Top 5 CBD Wholesale Distributors (USA)

Tim Rosenberger Tim Rosenberger

May 25, 2022

There’s no lack of wholesale choice in the CBD market anymore. Now a federally legal and multi-billion-dollar industry, the scene has plenty of wholesalers looking to grab a slice of the ever-growing pie.

That’s fantastic news for CBD retailers like you, who can take their pick and demand the high standards from wholesalers. In this article, I will be picking out the cream of the crop and identifying what to look for in a U.S.-based CBD wholesaler.

Without further ado, let’s start by listing the top five CBD wholesale distributors (USA) of 2022.

Top 5 Begin Here

1. Best Wholesale Vendor


CBD Genesis

Looking for top-quality, lab-tested CBD products? Then CBD Genesis is the wholesale distributor for you. Transparent, affordable, and a delight to work with, these guys have set the standard, showing what a CBD wholesaler should be like.

With CBD tinctures, edibles, e-liquids, concentrates, topicals, capsules, disposables, pet products, and more in their wholesale catalog, CBD Genesis has something for everyone. And trust me, they won’t be beaten on price!

Furthermore, they keep up with the trends, regularly refreshing their range to include any hot new CBD offerings. For start-ups, buying finished products in bulk is the best way to get started. CBD Genesis provides third-party COAs for all products.

2. Most Popular


CBD American Shaman

Take care of your wholesale requirements with a bulk purchase from the impressive CBD American Shaman. With fast shipping, prompt customer service, and manageable minimum order requirements, this is a solid all-round wholesaler.

Stay mainstream with CBD tinctures, capsules, edibles, skincare products, and the like. Or change things up with CBD tea, candy, and infused water. CBD American Shaman sources its non-GMO hemp from farms with responsible growing practices.

In addition, the wholesaler has US Hemp Authority certification and ensures all CBD products go through stringent third-party testing. If there’s one downside to CBD American Shaman, it’s the relatively high cost of their CBD wholesale products.

3. Runner Up


Penguin CBD

Consider Penguin CBD if you need private label wholesale solutions. The respected wholesaler manufactures stellar CBD oils, capsules, edibles, creams, and pet products with the best quality ingredients and hemp extract available.

Penguin CBD takes pride in controlling the process from farm to shelf. Through organic, pesticide-free cultivation practices and gold-standard CO2 hemp extraction, the team goes above and beyond to make fantastic CBD products.

Penguin CBD work with all wholesale clients, from big names to tentative newbies. And if you are unsure about anything, their customer service team can point you in the right direction. All Penguin CBD products are third-party tested.

4. Runner Up


Eagle Moon Hemp

Eagle Moon Hemp has numerous CBD wholesale options for businesses of all sizes and niches. Simplify matters by purchasing finished products or buy CBD-isolate and distillate in bulk and take control of the manufacturing process.

If you choose finished products, Eagle Moon Hemp has all the classics, as well as CBD bath bombs, muscle rubs, lotions, and anti-aging creams. Their CBD-isolate and distillate hemp extracts register at a mighty 99%+ CBD – that’s insane purity.

Small businesses on a strict budget can still look unique with Eagle Moon Hemp’s white label program. But companies with more funds available may favor private label solutions. Either way, all their products are third-party tested. 

5. Runner Up


Joy Organics

While not the cheapest wholesaler in the CBD scene, Joy Organics is an attractive choice for those seeking premium-grade, organic CBD. They go the extra mile, using the finest proprietary hemp formulas in all their CBD products.

Joy only stocks a few product types (i.e., tinctures, gummies, soft-gel capsules, topicals, and pet products), but they don’t lack creativity. The company utilizes various hemp extracts and even add ingredients like curcumin and melatonin into some products.

Joy operates a reasonable wholesale program, with a lowish $250 minimum order requirement, free shipping, and brilliant customer service. Joy is a USDA-certified organic brand and meets all expected third-party testing requirements.

What is CBD?

The non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) molecule comes from the cannabis plant. CBD is thought to have many benefits for physical and psychological health, and it also helps with endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulation.

Indeed, CBD is a cannabinoid – the same type of compound as THC. But because CBD doesn’t cause intoxication, it’s had an easier ride into mainstream American society than the more notorious cannabis substance.

Crucially, CBD went legal in 2018, providing it is extracted from hemp plants with less than 0.3% THC. Notably, the 2018 Farm Bill does not set limits on any other cannabinoid, which means all kinds of CBD products have become possible.

And that allows entrepreneurs to cash in on the CBD goldmine. Sure, the industry has some well-known major brands nowadays, but there’s still room for smaller companies to make a fortune.

Types of CBD extract

Before we look in detail at how to profit from selling CBD products, let’s discuss the various CBD hemp extracts and product types available today.

CBD-isolate: We refer to a pure CBD extract as CBD-isolate – the cannabinoid is literally isolated from the rest of the hemp. CBD-isolate costs less than any other hemp extract but falls a little short on therapeutic effects.

However, those who want a plain CBD experience and to avoid drug test dramas may prefer this THC-free extract. CBD-isolate products are – and will probably always be – best-sellers. 

Full-spectrum CBDThis hemp extract generates the most beneficial CBD effects. Research shows that an unaltered cannabis or hemp extract (i.e., a full-spectrum extract), makes each cannabinoid more potent because of the entourage effect.

Full-spectrum CBD products cost more, and they do contain some THC. The 0.3% Farm Bill limit prevents psychotropic effects, but THC’s presence does open the door to possible positive drug tests.

