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Can’t roll or don’t have the time? Then you could benefit from some pre-rolled HHC joints! Totally legal and Farm Bill compliant, HHC pre-rolls can get you stoned, much like regular marijuana.

But what exactly is HHC, and how come it’s legal if it makes you high? In this guide, I’ll take you through all the details about HHC pre-rolls. I’m loving HHC right now and even prefer it to delta-8! Before I explain why, let me show you my top five HHC pre-rolls of 2022.  

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1. Best Selling HHC Hemp Flower Rolls

Utoya – HHC Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls

Utoya notes how popular its HHC products have become in a short space of time, and these HHC pre-rolls are no exception. Promising indica-like effects and a relaxing couchlock high, Sour Lifter and Forbidden V make for a perfect evening smoke.

In both strains, more than 20% CBD combines with 16% HHC, leading to a more soothing and mellow high than from a pure HHC product. The rich level of CBD helps to eliminate any anxiety and paranoia caused by the psychoactive effects of HHC.

The third-party lab reports from Ritually Pure and Northeast Processing verify that Utoya uses federally compliant CBD flower and authentic HHC distillate to make these pre-rolls. They take a well-deserved first place on my list!

Strains: Sour Lifter, Forbidden V

2. Most Popular

Dharma D8 – HHC Pre-Roll Joints

Spark up and enjoy the potent effects of HHC with a classy pre-roll from Dharma D8. Tightly and professionally rolled, these cones contain a hefty 1 gram of HHC flower and are ready for smoking straight out of the packet.

Dharma D8 uses non-GMO hemp cultivated in the United States and rolls the flower in thin paper before packing it in an airtight tube. Dharma D8 does not use pesticides or herbicides, opting for an all-natural approach.

Choose between a selection of famous and award-winning strains, all of which produce an energizing, sativa-like high. Dharma D8’s HHC pre-rolls are third-party tested by KCA Labs and conform with Farm Bill regulations.

Strains: Acapulco Gold, Maui Wowie, Super Silver Haze, Trainwreck 

3. Runner Up

Pleasant Valley Farmacy – HHC-Isolate Dipped Pre-Rolls

Pleasant Valley Farmacy has a reputation for making excellent pre-rolls, and they now stock a delightful HHC-infused option. This 1g Avalanche pre-roll packs in a hefty 100mg of HHC-isolate, ensuring intense psychoactive effects that will satisfy everyone!

Intriguingly, Pleasant Valley Farmacy uses white CBG flower rather than a standard CBD strain, in a bid to enhance the entourage effect. Most importantly, the pre-rolls consist of pure, organic hemp buds (no trim or shake!), making for a clean and flavorful smoke.

Pleasant Valley Farmacy provides extensive third-party test results from KCA Labs. The report covers product potency, purity, and Farm Bill compliance. Choose between three strains.

Strains: Lifter (Sativa), Suver Haze (Hybrid), Grand Daddy Purple (Indica) 

4. Runner Up

Hollyweed CBD – HHC Pre-Rolls

With HHC pre-rolls from Hollyweed CBD, you can keep things classy and convenient. Sold in discreet cartons of six, these expertly rolled joints smoke smoothly and evenly, ensuring you get maximum benefit from the premium HHC hemp flower.

Hollyweed CBD uses 100% naturally grown, non-GMO hemp buds that meet all federal requirements. All strains have rich levels of terpenes, with these compounds amping up the flavor and putting a unique twist on each strain.

I’m excited by what Hollyweed CBD has to offer with these HHC pre-rolls, but the lack of a relevant third-party certificate of analysis on their site does them no favors. DB Labs provides analyses for the hemp flower, but there’s nothing available for the HHC distillate. 

Strains: Northern Lights, Skywalker OG, Sour Diesel

5. Runner Up

Exhale Wellness – HHC Pre-Rolls

Exhale Wellness already has a wide-ranging selection of HHC products, and this collection of pre-rolls is perhaps the pick of the bunch. Made with 100% natural and non-GMO hemp, each 1g joint is professionally rolled and sure to get you sky high!

With five smokes to a carton, that equates to 5 grams of premium, pre-rolled HHC flower for a shade under $40 at the time of writing! That’s an excellent deal for such a well-known brand that prides itself on being federally compliant and using cruelty-free practices.

But there’s a reason why they are last on my list – the absence of a third-party report. While Exhale Wellness makes lab results available for its CBD and delta-8 products, there’s nothing on their site for these HHC pre-rolls. 

Strains: Skywalker OG, Northern Lights, Sour Diesel

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a psychoactive cannabinoid with THC-like effects. If we’re getting chemical, HHC is the hydrogenated derivative of THC. But what matters is that HHC is federally legal.

That’s right! You can now get stoned, legally, with a substance that’s just like THC, pretty much wherever you are in the United States! There are, of course, some caveats, which are found in the 2018 Farm Bill – the piece of legislation that made hemp and HHC legal!

In legalizing hemp and the plant’s naturally occurring components, the Farm Bill legalized HHC. That HHC is psychoactive doesn’t matter – the law states that restrictions only apply to THC, which is capped at 0.3%. 

The THC limit shows lawmakers didn’t want to effectively legalize cannabis through the Farm Bill, but that they hadn’t considered cannabinoids such as HHC. 

All that matters for companies making HHC pre-rolls is that THC levels stay below 0.3%. HHC pre-rolls with more than 0.3% would be federally prohibited and categorized as Schedule 1 drugs under the Controlled Substances Act.

The Farm Bill notes that only naturally occurring cannabinoids are legal, and not synthetic ones. There has been some debate about whether HHC is natural or synthetic since the HHC distillate used to make HHC products is mass-produced in laboratories.

