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Top 3 THC-O Cartridges

If you haven’t heard of THC-O, it’s the hemp industry’s hottest new cannabinoid, registering at three times the potency of THC! And what better way to enjoy this super-intense substance than with easy-to-use, hard-hitting THC-O cartridges?

Vape cartridges are my preferred way of indulging in legal, hemp-based highs. They kick in quickly, require little maintenance, and I can take them wherever I go! What’s not to like? In this article, I’ll review everything you need about THC-O carts.

1. Exhale



  • Sourced from premium organic hemp plants cultivated in Colorado.
  • Crafted with high-quality hemp oil for superior efficacy.
  • Composed of 100% natural ingredients to ensure purity and potency.
  • Formulated without preservatives or additives, maintaining the integrity of the product.


  • Single efficacy option

2. Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax


  • Extensive array of flavors available.
  • Exceptionally potent Live Resin.
  • Infused with authentic cannabis terpenes for a natural experience.
  • Utilizes a rigorous extraction process to maintain quality.


  • Shipping fees

3. Budpop



  • Infused with pure natural terpenes for an authentic experience
  • Formulated without MCT, PEG, or VG oils for a cleaner product
  • Undergoes thorough third-party lab drug testing for quality assurance
  • Enjoy complimentary shipping on all orders for added convenience


  • Customer support not available 24/7

What are THC-O Cartridges?

THC-O cartridges contain e-liquid with highly concentrated THC-O distillate. The highest quality products consist of pure THC-O extract and cannabis-derived terpenes and do not have any thinning agents or dilutants. Vape carts should be as potent as possible.

You’ll need a vape battery to use your cart. Almost every brand sells carts with 510-threaded connections, which work with all 510-threaded batteries. Over time, these have become the industry standard.

Vaping products make you stoned faster than tincture oils, edibles, and capsules, and cartridges are more efficient and easier to use than bottled e-liquids. You don’t need to clean the vape tank and coil or keep adding vape juice. Vape pens are less bulky than tank vapes, too.

What is THC-O?

What is THC-O

THC-O (also known as THC-O acetate and THC acetate ester) is a cannabinoid with much more intense psychoactive effects than typical THC. The cannabinoid is THC’s acetate ester, and chemists synthesize it from THC, THCa, or delta-8.

In the case of hemp-derived THC-O cartridges, the THC-O distillate must come from legal delta-8 due to the Farm Bill’s restrictions on THC. You won’t find THC-O naturally in cannabis – the cannabinoid must undergo chemical processing.

Why do hemp manufacturers go to so much effort to make THC-O products? Because it’s triple the strength of THC! We rarely see the word psychedelic used to describe cannabinoids, but it often pops up with THC-O. Some even say THC-O has spiritual effects.

The first reports of THC-O came from the U.S. Army Chemical Corps’ Edgewood Arsenal experiments, meaning THC-O was first created between 1949 and 1975. While initially studied as an incapacitating agent, THC-O has since become a sought-after legal high.

THC-O makes you high by binding with the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 receptor as a partial agonist. The cannabinoid gets you more stoned than THC because of its higher binding affinity at the receptor.

How to enjoy THC-O cartridges

THC-O is an exciting substance, and I’m a passionate fan of THC-O carts. I want to run through the risks and show you how to use them safely. Sadly, I’ve seen too many people have an unpleasant trip that puts them off THC-O.

Firstly, you must respect the potency. THC-O isn’t delta-8, delta-10, or any other psychoactive hemp cannabinoid. It’s not a marketing ploy – THC-O genuinely is more intense than THC, and rushing in too hard will likely cause side effects.

Always start with one or two hits on a cart to test the waters. THC-O carts vary in strength, and a cautious approach will ensure you don’t get caught out. Wait for a minimum of 30 minutes after your first dose before deciding on a second.

Once you’re comfortable, feel free to keep taking hits every half an hour or so. Spreading your hits out will give you a consistent flow of THC-O, maintaining a powerful high that doesn’t get beyond your control and leads to side effects.

That said, most of us have experienced anxiety or paranoia from cannabis once or twice. You could try to relax and wait it out, but I recommend having a non-psychoactive CBD product to hand so you can neutralize some of THC-O’s effects.

