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Ultra Clean Shampoo by Zydot: Full Review

The Ultra Clean Shampoo by Zydot is a hair cleansing treatment that gets rid of chemicals, drugs or drug metabolites from the hair. The cost of the shampoo is also affordable making it an ideal alternative for those who want to go through a drug test successfully.

The Ultra Clean shampoo is a complete deep-cleansing shampoo that comes with a cleansing treatment and a conditioner. It is used to eliminate unwanted substances such as drugs, chemicals among other impurities from within the hair shaft for a period of 24 hours.

Do you want to learn more about The Ultra Clean Shampoo? Well, continue reading below to understand more on how effective it is, how it works and how it is used to rid of hair impurities.

What You Need to Know About Ultra Clean Shampoo by Zydot

Cleansing shampoos are of two different types; leave-ins and washable shampoos. Leave-ins mask the impurities in the hair while the washable ones get rid of impurities.

The Ultra Cleanse Shampoo is among those that work by getting rid of hair impurities completely for 24 hours. A package of Ultra Clean comes in three sachets; consisting of a deep cleansing shampoo, a purifying treatment and a conditioner.

The Ultra Cleanse Shampoo is meant to wash away impurities such as hair sprays, styling gels, and everyday chemical build-ups to uncover the inner hair. The cleanser penetrates deeper into the hair shaft and gets rid of chemicals as well as drug metabolites that may be attached to hair follicles. The Conditioner on the other hand controls hair tangles, adds an extra shine to the hair and gives it a soft texture, which makes it easy to manage.

The shampoo and conditioner also consist of Aloe Vera, which prevents drying of the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles. Its application can be done easily by following simple instructions with no side effects afterwards.

One application of this product will therefore leave the hair and scalp completely refreshed. Short to medium hair will require one box containing the three products while longer hair will require two boxes of this shampoo to get rid of impurities completely.

How Effective is Ultra Clean Shampoo

Ultra Clean Shampoo is popular for getting rid of drug traces present in the hair follicles. It has an added advantage in that it can be carried out easily at home. To improve its effectiveness, it should be supplemented with other hair cleansing products such as the Jerry G bleaching, Toxin Rid’s Shampoo, and dyeing method.

The Macujo Method, though similar to Jerry G, is termed as the best when it comes to evading drug tests. It is an easy seven-step method of cleansing the hair follicles and scalp. The steps include:

  • Stop the drug usage to reduce the amount of residue in the blood.
  • Wet the hair with warm water.
  • Massage vinegar into hair and scalp.
  • Apply a mixture of ‘Clear and Clean’ onto the vinegar and massage thoroughly.
  • Wear a shower cap and let the mixture be absorbed for half an hour.
  • Wash off mixture from the hair with Aloe Rid Shampoo.
  • Wash hair again with Ultra Cleanse Shampoo. Repeat the process until hair is completely clean.

Many people have successfully passed drug tests after using the above steps. It is therefore effective if the hair is washed at least five times before the drug test due date.

To achieve better results after The Ultra Cleanse application, it’s good to also; wash hair with regular shampoo or Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo before starting the Ultra Cleanse procedure, use a new comb, and thoroughly clean items such as eyeglasses, pillows, hats, etc. to avoid recontamination.

How Ultra Clean Shampoo Work

The hair shaft consists of three layers. Chemicals and other impurities may hide in the hair shaft. The first layer is a bit easy for cleansing shampoo to breaks through.

The second layer however, is the toughest of them all to penetrate and a strong cleansing agent is required. The Ultra Cleanse Shampoo breaks through the tough layers of the hair and eliminates the metabolites that are collected there after drug use.

However, for it to work effectively, it must be used in conjunction with the Aloe Rid Shampoo. This Shampoo easily penetrate your first layer of the hair shaft and leaves open spaces for your Ultra Clean Shampoo to break through easily. To know that it really works, a drug user will pass a hair drug test in three simple steps shown below:

  • Halting the use of the drug: Marijuana users should stop ingesting it once they know they have an awaiting drug test. THC-COOH is the byproduct of THC that is tested for in drug tests. The substance lasts longer in the bloodstream and hair follicles, but it only takes a strong cleansing shampoo to eliminate it.
  • Applying Nexus Aloe Rid Shampoo: This should be done every day for 10 days with a daily application before the drug test is carried out. However, the shampoo can be used four times a day if there’s not much time before the test is done.
  • Using The Ultra Cleanse Shampoo on the test day: This removes any chemicals, drug metabolites and other impurities completely from the hair for 24 hours

However, the Ultra Clean Shampoo should only be used when you want the hair to be clean and not on a daily basis. This is because daily use of the shampoo may lead to weakening and breakage of hair shafts.

How to Use Ultra Clean Shampoo

Just like other shampoos, the ultra clean shampoo requires very few steps to follow before the hair and scalp is free from dirt and traces of drugs. The following procedure is how you use the ultra clean shampoo:

  • Wet the hair with warm water.
  • Apply ½ of the Ultra Clean Shampoo to the hair
  • Massage the hair and scalp thoroughly for about 3-5 minutes
  • Rinse your hair with a lot of water
  • Repeat the above steps (1-4) with the remaining ½ of shampoo in the bottle
  • Dry off hair with either a towel or blow dryer
  • Style it as desired.
  • Your hair is now free from all toxins

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