Top 3 THC-O Gummies

Top 5 THC-O Gummies

Are you ready to take your edible experience to the next level? Top 3 THC-O Gummies go beyond the classic THC high, producing psychoactive effects that many consider spiritual and psychedelic. Indeed, THC-O appears to be triple the strength of THC.

The THC-O scene is growing fast, with several hemp brands now manufacturing edible products like gummies. In this complete guide to THC-O, I’ll teach you how to get the most from your gummies and discuss whether THC-O is better than other hemp-based highs.

1. TRĒ House Delta 8 THC-O Gummies 

TRĒ House Delta 8 Gummies


  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee for added peace of mind
  • Enjoy the delightful taste of tropical mango flavor
  • Delivers both head and body effects for a comprehensive experience
  • Exceptionally potent formulation for maximum efficacy


  • It may be overwhelming for newcomers due to its potency.

2. Soul Out of Office THC-O Gummies

Soul Out of Office THC Gummies


  • Ideal for micro-dosing regimens
  • Vegan and gluten-free for dietary preferences
  • Sourced from organic farming practices
  • Perfect introductory option for beginners


  • They are not the quickest-acting gummies available.

3. Medterra Daily Delight THC-O Gummies



  • Offers instant gratification and relaxation
  • Verified through third-party testing for quality assurance
  • Conveniently portable for on-the-go use


  • It may induce drowsiness.

What are THC-O Gummies?

THC-O gummies are hemp-based edibles infused with the highly psychoactive THC-O cannabinoid. Sugary-sweet and oh-so-delicious gummies are the best-selling edibles around and offer a convenient and discreet method of enjoying THC-O.

Unlike hemp flower or vaping products, gummies don’t have a pungent aroma. If you’re in a place where vaping or smoking is a no-no, edibles mean you can still get your dose of THC-O!

Talking of doses, you always know how much you’re getting with edibles. With joints and vape carts, there’s usually some guesswork involved. But edibles have a set amount of THC-O per serving, allowing you to control your dose and minimize the risk of side effects.

Gummies appeal to cannabis lovers who don’t like smoking or vaping – but people don’t only take edibles for health reasons. Because THC-O in an edible passes into the bloodstream via the stomach and not the lungs, the high hits more gradually and lasts longer.

Gummies can make you stoned for several hours and for twice as long as tinctures and vape juices. Indeed, with THC-O more potent than other cannabinoids, a THC-O gummy high can last even longer still – I’ve seen some people say these edibles made them high all day!

What is THC-O?

THC-O is a psychotropic cannabinoid boasting triple the potency of THC. To get technical, THC-O is the acetate ester of THC. You cannot extract THC-O naturally, but chemists can synthesize various forms of THC-O from THC, THCA, delta-8, and delta-10.

The cannabinoid has an unclear history but was first synthesized during the mid-20th century during the Edgewood Arsenal experiments. In his book on cannabis chemistry, author D. Gold suggested THC-O produces more psychedelic and spiritual effects than classic THC.

It’s a viewpoint that has endured, with many companies selling THC-O products using these terms for marketing purposes. While THC-O isn’t for newbies or those who indulge in marijuana now and again, it’s becoming a firm favorite among seasoned recreational users.

However, THC-O’s extra potency increases the chances of side effects. The higher a substance can get you, the greater the risk of anxiety and hallucinations – there’s no need to be concerned, but you should be aware.

How to enjoy THC-O gummies

How to enjoy THC-O gummies

It often takes trial and error to find the perfect edible dose, especially with THC-O. The strength is one thing, but anecdotes suggest THC-O is slower to take effect than other cannabinoids. Patience is a virtue when getting stoned with THC-O edibles!

With the delayed onset of effects in mind, I recommend waiting at least three hours between doses. Regular edibles can take up to two hours to peak, so expect an even longer come-up with THC-O treats.

If you still aren’t high enough after three or four hours, that’s the time to top up your dose. Always follow the dosage guidelines set out by the manufacturer – and if you aren’t sure, it’s better to take too little than too much.