The legality of THC-O cartridges

The legality of THC-O cartridges

Intoxicating hemp-based products like THC-O carts have courted legal controversy. Some say they should be illegal, but others are confident the 2018 Farm Bill provides adequate legal protection.

It’s thanks to the Farm Bill that commercial THC-O products exist. In legalizing hemp, all-natural cannabinoids besides THC were de-scheduled and removed from the Controlled Substances Act. But THC-O carts must have less than 0.3% THC to be a hemp product.

As a THC analog, some argue that THC-O is subject to the Federal Analog Act and still a Schedule 1 drug. I would disagree, at least in the case of hemp-derived THC-O carts. 

As we know, chemists can make THC-O from THC and delta-8. THC-O produced from THC would be illegal. But the THC-O found in carts comes from delta-8, meaning it isn’t a traditional THC analog.

The debate isn’t over, and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) may have its say in the future, but I am convinced THC-O carts are legal.

Can drug tests detect THC-O?

We don’t have 100% confirmation that standard drug tests can detect THC-O. However, I wouldn’t take the risk. As mentioned earlier, THC-O is THC’s acetate ester and has a comparable chemical structure to THC, hence why it probably shows up.

Manufacturers of THC-O cartridges and similar products usually clarify there are no guarantees with drug tests. And the risks only grow if the cart also contains delta-8 distillate or traces of THC.

If you are happy to risk it, I’d recommend having a plan of action if your employer springs a surprise drug test on you. Consider synthetic urine and detox products or explore ways to detox naturally.

What to Look for When Buying THC-O Cartridges

I have a checklist when browsing for THC-O carts, which helps me avoid low-quality products and the wrong strains. If you’re looking for trusted brands, refer to my top three THC-O cartridges at the top of this post.

  • Third-party certificates of analysis (COA)
Third-party certificates of analysis

Due to third-party lab testing, the lack of FDA regulation is less of a problem nowadays. Legit THC-O brands distinguish themselves from grifters by adopting a transparent approach to business. Third-party COAs cover the crucial details of product legality and safety.

You shouldn’t have to go searching for lab reports. Think about it from a manufacturer’s perspective – if they make great products, they’ll want to prove it to you! Contact the vendor if you can’t find the COA on the company’s website.

  • Cannabinoid levels

With mega-potent THC-O, every percentage point counts. Always find out the precise amount of THC-O in your product so you can assess whether it’s right for you.

Some carts also have significant quantities of CBD, delta-8, and minor cannabinoids. CBD makes your THC-O high more relaxing, while delta-8 has a stimulating effect.

  • Cutting agents

Low-quality brands are notorious for using cutting agents (i.e., thinning agents, dilutants) in their carts. Don’t buy THC-O vaping products with these ingredients – they offer no benefits but come with downsides.

PG and VG are safe-cutting agents, but they’ll make your cart less potent. However, I am wary of brands that use MCT oil in vape carts. MCTs are great in tinctures and make cannabinoids more bioavailable. But MCT oil might not be a safe ingredient to vape.

How to Store Your THC-O Cartridges

How to Store Your THC-O Cartridges

Store your THC-O cartridges in a dark, cool, and dry location and the packaging until you are ready to enjoy them. Don’t leave carts in the sun; keep them away from children.

How Long Do THC-O Cartridges Last?

For up to a year, providing you look after them. Over time, THC-O’s psychoactive effects will degrade, but you can delay this with good storage.

Purchasing THC O Cartridges Online vs. Shops Near Me

Purchasing THC O Cartridges Online vs. Shops Near Me

I buy my THC-O carts from online stores that stock a wide range of hemp-based products. I recommend sticking to specialist shops and avoiding headshops, gas stations, and other brick-and-mortar stores that aren’t experts on hemp.

Many vendors try to make a quick buck from vape carts and legal highs, often neglecting product safety in the process. I’ve talked a lot about the necessity of third-party testing when buying cartridges, but I really can’t emphasize it enough!

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
Ralph is a passionate author at tooslick.com, a leading drug education website. With a background in public health, he combines research and empathy to create informative content that empowers readers with knowledge on substance abuse. Ralph's mission is to foster a safer and healthier community through education.

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