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Why It’s Important to Replace Your Windshield

When it comes to windshields, they are typically constructed by pressing together two sheets of glass. In the event that the damage extends through both the outer and inner glass layers, it is highly likely that an auto-glass replacement will be recommended.

A cracked windshield can impair visibility, which poses a safety risk for the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Replacing the windshield can restore its function and improve driving safety.

1. Safety

windshields safety

The windshield in your car serves many more purposes than just allowing you to see outside the vehicle. It shields from debris, stabilizes the car frame during roll-overs, and absorbs airbag impact. This is why the government rates your windshield as a safety device, right up there with your seat belts.

A broken windshield affects safe driving. It has a layer called Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) that holds the glass together in accidents. Cracks can separate the PVB layer, creating dangerous shards. Repair or replace the windshield when damaged. For small cracks or chips, repair may be possible. Larger ones require windshield replacement. Unaddressed cracks will spread to the edge.

A new windshield ensures safety and lowers insurance rates. Insurance won’t cover damaged windshields, so replace them promptly. It is much cheaper to fix a small crack or chip than it is to pay for an insurance claim. Besides, a new windshield replacement will look better on your car and make it more attractive. This is one of the main reasons people choose to replace their windshields instead of repairing them. This is also why choosing an experienced auto glass replacement company that offers a warranty for their work is important. This will ensure your windshield is installed correctly and meets all safety regulations.

2. Visibility

windshileds visibility

A damaged windshield can significantly impair the driver’s ability to see the road and its surroundings. This can lead to dangerous driving conditions and increase the likelihood of accidents. Replacing your windshield is a simple safety measure that can help keep you and your passengers safe.

Windshields shield against debris and support the roof during accidents while safeguarding against moisture and UV damage. Cracks or chips weaken the vehicle structure, increasing injury risk in accidents. Act swiftly by repairing any damage to preserve windshield integrity. Delay can lead to further spreading and compromised strength, making repairs costlier.

If your windshield has large cracks that span the length of the windshield, it is probably time to replace it. These cracks can reduce visibility and create a distraction that is dangerous for you and other drivers. They can also interfere with the operation of your head-up display or other Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) features. You must spend extra money having those systems recalibrated after the auto glass replacement.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the replacement windshield. Some cut-rate installers use cheap replacement automotive glass that does not meet original equipment standards. This can lead to poor vision, glares, and even short circuits that can ignite your car’s battery or cause an electrical fire. Is saving a few bucks worth the risk?

Finally, you should always be wary of companies that offer rock chip repair for a low price. They may cut corners by fabricating replacement windshields to save costs and increase profits. Companies have some variability in their production methods that can lead to different results, despite government regulations actively governing the safety standards of glass fabrication.

3. Durability

windshields durability

Windshields have to deal with a lot of abuse as they sit in the front of your vehicle. From rocks and debris that ricochet off of the road to the constant heating and cooling from the sun, your windshield can take quite the beating as you go about your day. Installing a high-quality windshield and auto glass product in your car, truck, or SUV is important. The sturdiness and durability of your windshield will help it stand up to the elements and any other damage it might receive.

It is also very important to replace your windshield when the cracks or chips are too large or in the wrong place, as this can affect your safety while driving your vehicle. This is because a cracked or chipped windshield can reduce your field of vision, which could lead to accidents. It can also be a hazard when it comes to structural integrity, as the windshield is an integral support for the roof of your vehicle and can be crushed more easily if damaged in an accident.

Many insurance companies cover the cost of a new windshield, assuming you have comprehensive coverage on your policy. This is worth looking into and can help you save substantial money on your auto insurance. Depending on your situation, you can get an OEM windshield for a more affordable price than the aftermarket product.

Replacing your windshield is crucial for safety and durability, as it shields you from weather and objects while maintaining your vehicle’s structural integrity. It also provides cost savings and peace of mind. Consult a local Miracle Automotive Glass replacement expert to determine if your windshield needs replacement and to choose the ideal aftermarket or OEM option.

4. Appearance

auto glass appearance

Every minute you drive your car down the road, your windshield is bombarded with small particles of sand and rock. Over time, this can cause pits to develop on your windshield, eventually blocking visibility. While removing these pits using glass polish is possible, replacing the windshield is better.

Windshield cracks and chips aren’t just a nuisance; they can be dangerous. If left untreated, they can easily spread and become a driving hazard. In addition, they can cause the structural integrity of your vehicle to be compromised, which could increase the risk of injury to yourself or others in the event of an accident.

Don’t compromise on safety. While third-party windshields may be cheaper, they often lack the quality of OEM replacements. Some companies sacrifice thickness to cut costs, resulting in more damage and a shorter lifespan. Replace your windshield promptly to maintain its integrity and functionality. Remember, many states have laws against driving with a damaged windshield.

Windshields might seem like a mundane safety feature, but they’re vital to your driving safety. It’s important to get any cracks or chips repaired as quickly as possible before they spread, which can impair your view and potentially put you and other drivers at risk. Aside from that, a new windshield will give you peace of mind and make your vehicle look brand new. So, what are you waiting for? Find a professional auto glass replacement company that offers windshield repair or replacement, and book an appointment today. You won’t regret it! It will save you money, stress, and potential injuries in the long run. The best part? It only takes a few minutes to get the job done.

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