But if worse comes to worse and you’re trapped in a bad trip, you can still navigate out of it. Consuming CBD oil sublingually is an effective trick to calm the intensity of your THC-O edible high. The CBD has a blocking effect at CB1 receptors, limiting THC-O’s activity.

THC-O vs. other Cannabinoids

Most people have a favorite cannabinoid, with each psychoactive hemp product offering something unique. Let’s discuss how THC-O edibles compare to compliant delta-9, HHC, and delta-8 varieties.

  • THC-O vs. compliant delta-9: If you haven’t tried edibles before, I suggest starting with compliant delta-9, a term used to describe hemp-derived THC. But if standard THC edibles leave you wanting more, the psychedelic-like effects of THC-O could be a better choice.

But for all-out euphoria and psychoactive effects that blow your mind, it can only be THC-O!

  • THC-O vs. delta-8: THC-O is for relaxing with and getting baked. Delta-8 is for when you want to get high while still being able to function. Why choose when you can have both? Stick to uplifting delta-8 edibles during the day and go for punchier THC-O gummies in the evening.

The legality of THC-O

The legality of THC-O Gummies

Companies use the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill) to argue that THC-O edibles are legal. While I agree, the situation is a little more complex than that and may not be set in stone.

On the surface, hemp-derived THC-O edibles with less than 0.3% THC are Farm Bill compliant. The bill fully legalized all-natural cannabinoids, barring THC. But critics point to the Federal Analog Act as a reason why THC-O products could be illegal.

I think they make a poor legal argument. Not everyone realizes that companies make THC-O from delta-8 distillate, not THC. And hemp-derived delta-8 distillate comes from CBD extract.

If the THC-O in products was synthesized from THC-O, it would be a different story. But it isn’t. The legal landscape may change if the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) bans delta-8. However, that’s a potential issue for the future, not for now.

What to Look for When Buying THC-O Gummies

Don’t start looking for THC-O gummies until you’ve taken these tips on board! Take the stress out of shopping by scrolling back up and choosing an edible from my list.

  • Third-party lab reports

THC-O is getting a lot of hype, and scammers are capitalizing by selling fake edibles. No FDA regulation makes industries vulnerable to bad actors, but legit brands are fighting back by normalizing third-party testing.

Lab testing shines a light on how companies make THC-O products. Third-party certificates of analysis (COA) report the amount of THC-O in gummies, as well as the THC concentration – remember that any more than 0.3% is illegal.

  • Serving size

While it’s handy to know how much THC-O is in a bag or jar of gummies, the THC-O quantity in each serving matters more. I’ve seen gummies with as little as 5mg THC-O per serving and as much as 25mg.

For THC-O first-timers who have experience with THC edibles, multiply the THC-O figure by three to get a rough idea of the potency.

  • Other cannabinoids

The hemp extract used in THC-O gummies varies, with some brands preferring pure THC-O isolate and others incorporating extra cannabinoids. THC-O mixed with CBD has a mellower effect than plain THC-O, whereas gummies with delta-8 are more uplifting.

How to Store Your THC-O Gummies

How to Store Your THC-O Gummies

You must keep THC-O gummies in a cold location, or there’s a good chance they will melt. I store my candies in the refrigerator to stop exposure to sunlight.

How Long Do THC-O Gummies Last?

I’ve heard conflicting reports on how long THC-O gummies last, but they work for longer than typical edibles. Expect a minimum of eight hours’ worth of psychoactive effects and longer if you’re an occasional user with a high sensitivity to THC-like substances.

Purchasing THC-O Gummies Online vs. Shops Near Me

Purchasing THC-O Gummies Online vs. Shops Near Me

Now you know everything about THC-O gummies, the only thing left is to go and buy some! While you may find them at your local store, specialist online vendors are the safest and most reliable places to purchase THC-O products.

Online stores weed out scammers and only offer the best gummies to their loyal customers. In contrast, convenience stores and similar shops often can’t distinguish between legit and fake products and end up stocking shady and untested gummies.

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