5 Best CBD Oil Wholesale Products

Tim Rosenberger Tim Rosenberger

May 17, 2022

Tincture oils were the first CBD products to come out of the legal hemp industry – and they remain a firm favorite in 2022. Perfect for those who want quick symptom relief without the long-term health consequences of smoking, CBD tinctures are both healthy and convenient.

Anybody thinking about starting a CBD shop or adding hemp-based products to their existing store should contemplate selling CBD oil. Tinctures come in several varieties and strengths and appeal to most users, making them one of the most profitable CBD products.

Before I take a deep dive into tinctures, here are my top five CBD oil wholesale products available in 2022. 

Top 5 Begin Here

1. Best Selling CBD Tincture


CBD Genesis – CBD Tincture Oil

Give your customers a dependable and effective CBD solution with this premium full-spectrum tincture oil from CBD Genesis. Rich in therapeutic CBD and beneficial secondary cannabinoids, this product rewards users with hemp’s renowned entourage effect.

And by mixing the full-spectrum hemp extract with an MCT carrier oil, CBD Genesis has made this tincture oil even more effective. With three potencies available, these tinctures will attract first-time CBD customers and seasoned users seeking reliable relief.

Full-spectrum CBD oil provides a more fulfilling experience than CBD-isolate tinctures that is worth paying extra for. The CBD Genesis Tincture Oil comes in a 30ml bottle and is third-party tested by Hammer Enterprises.

Strengths: 550mg (18.3mg/ml), 1000mg (33.3mg/ml), 2000mg (66.7mg/ml)

2. Most Popular


Active CBD Oil – CBD / MCT Tincture

Treat your customers to enhanced CBD effects with this MCT tincture from Active CBD Oil. The increased bioavailability brought by the MCT carrier oil makes the CBD extract more beneficial than it would typically be. That’s ideal for those needing potent relief without breaking the bank.

Active CBD Oil opts for a THC-free hemp extract to eliminate the risk of failing a drug test, which is a notable drawback of full-spectrum products. The lack of THC somewhat limits the entourage effect, but the coconut-sourced MCT oil compensates for that.

The hemp extract in Active CBD Oil’s tincture comes from non-GMO plants. The unflavored and aromaless oil does not contain any preservatives, additives, or solvents, and every batch undergoes third-party testing. This product is sold in three strengths.

Strengths: 300mg (10mg/ml), 1250mg (20.8mg/ml), 2500mg (41.7mg/ml) 

3. Runner Up


CBD American Shaman – Water Soluble CBD Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

CBD American Shaman showcases the promise of nanotechnology and water-solubility in this full-spectrum hemp oil. The ultra-concentrated and fast-acting hemp extract is 10 times more bioavailable than regular CBD extract, making for much more powerful effects.

While 300mg CBD extract may not seem much, it’s an enormous amount when taking the water-solubility into account. But you will need to explain the advantages of this new form of CBD to your customers.

CBD American Shaman is a high-end brand and good for those looking to sell top-shelf hemp products. This tincture contains CBD extract certified by the US Hemp Authority. Choose from several tasty, third-party tested oils.

Flavors: Cherry Limeade, Grape, Lemon, Natural, Pina Colada, Hot Cocoa (Limited Edition), Peppermint (Limited Edition)

4. Runner Up


Funky Farms – Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture Oil

Funky Farms is an established CBD manufacturer that has struck gold with these full-spectrum oils. The 30ml tinctures have an astounding 2000mg active cannabinoids – that’s nearly 70mg hemp extract per 1ml full dropper.

As a full-spectrum oil, customers can expect more wholesome effects relative to a stripped-down CBD-isolate tincture. However, the small but significant amount of THC could cause drug test drama, even though it’s a legal hemp product!

I love the delicious taste of these tinctures from Funky Farms, and your customers will, too! It’s a refreshing change from the overwhelming earthiness of many hemp-based CBD oils. Funky Farms tinctures are third-party tested for Farm Bill compliance.

Flavors: Alaskan Ice, Lemon Limon, Orange Dream 

5. Runner Up


Active CBD Oil – Water Soluble CBD Tincture (900mg)

Active CBD Oil is another brand capitalizing on nanotechnology with this 900mg Water Soluble CBD Tincture – that is a mighty potency for such a product. The 100% activated Extra Strength blend is THC-free and therefore will not show on a drug test.

The Water-Soluble Tincture comes in a 60ml bottle, giving users 15mg CBD per dropper. Active CBD Oil makes the tincture using a combination of hemp extract, alcohol, and water – the alcohol is the only drawback.

Customers can take this water-soluble oil sublingually or as an edible by mixing it into food or drink. Active CBD Oil manufactures three flavored tinctures and an unflavored option. Third-party tested for potency and purity.

Flavors: Berry, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Unflavored 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the natural health wonder of the past decade. In a nutshell, CBD has several health benefits associated with marijuana, but it’s not intoxicating. Therefore, CBD has become a viable self-medicating option for people who cannot or will not use cannabis.

CBD is a cannabinoid, a type of compound found in the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. Scientists have identified more than 120 cannabinoids, but only THC is better known than CBD. Studies suggest that CBD’s main influence is in the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Interacting with the ECS already makes CBD a unique substance, but it’s special even compared to other cannabinoids. While most bind with cannabinoid receptors, CBD seems to restore natural ECS functioning by boosting endocannabinoids. 

Types of CBD oil


CBD stays the same but hemp extract doesn’t. Since going legal in the U.S., different CBD tinctures have emerged. All center around CBD, but the inclusion or exclusion of other cannabinoids determines how therapeutic a tincture is and if it can trigger a positive drug test.

