High Voltage Detox Double Flush Reviews: Worth It?

high voltage detox double flush

Even a person who uses medicinal drugs such as prescription CBD or THC, may fail a drug test and end up losing a job. For this reason, many drug users are turning to detox products to clean the system when approaching a test. 

In this review, we will be looking at the High Voltage Detox, its uses and the pros and cons among other factors. Keep on reading to get a clear picture of how the product works.

Does it Work? 

Since there are many urine test detox options in the market, it is important to look for one that meets certain standards. The best urine detox products can be identified by three key factors:

  • The product should be able to break down drug metabolites within the urine.
  • The product should contain vitamins B, which help add the yellow color to urine. 
  • Should be able to replace creatine in the urine to avoid a situation where it appears dilute. 

The High Voltage product is one of the few that meets all the above requirements. It can break down drug metabolites, contains b- vitamins, and replaces creatine in the urine.

This means that the product works if used accordingly.

What’s in The Box?

  • Detox bottle
  • 6 Capsules

ATTENTION: A very popular alternative to detoxing before a drug test is synthetic urine. Click here to learn more.

High Voltage Ingredients

Many other ingredients within the product are useful in the detoxification of the urine. None of the ingredients are harmful to the body, since they are all-natural.

The following ingredients are available within the product:

  • Vitamin C These are needed for fat metabolism, since fats may also hold some drug compounds.
  • Thiamine – The Thiamine B-vitamins help by changing the color of the urine to yellowish and also give it the pee smell. Most detox products that lack these ingredients give clear urine, which can be suspected.
  • Riboflavin– These are important b-vitamins that help improve the look and smell of the urine after using the product. 
  • Creatine Monohydrate – This is one of the important ingredients that separates High Voltage from other products. It helps in creating creatine so that the levels of creatine in the urine measure correctly. 
  • Milk Thistle Extract – This is a diuretic herb that helps secret urine at the time of the test. 

Online Reviews

As one of the popular options, High Voltage Detox has plenty of reviews online. Many people have already tried using it for drug tests and provide insight into the functionality of the product.

Reviews from most sites, including vendor websites, indicate that users are satisfied with the results.  

Reddit Reviews

Reddit reviews provide the most detailed outlook of the product. Most users of the products on Reddit give it thumbs up for their effectiveness when used in the right manner.

However, there is a small number of users who have complained about the strict guidelines that must be followed for the product to work. 

You can read about this Redditer’s positive experience with High Voltage here.

Overall Pros and Cons

Like other products, High Voltage has its pros and cons. While the product has been well praised for its effectiveness, many shortcomings have been pointed out by users. 


  • The product contains the needed B-vitamins to ensure that the pee looks and smells like natural urine.
  • Unlike other detox substances that dilute the urine, the High Voltage Detox product contains creatinine which makes the urine look natural. 
  • The product contains several diuretics that increase urine output. These help in flashing toxic drugs out of the system several hours to the test. 


  • The product does not help with other types of drug tests except for urine. 
  • The product only guarantees results within a 7-hour window.
  • The product must be used per strict order of guidelines. 

So, What is It? 

The High Voltage Detox Double Flush Combo is a product that comes as a drink and capsules. The popular option is the drink, which comes in seven flavors. 

The main flavors include:

  • Acai grape
  • Blazin Cherry
  • Blueberry
  • Lemon-lime
  • Watermelon
  • Tropical orange
  • Pomegranate

Due to the many flavors, there are so many options to choose from. Users can choose a flavor that works for them. Besides the variety of flavors, the producers of the same product also produce other detox options. 

The other products by the same brand include:

  • The High Voltage Folli Cleanse Shampoo.
  • The High Voltage Saliva Cleanse Mouthwash
  • The High Voltage Fast Flush Capsule
  • High Voltage 30 Day Permanent Flush

All the products are used for different detox purposes. As mentioned, the detox drink does not cleanse the saliva or hair follicles.

These products help in cleansing the body for other drug tests.

How to Use High Voltage Detox Double Flush 

The effectiveness of this product is highly dependent on the usage process. The usage of the product must follow a strict order of instructions.

If the instructions are not followed well, the product may not work. For effective results, the following steps must be followed.


  1. For those who know about the test in advance, it would be a good idea to stop using drugs a few days before the test. Those who learn about the test late should avoid taking substances at least 2 days before the test. 
  2. Consume all the capsules with 16 oz of water.
  3. 30 minutes later consume an additional 32 ox of water.
  4. An hour after that drink the high voltage 16oz liquid followed by an additional 16 oz of water.

Helpful Tips:

  1. The drink should be taken 2 hours before the test. The entire 16-ounce bottle must be taken for effective results. Once the entire product has been taken, the bottle should be filled with water and taken. 
  2. After 15 minutes of the first drink, the bottle should be refilled with water and consumed once more. 
  3. It is required of all users to pee at least three times before the test. This is not a problem since the product contains some diuretic ingredients. 

Tips For a Lab Test

Most people who wish to use this product worry about its effectiveness in lab tests. They worry about the drink showing up in lab test results. The big question then becomes, will detox drinks show up in a lab test? 

Here are some tips on how to better pass a urine test with this product:

  • The product must be used after several days without using drugs.
  • The product must be used a few hours before the test.
  • The product should be used by the instructions.

The High Voltage Detox Double Flush lab test results will not show any signs of the product being used as long as the above tips are observed.

Where to Find High Voltage Detox Double Flush Near Me

Many online stores sell the product or similar options. Likewise, for the best results, the product should be purchased from trusted vendors.

The most trusted vendor of the product urinepass.net with Walmart following.


Most people looking to use the product have questions regarding its effectiveness.

Here are six of the most frequently asked questions about High Voltage:

1. How Long Will High Voltage Detox Double Flush Last in My System?

The detox lasts about 7 hours after using the product. If the test takes place after seven hours, another full bottle of the product is needed.

2. Will it Help Me Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Unfortunately, this product is only designed for a urine test. On the flip side, High Voltage also produces the Folli Cleanse Shampoo which will help you clean your hair for tests.

3. Will it Help Me Pass a Saliva Drug Test? 

The drink does not work when it comes to saliva tests. For those who are going to take a saliva test, the High Voltage Saliva Cleanse Mouthwash is recommended.

The mouthwash is just as effective as the detox drink, but is recommended for the saliva test. 

4. Does it Work for THC and Alcohol? 

Yes, this product is effective for most drugs including alcohol and THC. If the test is taken as a urine one, the product can be used and it could work well. 

5. How Long Does it Last? 

This drink option stays in the system for up to 7 hours. After drinking the product, the drug test should take place within that window of time.

After this time, the results may not be favorable.

6. Can High Voltage Be Detected on a Drug Test? 

Thankfully, this product cannot be detected during a test. This is because it does not dilute the urine.

The presence of B-vitamins ensures that the color and smell of the urine are similar to that of a person who has not used a detox product.

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