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How to Vape Like a Pro? A Complete Beginner’s Guide!

Quitting smoking cigarettes is easier said than done but not incredibly difficult. Vapes are a fun way of slowly getting your body off nicotine and doing it more sustainably. For beginners, vape is not an easy transition, especially if you are new to them. Learning how to vape like a pro is a gradual process but not an easy one. Sometimes, you may wonder why you are not getting the satisfaction with vaping as expected. Maybe you are not doing it right!

We are here to sort out all your vape issues without causing much distress. This article will teach you all the ins and outs of vaping and how to be a pro. Without waiting any further, let’s dive right in!

Tips to Vape Like a Pro!

Quitting smoking is a huge deal, which is why half of people are unsuccessful in doing so. However, with the invention of vape, people are more successful in lowering consumption and quitting slowly but surely. If you are new to vaping, you are likely not doing things right to achieve satisfaction. We are here to tell you how to vape like a pro:

1. Get the Voltage Setting Right

Sometimes, you experience a hit or a burning taste in your mouth, wondering what is wrong. It can ruin your whole vaping experience, making you resort to cigarettes. You need an excellent voltage setting to avoid a burning taste in your mouth.

Sometimes, the voltage setting is not correct, which can cause the vapor concentration to fall. Each puff needs more strength, which does not give you reasonable satisfaction. Hence, setting the voltage to have a satisfying experience is best.

2. Don’t Forget to Prime the Coil

Vapes are a suitable replacement for cigarettes, but you won’t feel satisfied if you don’t do it right. Sometimes, you get an intense burning feeling in your mouth, which can cause you to stop vaping. These are called dry hits that can make your mouth unpleasant and experience extremely bad.

Multiple factors can cause dry hits, and one of them is not priming the coil properly. Priming the coil before using it ensures the flavor spreads evenly, producing solid vapors. To prime the coil, drench it in e-liquid and leave it to dry for a few minutes before use.

3. Adequately Tighten Atomizer

One of the enormous things beginners need to correct when using a vape is overly tightening the atomizer. It can create blockages, causing severe damage to the vape. Sometimes, the airflow gets restricted, making it harder to get consistent puffs with minimal effort.

The key lightly tightens the atomizer without sealing it until it causes blockage. Ensure the mouthpiece has an adequate hold, as extra pressure can cause damage beyond repair. Getting all the pieces to fit together ideally is the key to satisfaction and vaping like a pro.

4. Adjust the Nicotine Strength

Adjusting nicotine strength is also essential to getting reasonable satisfaction and vaping like a pro. Finding the right nicotine strength for vape is as tricky as finding a suitable apple cider vinegar. It is primarily a process of trial and error that determines what nicotine strength works for you.

Make sure to choose nicotine strength, which is neither too weak nor strong. It helps you adjust to vaping and find the right flavor balance. E-vape flavors have different strengths and capacities; choose the right one for maximum satisfaction. You can select two or three flavors and the best suits you.

5. Store the Vape Properly

Like a high-quality CBD needs proper storage, you should also store the vape properly. Sometimes, leaving your vape in the open and not keeping it properly creates unseen damage. Hence, storing the vape back into the box it came in before sleeping is best.

Leaving the vape open and not using it properly can make it tarnish over time. If you want to make your vape look stylish for longer, using a suitable storage pouch is necessary. You can opt for a simple zipper pouch if you don’t want to store it back in its initial case.

6. Try Different Flavors 

Experimenting with different flavors is good; you never know which flavors hit right at the spot. Since the popularity of e-cigarettes, many brands have been working tirelessly to create flavors that give maximum satisfaction. 

You can find tobacco, menthol, and fruity flavors everywhere easily. Make sure to try out different ones to see which ones give you emotional and mental satisfaction. It is best to keep switching between flavors because the satisfaction level keeps dropping with time. Finding vape flavor subscriptions these days is relatively easier; get bulk quantities for better rates.

7. Clean your Vape

Sometimes, the residue remains on the vape, which can cause a lot of dry hits and savor taste in the mouth. It is best to regularly clean your vape to get maximum satisfaction and vape like a pro. Clean vape creates more vapors and helps you achieve the right level of ease and zeals.

Make sure to use a cotton swab or a damp cloth to clean the coil and mouthpiece. It helps clean the residue and makes the new flavors settle in deeply. Do not reassemble the parts before they dry thoroughly, as it can cause the vape’s life to shrink.

Final Verdict

Vape is a fantastic alternative to smoking cigarettes as they are less dangerous and hit the right satisfaction level. Learning how to vape like a pro is a skill that can take some time, but it is possible. It is essential to know some basics of vaping to be satisfied and enjoy rich flavors. We have discussed some of our top tips to help you become a pro. Don’t forget to incorporate these tips!

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Tim Rosenberger
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