Broad-spectrum CBD: People can spare themselves any drug test issues without missing out on the entourage effect by purchasing broad-spectrum CBD. The popular extract is still loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes, but it’s THC-free!

Types of CBD products


Tincture oils: The CBD product that people are most familiar with, tinctures provide a range of effects with the utmost discretion and convenience. 

CBD oils are also safe, with sublingual absorption, oral intake, and topical application all harmless methods of consumption.

Vape juices: CBD e-liquids provide rapid relief and offer more intensity than most CBD products. Vape juices sold in bottles can also be enjoyed via sublingual absorption – this is handy in spaces where vaping is not permitted.

Bottled CBD e-liquids have more versatility than vape juice in cartridges and disposable pens. Users can vape them solo or mix them with other e-liquid flavors and extracts and indulge in a customized experience.

Disposable pens: These concentrated CBD vape juice products are portable, convenient, and the perfect introduction to vaping for first-timers. Devices come pre-filled with potent e-liquid and fitted with a fully-charged battery for easy and efficient vaping.

Cartridges: Unlike disposables, CBD cartridges do not have built-in batteries. However, being pre-filled with vape juice still makes them more convenient than typical e-liquids. 

Nowadays, all brands manufacture carts that utilize the 510-threaded screw system. This means vapers can use almost any cartridge and battery combination.

Edibles: Infused foods – such as CBD gummy bears, honey sticks, and chocolates – produce prolonged effects compared to vape juices and tinctures. Edibles provide precise amounts of CBD with each serving and have hardly any weed-like aroma.

Capsules: For those who take a daily stack of supplements, CBD capsules would be an excellent addition. Capsules have a set quantity of CBD extract and often a carrier oil with further benefits (i.e., MCT oil or hemp seed oil).

Manufacturers increasingly use softgel capsules over hard gelatin capsules. Some CBD users find the latter hard to swallow, hence their preference for a softer design.

Flower: Legal hemp strains have high CBD concentrations and rich terpene levels, but less than 0.3% THC. Ergo, while they smell and taste like weed, CBD buds don’t produce intoxicating effects. Flower is suitable for vaping, smoking, and making extracts.

Concentrates: Super-strength products (i.e., CBD wax dabs, crumble, shatter, and crystals) induce more intense CBD effects. Concentrates are good for existing CBD users who cannot get adequate relief from regular edibles, oils, and e-liquids.

CBD concentrates work as dabbing, vaping, and smoking products. You can eat some concentrate products for long-lasting effects with a little less initial intensity.

Creams: Topical products deliver a kind of CBD relief that other products cannot. Applying CBD to the skin – via a cream, massage oil, or salve – can provide localized relief from pain, inflammation, and skin complaints.

Cheap CBD topicals only contain hemp extract, whereas high-quality products normally incorporate other therapeutic extracts, such as menthol and aloe vera.

How to Make Money Selling CBD Products


Hemp-derived CBD may have been around for a few years, but the industry is far from saturated. Indeed, market analysts project sustained growth into the mid-2020s and beyond – and both low and high-budget start-ups can cash in. 

For new companies with large cash flows, it’s all about getting name recognition – that’s the only way to compete with the established names. For businesses with scarce financial resources, product creativity is a must.

Small start-ups need to get noticed, and the best way to do so is with unusual CBD products. Instead of selling typical CBD oils or edibles, consider making products that combine different cannabinoids, terpenes, or other plant extracts. 

What to Look for From a CBD Wholesale Distributor (USA)

Picking a great CBD wholesale distributor will make your life that much easier. Of course, you will save money that can go into other parts of your company, but a top wholesaler will also give you peace of mind on stuff like product quality and supply.

Third-party lab reports


CBD shoppers want confirmation that products are up to scratch, so you need proof from your wholesaler. At present, the only certification with any merit in the hemp industry is third-party lab testing.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not verify product quality, so it’s not enough for a wholesaler to talk about making products in an FDA-approved lab. For any product you buy, you must see a copy of an independent certificate of analysis. 

Low minimum order requirements

Cash-poor start-ups should seek out wholesalers with low or no minimum order requirements. Some distributors require clients to purchase $1000 worth of products at a time, or a specified amount over a timeframe. But that doesn’t suit everyone.

With low minimum order requirements, small start-ups can experiment with a few wholesalers and find out what works best without breaking the bank.

Superb and speedy customer service

Prompt and helpful customer service makes a massive difference when buying wholesale. You need a reliable distributor with fast turnaround times that can also help you find the ideal CBD products for your store and customers. 

How to Store Your CBD Wholesale Products


All companies selling hemp-based products must have good storage facilities. Care for your CBD wholesale products by storing them in a cool, dry, and dark place. Always keep products out of direct sunlight. 

How Long do CBD Wholesale Products Last?

Most wholesale CBD products last for several months, if not more than a year. But as a vendor, you should focus on excellent storage and getting stock sold as quickly as you can. Customers don’t want products that are close to expiring.

Purchasing From an Online CBD Wholesale Distributor (USA) vs. Shops Near Me


In 2022, brick-and-mortar distributors are simply no match for online wholesalers. With literally hundreds of CBD distributors on the web, clients have seemingly unlimited options for buying finished products or making them from scratch.

In addition, with products cheaper online and most wholesalers offering free delivery, there’s no need to venture to a local wholesaler. In the past, physical distributors may have had a customer service edge, but online wholesalers have caught up.

Purchase lab-tested wholesale CBD products from CBD Genesis! Choose from their incredible range and products from other well-known CBD brands.

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