CBD-isolate oil: In a drug test context, CBD-isolate tinctures are safest since they don’t have any THC. For that, users must accept a slight reduction in benefits, with no minor cannabinoids to generate the entourage effect.

CBD-isolate tinctures may contain artificial flavorings or plant-based terpenes. Products with terpenes are more beneficial than plain CBD oil. Customers with no CBD experience often choose a CBD-isolate tincture to get acquainted with the substance.

Full-spectrum CBD oil: On the flipside, full-spectrum oils incorporate all of hemp’s components to maximize the benefits. The synergistic entourage effect shines in these tinctures, as the minor cannabinoids and traces of THC shine through.

Full-spectrum CBD oil also has terpenes, flavonoids, and other essential plant nutrients. We don’t understand everything about these compounds, but we know they work when taken together! Unfortunately, a positive test sample can result due to full-spectrum CBD use.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil: These products give users the benefit of minor cannabinoids without the threat of a failed drug test. Manufacturers cleverly remove the THC during the extraction and processing of broad-spectrum CBD oils, while retaining the other cannabinoids and terpenes.

How CBD oil products can help your business 

Despite the astonishing success of the CBD industry in the U.S. since 2014, new companies can still cash in on this lucrative market with the correct strategy. That starts by stocking a solid selection of CBD oil products, covering various potencies, flavors, and hemp extracts.

Tinctures remain a go-to for so many CBD users and will do for years to come. They come in many forms, can be consumed in myriad ways, and don’t have the harmful effects associated with joints, blunts, and vaping products. That’s a tried and tested recipe for success!

If you already run a shop, CBD products could be an inspired addition. Nowadays, all health and wellness stores should be exploring the wide-ranging potential of hemp, and that means considering the likes of CBD oil.

Health Benefits of CBD


We must remember that researchers only isolated CBD in the mid-20th century and did not identify the ECS until the 1990s. Consequently, we don’t know as much about CBD’s benefits as we might otherwise. But compelling research over recent years hints at its therapeutic value.


Large doses of CBD oil can help alleviate anxiety symptoms by boosting the signaling of soothing GABA neurotransmitters. CBD has also shown promise as a treatment for depression, possibly working by stimulating neurogenesis (i.e., the growth of new brain cells).

Furthermore, studies of CBD users have found that people consume CBD oil to relieve stress and manage post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. The cannabinoid’s calming and anti-intoxicating effects also help tackle marijuana-induced paranoia and anxiety. 


Chronic pain is the leading medicinal reason why people use CBD tinctures. Admittedly, chronic pain is an umbrella term that covers a range of conditions, but it shows that folks experience genuine pain relief from CBD. The compound also has potent anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD is an effective anti-epileptic substance. There is even an FDA-approved, CBD-based drug used to treat rare epilepsies, including Dravet syndrome. Some take CBD oil to reduce nausea and vomiting. CBD’s regulation of the ECS could also help remedy fibromyalgia and migraines.

CBD Oil Products and Drug Tests

While users can confidently take CBD-isolate and broad-spectrum CBD oil, full-spectrum products can cause drug test complications. Despite the Farm Bill only permitting 0.3% THC in hemp-based products, early evidence indicates that is still enough for a positive sample.

The occasional small dose of full-spectrum CBD oil probably won’t hurt. But consuming large quantities every day could see a concerning build-up of THC metabolites. Employers won’t care – or won’t believe – stories about how the THC got there in the event of a failed test.

I advise vendors to stock both THC-free and full-spectrum CBD tinctures – then you will have an ideal product for all customers. Just make sure you clearly explain the differences between extracts to shoppers! 

What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil Wholesale

Vendors must make several considerations when shopping for wholesale CBD oil. Taking time to find high-quality products from genuine vendors will help your business flourish.

Third-party certificates of analysis


Shoppers do not have assurances from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when purchasing CBD oil or any other hemp-based products. But vendors can put customers at ease by only selling products from third-party tested manufacturers.

The absence of market regulation makes the CBD industry attractive to scammers and cost-cutting companies. However, third-party testing provides customers with independent verification that a product is safe, Farm Bill compliant, and appropriately potent. 

Type of hemp extract

Do not purchase CBD oil in bulk until you know what type of hemp extract is in the tincture. Firstly, you must decide what CBD wholesale products would sell best in your store. Once you know what you want, start thinking about pricing and saving money.

As a rule, CBD-isolate tinctures should come in the cheapest, followed by broad-spectrum and then full-spectrum CBD oils. However, other ingredients, such as MCT oil, and whether the hemp extract is water-soluble can also affect the price.

Great customer service

You should have high expectations when shopping wholesale and demand a better service than when browsing as a solo shopper. Stellar customer service means getting prompt responses to your questions and fast delivery.

How to Store Your CBD Oil Wholesale Products


I recommend storing the CBD oil from your wholesale purchase in a cool, dry, and dark place. You must keep tincture bottles out of direct sunlight – ultraviolet (UV) rays can destroy the plant compounds in the oil, rendering it ineffective.

How Long do CBD Oil Wholesale Products Last?

Sealed tincture oils kept in the appropriate storage conditions can last for many months, and perhaps longer. But as a business, you should aim for a quick turnaround time. The less time you have products, the longer they will stay fresh and effective for your customers.

Purchasing CBD Oil Wholesale Products Online vs. Shops Near Me


The internet is your friend when buying CBD oil wholesale products. Physical wholesalers are getting on the CBD bandwagon, but you can only trust specialist hemp wholesalers to filter out the bad apples when choosing what CBD oils to stock.

I buy all my wholesale CBD products from CBD Genesis! America’s #1 legal hemp store and wholesaler has an extensive collection of high-quality, affordable, and lab-tested CBD.

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