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Champ Flush Out Detox: An Honest Review for 2021




Champ Flush Out Detox is a detoxification beverage often used by those trying to pass a urine drug test or who just want to cleanse themselves of toxins. But, there’s tons of mixed reviews out there on Champ Flush Out Detox.

Some claim it works, while others completely bash on it and send it off into the abyss of products they’ll never trust to buy again. Looking into all the factors, I hope I can help you decide if these detox drinks or pills are right for your needs.

In short, using Champ Flush Out Detox does work for flushing out impurities. It can also work if you’re trying to pass a drug test as long as you follow the directions carefully. This includes refraining from any toxins for a minimum of 2 days. 

We’ll go over exactly how to take both the flush out detox drinks and pills so that you’ll better pass your upcoming drug test.

Champ Flush Out Detox Drink


Champ Flush Out

Champ Flush Out Detox



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Out of all the Champ Flush Out Detox products, this is one of the most commonly used, purchased, and the one that seems to work best for a urine drug test. This can be an option if you’re in a pinch and don’t want to spend too much since it can be found online for dirt cheap. 

Online Champ Flush Out Detox Drink Reviews 

Reviews can either instantly have you buying or have you running with your money clenched in hand. Their detox drink reviews seem to be very mixed, so this can make it difficult to decide. 

Here’s what a verified user on Amazon says about it: “Works every time for me, as long as you follow the instructions it’s a great product”. – Ashley 

One review that did catch my attention, was one that said “Well, it worked but my pee was so green that I failed anyway. Waste of money”. – Jeannette

This  specific reviewer mentions that it actually works, but one big factor you might want to keep in mind when buying a detox product is the color that it turns your urine. So, this can be a bit of a problem. However, it is possible that some testers can bypass this. Consider it a much bigger gamble, though. 

Other reviewers say it didn’t work for them at all. One specific negative review mentions: “Doesn’t work followed instructions to a tee”. – Luis

Keep in mind that most people don’t really follow directions clearly and carefully. We’ve all been there, (I’m guilty!). It can work well for you as long as you take extra precautions. Let’s take a look on how you can maximize and perfect the use of this detox beverage if you choose to get your hands on it.

The instructions provided in the back of the drink are pretty straightforward. 

Step 1: Avoid toxins 2 days before drinking

Step 2: Do not drink more than 16oz of water per hour

Step 3: Eat and drink normal quantities on day of cleansing

Step 4: Urinate frequently

Step 5: Drink is effective after 45 minutes – up to 5 hours, however, it is most effective 2 hours after drinking

They also provide some helpful tips, like “avoid toxins 2 days before drinking and not drinking more than 16 oz of water per hour. However, this might not be enough for you to stay clear. 

Tips You Must Follow

If you’re really trying to increase your chances of passing a drug test, we’ll go over some extra steps you should take to avoid any mishaps. Let’s go over them.

Tip #1: Avoid toxins for 3 days or more. Based on people’s experiences with this beverage, a lot of the ones who passed actually refrained a little longer than 2 days. I’d recommend refraining from toxins for about 3-7 days. This might be a little too long for some, but the longer you wait, the more you allow your body to regulate and rid of marijuana or whatever else you use.

Tip #2: Zinc Supplements. Unfortunately, this beverage doesn’t contain any zinc in it. In many studies, zinc has been known to reduce the detection of THC and other drugs. It’s recommended that you take 50mg of zinc supplements for every gram (or so) of marijuana. Zinc supplements are good for your immune system and overall health as well. It’s dirt cheap too, making it a win-win. 

Tip #3: Test it out at least once before a test. If you’re a little worried about messing it up and it’s your first time, practice with one before the day of the urine test. You can find marijuana urine drug test kits at Walmart and other stores for under $10. Although you may be spending a little more than you intended, you’ll have multiple sticks if you want to practice more than once. A few extra dollars and some practice can save you your job. 

Tip #4: Make sure the urine test is within the 2nd hour after consumption. The back of the bottle mentions it’s effective between 45 minutes to 5 hours. But it clearly states the best time is within hour 2. This can be crucial. It’s possible that only waiting 45 minutes to an hour is much too soon, while waiting longer than 3 hours might have the effects wear off. Time it accordingly and try your best to have the test be within hour 2. 

Tip #5: Consider Your Weight. The bottle recommends it for those who weigh 200 pounds or less. Many people might not see this as it’s towards the bottom of the bottle. Others might ignore this important factor. If you weigh over 200 pounds, I recommend you try another detox drink . You don’t want to have a higher risk of failing, wasting your time and money.

So, Does Champ Flush Out Detox Drink Work?

Final Verdict: It works and is a great affordable option. Just be sure to follow all the directions and tips to increase your chances of passing. 

Champ Flush Out Detox Pills

Champ Flush Out Detox also comes in capsule form. This seems to be much less popular than the drinks and is a little harder to find. However, it’s a few dollars cheaper. 

In regard to reviews, there are little to none that are useful online. One user gave it one star and said it didn’t work, while another gave it five stars with no detailed experience. The little to no reviews and less availability makes it harder to understand the user’s experiences.

How to Use Champ Flush Out Detox Pills

If you’re brave enough to try it out, there are similar steps as to the beverage version. Here’s how you take the capsules: 

Step 1: Take 2 capsules with 16 oz of water

Step 2: Drink 16 oz of water after 15 minutes of drinking the contents

Step 3: Urinate Frequently

I recommend if you’re taking the pills, try following the same tips that were listed above for better use of this product.

Does Champ Flush Out Detox Pills Work?

Final Verdict: Most likely, it does. But, it’s a pass. The fact that there aren’t too many reviews and difficulty in finding the ingredient list online makes us a little more on the fence. You’re better off trying the detox drink instead.

Is Champ Flush Out Detox sold at Walmart ?

You can actually buy Champ Flush Out drinks online at Walmart. Some offer free delivery and even come in packs of 2. We’ve also found them on Amazon for under $10 as well with free shipping offered. 

If you’re looking to support smaller businesses during these unpredictable times, (which, I totally recommend), then you can find some of these same products in other online stores. Some might even be offering great discounts and good delivery options as well. 

TakeAway Points

Champ Flush Out Detox Drinks and Pills

Pros Cons
Affordable and on the wallet-friendly side.
Easy to use.
Different Flavor Options.
Contains non-harmful ingredients to help with dilution and detoxification.
Can be found easily online.
May turn urine green/neon yellow.
Doesn’t contain Zinc.
Won’t work for those over 200 pounds.
Capsules are harder to find. 
Might still be detected even when following directions.