Macujo Method Instructions – Can You Pass A Hair Drug Test?


Worried about that hair follicle drug test that’s coming up? With a reported high success rate, Macujo method is undoubtedly the go-to fix to work around that pinch. That sais, let’s dig deeper in this method to understand exactly how Macujo will help you pass the hair drug test.

Does the Macujo Method really work?

Macujo method is a hair cleaning procedure that has a strong record of success and many people can vouch for its effectiveness. The scientific reason behind the method is that drug metabolites travel to and are deposited in the hair follicles. The Macujo method works by opening the cuticle of the hair to get to the hard part in the middle- the cortex. Opening the cuticle enables the flushing out of the drug metabolites from its core.

Don’t stop there, read on so that you understand properly how it works and what it requires to make it work

What you need for the Macujo Detox Method

You will need the following items for the Macujo method:

Rubber gloves– when handling chemicals, protecting your hands with a pair of rubber gloves is always a good idea.

Shower cap– you will need a shower cap to cover your wet hair while the method works its magic. Also, the cap will prevent the wet hair from getting in the way of your activities.

Clean and clear deep cleansing– this has salicylic acid, which is needed to flush out the chemicals. It also serves as the clarifying agent to eliminate dirt, oil, and build-up from the cuticle.

Heinz vinegar– with an adequate amount of acetic, (about 5%), the vinegar serves as the soaking solution as well as clarifying agent.

Tide liquid Laundry detergent– this will break down the follicle and flush out toxins from the strands.

Aloe toxin rid shampoo– The ingredient contain propylene glycol that opens the cuticle to help flush out the metabolites. You specifically need the old or original style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo from reputable sources to avoid fake ones.

Step By Step Instructions for the Macujo Method

The Macujo method instructions are straightforward but to guarantee success, they have to be followed accurately and to the very last detail.

Step 1: before you start the cleaning process, you need to stop using the drugs. The sooner you stop using them, the more effective the method will be.

Step 2: put on your hand gloves and then use warm water to dampen the hair. Damp hair will enhance the workability of the solution into the strands.

Step 3: apply generously the Heinz vinegar into your hair. Ensure that you soak the hair and massage it thoroughly from the root to tip. This step might cause a slight burning sensation but that is completely normal.

Step 4: apply the clean and clear shampoo to the water/vinegar mixture in your hair and massage your scalp and hair vigorously. Rub it in the hair strands to ensure that it really gets in there.

Step 5: Put the shower cap on and leave it for 30 minutes for the solutions to soak through. Some people do it for an extra 30 minutes to guarantee the utmost success.

Step 6: using the aloe rid shampoo, rinse off the soaking solution. Cleanse it well until all the solutions are washed out. Do this twice.

Step 7: wash the hair using Tide Liquid detergent. The detergent can be harsh and so be careful not to get it into the eyes. Finally, rinse with warm water.

Essential note- to effectively flush out the drug residues, repeat these instructions seven times.

The Pros and cons of Macujo method

As with any detox method, the Macujo has its pros and cons.

The pros

  • Proven to be at least 90 percent effective
  • All Macujo solutions are easily accessible and can be purchased locally
  • It’s an easy and straightforward DIY method
  • It works well within a short time frame

The cons

  • Buying the required solutions can be expensive
  • The harshness of clean and clear solution and Heinz vinegar can damage hair or cause irritation and redness
  • Effective mostly for THC or marijuana users
  • Ridding the drug residues can take time, so it needs you to be patient and thorough

Bottom Line

Despite its painstaking process, the Macujo method is considered as one of the most successful ways of passing a hair drug test. It is suitable for users who need fast and effective results. But, remember the effectiveness of the method depends on your accuracy in following its instructions.

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