Some call HHC semi-synthetic for that reason. However, the lab process involves making HHC distillate from natural, hemp-derived CBD-isolate. 

In comments about delta-8 products, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) clarified that only cannabinoids made from “non-cannabis materials” are synthetic. Since HHC distillate has natural, hemp-based origins, I have confidence it’s legal and here to stay!

What are HHC pre-rolls?

HHC pre-rolls are smokable joints consisting of finely-ground HHC hemp flower. Ideal for those who aren’t adept at rolling or don’t want the hassle, with pre-rolls, you can indulge in a fuss-free smoke with a tightly packed joint.

The term “HHC hemp flower” is somewhat deceptive. The herb itself isn’t rich in HHC – it’s just classic CBD flower. The HHC comes in afterward in the form of HHC distillate. HHC flower manufacturers either dip the flower in distillate or spray it.

Hemp plants contain traces of HHC, with the cannabinoid forming as the THC degrades. But hemp generates nowhere near enough HHC to be naturally psychoactive. High strength distillate, synthesized from CBD, picks up the slack and makes HHC flower possible! 

Exploring the effects of HHC pre-rolls

While scientists have known about HHC since the 1940s, the truth is that nobody cared about it until now! HHC’s newly-found status as a hemp-based legal high has taken it from obscurity to center stage.

Consequently, we have hardly any scientific research on HHC at present. But it seems the cannabinoid is around 80% as potent as THC and about 50% stronger than delta-8.

Furthermore, we know that HHC acts as a CB1 receptor agonist, even if it only has a weak binding affinity. The CB1 receptor is found in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

This interaction explains why HHC makes you high and euphoric. From a therapeutic point of view, HHC may also have potential as a pain-reliever and appetite stimulant.


Given the choice, most marijuana users would opt for all-natural THC. But the reality is that many Americans don’t have that choice, with marijuana still prohibited at the federal level.

With HHC pre-rolls, you can enjoy an almost identical high with a legal substance. As police still enforce harsh marijuana penalties in banned states, HHC products are preferable.

If strictly comparing the effects, HHC’s relative mildness could make it more appealing if you get anxious or paranoid from smoking regular marijuana.

HHC vs. delta-8

Delta-8 was the first hemp-based high to make waves, with HHC coming onto the scene more recently. For those wanting psychoactive effects as similar to marijuana as possible, HHC pre-rolls are much better than their delta-8 counterparts.

While delta-8 is only 50% as potent as THC, early signs suggest HHC is only 20% weaker than classic Mary Jane.

However, delta-8 produces a more invigorating cerebral high, while HHC delivers relaxing euphoria. Therefore, delta-8 and HHC can work alongside each other. You could smoke delta-8 pre-rolls during the day and HHC pre-rolls in the evening!

Will HHC pre-rolls make me fail a drug test?

HHC pre-rolls could make you fail a drug test, although not necessarily because of the HHC. As yet, we don’t know whether HHC produces the same metabolite as THC, hence why we aren’t sure if it is detectable on drug tests.

However, the CBD-rich flower used to make HHC pre-rolls contains trace amounts of THC. Even though the Farm Bill permits hemp plants to have up to 0.3% THC, any intake could, in theory, trigger a positive drug test. 

What to Look for When Buying HHC Pre-Rolls

Third-party certificates of analysis (COAs)

Verify the authenticity of the CBD flower and HHC distillate used to make HHC pre-rolls by checking for third-party certificates of analysis. In an unregulated industry like this one, you can’t rely on the claims and promises companies make about doing things by the book.

The beauty of third-party testing is that while it’s not legally necessary, the top brands are happy to comply. If you’re making genuine HHC pre-rolls, you would want everyone to know about it. And if you aren’t, such demands for transparency are like kryptonite!

When shopping for pre-rolls, look for information on the amount of HHC and THC in a product, and find out if it has passed purity checks.

Cannabinoid concentrations

While the percentage of HHC in a pre-roll matters, so does the concentration of CBD. Since CBD has the opposite effect to HHC, strains with rich quantities of CBD will give you a less intense high than strains with lower amounts of the cannabinoid.

It all comes down to the type of HHC high you’re seeking. If you want pre-rolls that are a like-for-like replacement for recreational marijuana, look for strains with 15% or more HHC and less than 10% CBD. For milder psychoactive effects, search out pre-rolls with 20%+ CBD.


All hemp flower contains terpenes, but each strain has a unique terpene profile. The industry divides HHC pre-rolls into three categories: sativas, indicas, and hybrids.

Put simply, sativas are more mentally stimulating and give you a headrush, whereas indicas are more sedating and leave you feeling physically relaxed and euphoric. Hybrid HHC pre-rolls give you the best of both. 

How to Store Your HHC Pre-Rolls

Keep HHC pre-rolls in the tube or carton until you’re ready to smoke. Store in a cool, dark, and dry place to stop UV ray degradation and the joints from becoming moist and moldy. Keep out of reach of children.

How Long do HHC Pre-Rolls Last?

The mind-altering effects of an HHC pre-roll last for around three hours. The high kicks in and ramps up quickly before peaking after 30 to 45 minutes. The high then starts to plateau before gradually wearing off. 

Purchasing HHC Pre-Rolls Online vs. Shops Near Me

Protect yourself from scammers and low-quality brands by purchasing HHC pre-rolls from reputable online hemp retailers. While all kinds of brick-and-mortar stores are trying to cash in on these legal highs, hardly any bother to check if what they are selling is legit.

In contrast, for an online store that has built up a glowing reputation for selling top-shelf CBD or delta-8, product quality matters. For these companies, selling sketchy HHC pre-rolls could ruin their name in the industry.

Ready to try HHC? Then check out CBD Genesis today! Free shipping available for orders over $50!

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