What is Palo Azul Tea: IS is Safe?

palo azul tea

The Palo Azul tree is an important herbal plant mainly found in the arid areas to the southwest of the United States and in Mexico. The tree’s bark is harvested and sold in selected retail stores and can be ordered just like any other commodity. You can purchase the ingredients and prepare the tea in the comfort of your home.

Due to its perceived medicinal properties, Palo Azul tea is a herbal beverage now common across many cultures. It’s made by boiling or soaking the Palo Azul tree’s bark to brew a liquid suitable for drinking. You may consume the substance when hot or add ice cubes and drink it cold.

In this post, we’re going to discuss what Palo Azul is used for, how to drink it, and how you can use the tea to pass a drug test?

How Palo Azul tastes

Palo Azul tea has an earthly taste, unique and hard to define. You can describe the taste as almost that of water, with radiant undertones. However, people use different flavors and additives such as cinnamon, lemon, sugar, honey, ginger, or juice to add flavor according to their unique preferences.

Color of Palo Azul tea

This substance will change color throughout the different stages of its preparation. The most noticeable color is brown-red. However, it is mostly known for its blue color. It is not always blue because of the brown tint that forms as a result of the prolonged period of brewing. It is mainly brown with a blue hue noticeable when held up to the light.


Palo Azul tea is prescribed under certain circumstances as a safe herbal remedy for the treatment of a plethora of health conditions. These include kidney disorders, arthritis, heart problems, and diabetes, among other diseases.

Treating kidney disorders

Palo Azul tea is known mainly for its ability to arrest kidney problems. In fact, another name for the Palo Azul tree is kidney wood. It helps to strengthen the body’s detoxification systems and is believed to help alleviate the following renal disorders.

  • Preventing and decreasing the size of kidney stones – Palo Azul tea is alkaline. This property makes it dissolve the acidic precipitants in the kidney or prevent their formation altogether. This nature of the tea helps reduce the severity of the kidney stones.
  • Kidney inflammation – Nephritis is a common condition that causes acute inflammation of the kidneys. Palo Azul tea can serve as an anti-inflammatory agent by increasing the speed of expelling metabolites from the body. The pain fades away after using the product.
  • Decreasing the level of glucose – Extra glucose contributes significantly to kidney damage. This condition can be prevented thanks to Palo Azul tea’s ability to reduce glucose concentration levels within the kidney.
  • Reducing the probability of contracting urinary tract infections (UTIs) Kidney stones increase the vulnerability of individuals to contract UTIs. Consuming Palo Azul tea helps to alleviate or minimize the chances of contracting UTIs by cleaning the urinary tract.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis is known to affect not just the joints, but also the other body systems and blood vessels. Palo Azul tea helps to clear the clogged vessels and ensure smooth movement and lubrication of body parts.
  • General pain reduction–D-pinitol is one of the component metabolites of Palo Azul. It helps reduce or alleviate pain from the joints and body parts in arthritis-related cases.

Prevention for diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder that involves an imbalance in the production of the insulin hormone. Insulin helps in regulating the storage and release of glucose from the pancreas. When this system is interrupted, blood glucose levels may rise. A natural therapy with Palo Azul tea restores the blood glucose levels in the following ways:

  • Preventing the development of diabetes – The tea contains ingredients that will help maintain the required osmotic potential in the blood and correct any glucose imbalances. This balance prevents possible diabetic conditions.
  • Reducing blood glucose levels–For diabetic patients, taking Palo Azul tea helps reduce the concentration of sugar in their blood. It is a conventional therapy for those suffering from diabetes mellitus, which is characterized by rising glucose concentration.
  • Increases insulin resilience – One of the probable causes of diabetes disease is defective signaling of insulin. Palo Azul tea has many physiological effects that help prevent metabolic syndromes, including insulin resistance.

Prevention and Cure for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the primary recipe for cardiovascular disease and stroke. Managing the situation is most effective with dietary therapy. Palo Azul is extremely effective in reducing high blood pressure in patients without potential side effects because it reduces triglycerides in the blood. It clears the cholesterol on the walls of the blood vessels, thus decreasing blood pressure.

Liver Disease

Due to its protective effects, Palo Azul helps detox and maintain the liver to enable it to protect the body through the process of emulsification. This reduces the chances of liver failure and initiates the healing process for a failing liver.

A Natural Diuretic

Diuretics reduce the number of sodium ions and water in the blood. Palo Azul is a substance that aids in the process of maintaining a healthy body by maintaining a balance between the water and ions in the blood.


Obesity is a condition where the body is unable to get rid of excess fats naturally, resulting in enlarged body tissues. Interestingly, Palo Azul helps your body to break down cholesterol, eliminate unnecessary fats, and streamline food assimilation, making it a natural weight loss solution.


A urine drug test is common as it involves testing for the presence of metabolites in the urine to confirm the presence of certain elements contained in a drug. To pass a drug test, you should ensure you follow the following advice:

Stop Using the Substance You Will be Tested For

Sometimes it goes without saying, but you must stop taking the substance that is the subject of the drug test as the first step towards passing the drug test. This action will diminish or significantly dilute the metabolites in the blood and urine and improve Palo Azul tea’s effectiveness towards passing the drug test.

Prepare Palo Azul tea

This body detoxification substance will help you get your desired results from the drug test. You should boil the Palo Azul for at least one and a half hours to make it more potent. You are advised to take a few cups of tea every day in the period leading up to the testing day. Make sure to drink about half a gallon of the substance 18-24 hours before the test.

Take a Vitamin B2 Supplement

Vitamin B will help to add a yellowish color to your urine. The purpose of this is to prevent the testers from being suspicious about possible cheating. If they find the color of the urine to be too clear, they might decide to conduct further testing to confirm that you are not trying to influence the outcome of the test results.

Avoid the Consumption of Fatty Foods

Most of the metabolites from the use of drugs are stored in body fats. You should thus avoid fatty foods because the drug chemicals may remain attached therein, making them detectable during the drug test. Drinking Palo Azul tea in such circumstances may not eliminate the traces of the drugs in the body entirely, causing you to fail the drug test.

Fast or Eat a Little Food

During the day of the drug test, ensure that you only have a small amount of food in your stomach. If you can, you should fast on the day of the drug test and only drink Palo Azul tea the night before the actual testing.

Pee the Morning Before Drug Test

It is essential you don’t administer the first urine of the day towards the drug test. Therefore, you should pee at least several times before giving out the specimen so that the urine taken for analysis is free from toxins from the drug.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink as much clean water as you can about one hour before the test so that your urine is significantly diluted before testing. Water is another detoxing fluid that is easily absorbed by the blood. The water will contribute towards increasing the likelihood of testing negative for the drug test.

What are the Side Effects of Palo Azul Tea?

There are very few documented side effects of using Palo Azul tea. The drink is perceived to be non-toxic and is the primary solution for toxicity in the blood. This is the reason why the plant is considered one of the safest and most effective remedies for everyday health problems. However, some people may experience gastrointestinal distress after using the substance. Hence, it is not recommended for use by lactating or pregnant women.

Bottom Line

Palo Azul tea’s numerous medicinal properties make it one of the ideal herbal remedies for many body ailments and conditions. It doesn’t have any severe side effects, making it a safe substance and an excellent home remedy. You can drink it as a preventive measure to keep your body healthy and avoid any unforeseen health problems.

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