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Ultimate Guide to Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex

You might’ve heard tons of good things about Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex, or Ultra Eliminex for short. The name practically says it’s “ultra” eliminating, and the price is pretty expensive. Whatever the case, this stuff has to be good, right? 

Ultra Eliminex is an optimal herbal detox drink meant to cleanse or mask toxins and impurities. Some of the drugs it may cleanse are marijuana, alcohol, and certain opiates. Instructions for Ultra Eliminex include drinking the entire 32oz liquid contents and drinking plenty of water. 

If you’re interested to know if this detox drink is the real deal and lives up to its name, keep on reading! Plus, I’ll walk with you through the step-by-step process of this Ultra Eliminex Detox drink. 

What is Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex

Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex

As I mentioned, this is an herbal detox drink meant to be ultra powerful and taken on the same day of a urine test. It’s made by Herbal Clean, and if you don’t know, they make other awesome detox drinks that you’ve probably already heard of, like QCarbo. These guys know what they’re doing 

I personally think they’re a reputable brand and so do a lot of people, considering there’s lots of good reviews out there. But, we’ll get to the reviews in a bit.

Ultra Eliminex Ingredients

Before we get into the nitty gritty stuff, I want to go over some of the key ingredients. I think it’s great to know what’s in a product so you can get a better understanding of how good a product may or may not be. 

Here’s some of the ingredients listed on the label: 

Riboflavin- Also mentioned as vitamin B2, this is an ingredient that’s in almost every detox drink along with other vitamins. It’s good for your overall health, and this specific vitamin helps give your urine that yellow color you need for the test. Having clear urine can be seen as too diluted if they’re inspecting it for the color. 

Creatine- This is another ingredient commonly found in detox beverages. Most urine tests check for your creatine levels. This just helps keep those levels balanced. Helps you go under the radar a little better, if you know what I mean.

Zinc- Now, this is an important ingredient that I surprisingly don’t see in a lot of the other (bad) detox drinks. A lot of lab studies have shown that zinc helps reduce the detection of THC, cocaine, and even meth when the test is via ELISA detection kits. Many urine drug tests use the ELISA test, so I’m glad to see this ingredient. It can increase your chances a lot more than the other guys. 

Burdock Root Extract- An interesting ingredient I saw. This one is an herbal diuretic and is often known to purify and remove toxins from the blood. It’s full of antioxidants too, which is a plus. 

Ultra Eliminex Reviews – Good and Bad

Ultra Eliminex

I thought it would be nice to save you some time from reading through a ton of reviews online. These are some from GNC and Amazon.

I’ve read through a lot of them, and I decided to include some of the good and bad reviews that might help you better decide if you want to take a chance and splurge on this detox drink. 

These are some of the negative reviews: 

“I had a horrible time drinking this, burned my throat. Also failed the home test. Too much product to consume without any results.” – Kimberly 

I bought two and drank them same day as well I followed instructions on the bottle. Did not work.” – Richard

Some positive reviews for you: 

Worked perfectly, reading these reviews made me nervous about not working but then I got a call saying everything was clear. Best stuff.” –Adynadyn

Was real good, passed test with 4 days notice. Drank tons of water to flush system. Eat small amounts of food to get desired effect. Thank you!” -Edward

Pros and Cons of Ultra Eliminex

Below is a short list of some of the pros and cons from this popular detox drink that I think are most notable.

Pros  Cons 

Contains Zinc and Creatine.

Natural Herbal Ingredients.

Can dilute/mask certain drugs effectively.

Easy to follow instructions. 
On the expensive side – $55-80.

Chance it may not work, especially if directions are not followed carefully.

Drinking too much water can dilute urine too much, causing suspicion.

Ultra Eliminex Instructions

If you don’t have the bottle at hand, no worries. I’ve included Herbal Cleanse Ultra Eliminex directions below. The instructions are easy to follow and straightforward. 

How to Use Ultra Eliminex on the same day:

  • Shake bottle well.
  • Drink an entire 32oz bottle of Ultra Eliminex in the span of about 30 minutes. 
  • Urinate frequently.

Easy, right? Well, there’s a few extra steps and tips you need to follow so that you can get the best outcome from this product. 

Instructions to Pass Drug Test with Ultra Eliminex 

Ultra Eliminex

So, apparently it’s not enough to just follow those three steps. You need to take extra precautions to help maximize your chances of acing a urine drug test if you’re planning on using this product. That doesn’t just go for this detox drink, but for all of them actually. The back of the bottle itself has some extra tips to follow and I’m going to include them, as well as other tips. Here we go!

  • Avoid Toxins as soon as you’re told about the test. The longer you avoid toxins, the better.
  • Drink lots of water in the days before you use the detox drink and on the day of. 
  • Don’t eat too much, as this works best on an empty stomach so that it can get digested a lot quicker. This mostly goes for the day of, but try to eat healthier on the days before too. If you have to eat on the day of the test, stick to crackers or something light. 
  • Take Ultra Eliminex and follow directions carefully. 
  • Fill up the same 32oz bottle 1-2 times with water and drink after taking Ultra Eliminex. 
  • Urinate about 2-3 times before the test/ after drinking Ultra Eliminex. 
  • Optimal time to take a urine test is within the 2nd or 3rd hour of taking the detox drink. Try your best to time yourself. 

I’m hoping these tips help you out a ton, as many of the users with positive outcomes seemed to have followed all or most of them. If you can, try to avoid even being around toxins, like smoke from weed, as this can possibly bring toxins back into your body.

Side Effects of Ultra Eliminex

Since the ingredients are natural and mostly harmless, you don’t have to worry too much about the side effects unless you’re allergic to an ingredient. 

But, one of the side effects some people experience is nausea. Just be sure to eat something light a few hours before you take it to help avoid this.

Ultra Eliminex Vs QCarbo32 

Although it’s from the same brand/company, there’s some debate about which one is better for passing a drug test. There’s no denying that these are some of the top products for that use, but we’re giving this one to Ultra Eliminex.

QCarbo32 is a cheaper option but it’s also a bit more outdated in terms of the formula. Ultra Eliminex is the more updated and modern detox drink. However, I wouldn’t completely bash on Qcarbo32, there’s a chance it can work just as great for you as it has for others. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Would this help me out to get thc out of my system faster?

Yes, it can help dilute and mask the THC for a period of time. Depending on how much THC you have in your body, flushing it out can take days to weeks. 

How long in advance should I take Ultra Eliminex?

You should consume Ultra Eliminex about 2 hours before your urine test. 

How long does it take Ultra Eliminex to work?

It takes about 90 minutes after consumption for it to work. 

Is this just a mask or will it clean you out?

It won’t completely clean you out, it is mostly used to dilute or mask. It can depend on what toxins you’re trying to get rid of. 

Where to buy Ultra Eliminex?

Ultra Eliminex can be bought from online stores such as GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, and small businesses.

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