility of tinctures. Sublingual absorption is the most popular intake method, but oral consumption and topical application also have perks.

Sublingual absorption: For maximum efficiency, under-the-tongue sublingual absorption works best. It’s easy to get a precise dosage, as the label will state the CBG content in a full dropper. CBG’s effects last for three to four hours when taken sublingually.

Just apply the oil and hold it for 60 seconds before swallowing – this allows the sublingual glands in the bottom of your mouth to absorb the CBG molecules into your bloodstream. Most people start feeling the benefits within minutes.

Oral consumption: Either add CBG oil to drinks or food or just swallow the oil to enjoy the benefits of oral consumption. This method is handy for discretion, but it’s most useful for providing elongated relief. CBG taken orally can last for up to eight hours.

That said, the longer effects come at some cost – a slower speed of delivery. The benefits of oral consumption often don’t show up for an hour or more. Taking CBG oil on an empty stomach helps speed up the process.

Topical application: Your CBG oil can also work as a cream, thanks to the proliferation of cannabinoid receptors in the skin. Applying CBG oil to the skin may reduce inflammation more effectively than other methods.

For example, if arthritis is affecting your hands, rubbing in CBG oil gets straight to the root of the problem. If applied topically, you can get more uses out of your tincture by mixing it with another cream. Diluting your oil makes sense due to the high cost and concentrated nature of the product.  

What to Look For When Buying Organic CBG Oil

CBG Formula

Compared to CBD, the CBG market is still tiny. Just a handful of brands produce high-quality organic CBG oil. Most of these companies act in good faith, with several even following Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

But you still need to be alert when purchasing CBG oil and ensure you buy a safe tincture that’s suitable for your needs. Here’s what you need to look for.

Third-Party Certificate of Analysis

Third-party testing is the only way to know if an organic CBG oil product is legit. Many companies talk a good game, but with the FDA not regulating hemp products, scammers can make false claims and get away with them.

Independent lab testing provides much-needed checks on safety, quality, and legality. The lab will test a brand’s CBG oil and send back a report detailing potency and purity. Hemp companies then publish these reports on their site for the benefit of customers.

Essentially, third-party testing brings transparency to the industry. The best brands thrive while the low-quality manufacturers and outright scammers get exposed. Only ethical companies making CBG oil the right way can acquire certificates of analysis.         

It’s great to see brands like NuLeaf making cGMP-certified products, but even so, you should still check for third-party lab reports. In theory, brands could claim they are cGMP certified and use that as an excuse not to produce a lab report.


CBG oil’s effects may vary depending on the extract. For instance, some CBG oil products contain CBG isolates, whereas others are made with a broad or full-spectrum formula. Some CBG tinctures also have high levels of CBD, with CBG to CBD ratios differing from brand to brand.

Study the ingredients list and product description before purchasing. A full-spectrum product with a dash of THC could be a problem if you’re drug tested regularly – in which case, I’d recommend a THC-free broad-spectrum tincture.

For maximum therapeutic effects, pick up a full-spectrum product with MCTs. Tinctures that incorporate nanotechnology are even more beneficial!


Don’t assume that a CBG oil product is organic. If the company doesn’t specify, it probably isn’t – so make sure you check.

Companies selling organic CBG oil will let you know about it. If the third-party report has a section on pesticides, that’s a bonus. One reason I picked NuLeaf as my favorite CBG oil is because of the extensive lab report.

As well as organic, look for products manufactured with non-GMO hemp grown in the United States. The best brands often oversee the cultivation process to ensure it meets their high standards.

How to Store Your CBG Oil

Store Your CBG Oil

Organic CBG oil should be stored in cool, dry conditions and kept out of direct sunlight. A cupboard or drawer should suffice. Even though CBG oil is non-psychoactive, you should still store it out of reach of children.

Storing CBG oil in the dark prevents light degradation and a loss of potency. Ensure the bottle cap is securely fastened when not in use – hemp-based oils can also degrade due to oxidation.

How Long Does CBG Oil Last?

When consumed sublingually, CBG oil lasts for about three hours, but the effects can last for up to eight hours when taken orally. Regular CBG oil users may find the effects wear off more quickly due to increased tolerance.

As CBG is non-intoxicating, the risk of anxiety and other unwanted side effects is minimal. But I still suggest starting with low dosages and only topping up after the oil has had time to fully kick in. You may not need to take that much to experience meaningful relief.

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