Top 5 CBD Edibles Wholesale Products

Tim Rosenberger Tim Rosenberger

May 19, 2022

There’s no tastier way of getting a dose of CBD than edibles. Whether it’s CBD honey sticks, gummies, chocolate bars, cookies, brownies, or something else, CBD-infused edibles are delicious and incredibly beneficial, too.

But edibles have many more attributes that make them attractive to retailers. In this article, I want to get beyond the fancy stuff and look in-depth at why you should buy edibles the next time you go wholesale shopping.

Let’s begin with 2022’s top five CBD edibles wholesale products – we really are spoilt for choice!

Top 5 Begin Here

1. Best Selling CBD Gummy Bears


CBD Genesis – Gummy Bears

A classic product that has stood the test of time, Gummy Bears from CBD Genesis are a customer favorite. Simple yet brilliant, these moreish vegan gummies boasts a solid 25mg CBD serving and not a trace of THC.

Each tub contains 20 edibles and 500mg CBD-isolate extract in total – that’s plenty of CBD at an affordable price. And the tubs have a child-resistant cap to stop these CBD gummies from falling into the wrong hands!

People take CBD Genesis Gummy Bears to relieve depression, manage pain, soothe anxiety, and more. With long-lasting effects, they offer great value for money and will satisfy any CBD lover. Third-party tested by Hammer Enterprises.

2. Most Popular


CBD For The People – Dark Full-Spectrum Gummy NOIDS

You are guaranteed something extra with products from CBD For The People – and these Dark Full-Spectrum Gummy NOIDS live up to lofty expectations. It’s full-spectrum all the way with an uncut, unrefined extract oozing with essential nutrients.

Don’t be deceived by their typical sugary, square-shaped appearance. The whole-plant hemp extract of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids generates more potent effects than plain CBD gummies. Not to mention the punchy natural flavorings.

Go easy with the 600mg tub, or double up with the 1200mg pack! These vegan-friendly CBD Gummy NOIDS come in two delectable flavors and have a recommended serving size of two gummies. Third-party tested by SC Labs.

Flavors: Blue Razz, Strawberry

3. Runner Up


CBDfx – Vegan CBD Cookies With Protein

CBD and protein? You bet. CBDfx delivers the goods with these oh-so-delicious Vegan CBD Cookies. The single-serving treat packs in 20mg broad-spectrum CBD, an impressive 13 grams of protein and no THC whatsoever!

Perfect for those suffering from a mid-afternoon slump or folks needing a boost to power through a challenging workout, these cookies provide energy and therapeutic relief. This CBDfx edible product is US-made, solvent-free, and does not contain soy.

Why make a CBD cookie with protein? The critical macronutrient helps build and rejuvenate muscles while keeping appetite under control. And that means it pairs beautifully with CBD. Every CBDfx cookie undergoes extensive third-party testing. 

Types: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter

4. Runner Up


CBD Genesis – Watermelon Hard Candies

Not everyone likes taking their edible serving at once, and now they don’t need to thanks to these Watermelon Hard Candies from CBD Genesis. The light and fruity sweets are great for sucking on slowly, as they gradually release 25mg of CBD.

And unlike gummies and chocolate bars, the edible mixes with the user’s saliva, allowing for some sublingual CBD absorption. These CBD Genesis hard candies kick in faster than other edibles while providing sustained relief!

Each tub contains twenty-five 25mg CBD-isolate candies, which tallies to 625mg CBD. They have an authentic candy flavor, despite being made with artificial ingredients. The third-party report confirms these are legal candies with zero THC.

5. Runner Up


Lulu’s Chocolate – CBD Chocolate Bar

Consider letting your customers indulge in this decadent CBD-infused dark chocolate from the eye-catching Lulu’s Chocolate. Made with 78% unroasted Ecuadorian cacao and 80mg CBD in total, it’s both a tasty and therapeutic edible.

Lulu’s Chocolate uses a THC-free, terpene-rich hemp extract taken from sun-grown hemp in Colorado. This ensures the bar is fully non-psychoactive and safe for drug tests without ruining hemp’s beneficial effects. 

With four squares per bar, each serving administers 20mg CBD, although these could be split into smaller segments if desired. I’m delighted to see Lulu’s Chocolate using 100% biodegradable packaging. Third-party analyzed by SC Labs.

What are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are hemp-based products with high concentrations of non-intoxicating cannabidiol (CBD) extract. To comply with the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived edibles must have no more than 0.3% THC – this differentiates them from marijuana edibles.

As a product type, edibles have benefits that many other CBD-infused offerings do not. They are discreet, convenient, deliver measured doses, and do not have the consumption risks that smoking – and to a lesser extent – vaping products do.

And given the pharmacodynamics of taking CBD orally, edibles have longer-lasting effects than any other wholesale CBD products, except capsules and drinkables.

What is CBD?


If you aren’t familiar with CBD, here’s a quick refresher. Chemically speaking, CBD is a cannabinoid and a key player in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Studies indicate that CBD regulates the ECS – this explains its many health benefits.

The ECS proliferates throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems and manages motivation, emotion, pain perception, learning, and memory. Once you know what the ECS does, CBD’s wide-ranging medicinal value becomes obvious.

Yet rather than acting on the ECS as a typical external agent, CBD promotes natural ECS equilibrium. In elevating anandamide and other endocannabinoids, CBD ensures these chemicals are there to engage with cannabinoid receptors.

But enough science! Let’s explore the different CBD edibles you could sell! 

Types of CBD edibles

All these edibles are federally legal and Farm Bill compliant – it just proves how much variety there is in the CBD industry nowadays.

CBD-isolate edibles: Cheap and THC-free, CBD-isolate edibles provide a pure CBD experience. But they don’t have any other cannabinoids, which rules out the entourage effect. However, some brands add terpenes to CBD-isolate products.

Full-spectrum edibles: Enter the entourage effect with full-spectrum CBD edibles! Made with a whole-plant hemp extract, these treats come with secondary cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and all that other hempy goodness.

The boosted therapeutic value makes full-spectrum CBD edibles more expensive. They may also contain enough THC to trigger a positive drug test – this rules out full-spectrum products for some users.

Broad-spectrum edibles: Take drug test worries out of the equation with broad-spectrum CBD edibles. The cannabinoid-rich, THC-free, broad-spectrum extract successfully preserves the synergistic entourage effect.

Delta-9 edibles with CBD: Recently, companies have started manufacturing CBD edibles that maximize the Farm Bill’s THC allowance. With super-size edibles, it’s possible to make products with enough THC to induce psychoactive effects!

Delta-9 edibles with CBD attract medicinal users seeking a more complete entourage effect and recreational users chasing a genuine legal high.

Are CBD edibles suitable for your store?


With so many wholesale CBD edibles out there, I am confident that many would fit perfectly in your store. CBD edibles can work for established and thriving CBD vendors, as well as start-ups looking to get a foot in the door.

Major stores often prefer playing it safe with no-frills CBD edibles, such as gummy bears or honey sticks. However, smaller companies trying to get noticed could benefit from some left-field picks, like the protein cookies I listed earlier.

Indeed, I recommend that start-ups adopt an alternative approach to selling CBD edibles. With so many big brands covering the basics, you have little chance of standing out and being competitive in the industry if you only stock regular edibles.

But with a bold strategy that embraces unconventional edibles, your small store can punch above its weight. You could try appealing to a specific type of CBD user, such as those who want products to help them sleep or recover from workouts.

The world of CBD edibles remains a land of opportunity, even in 2022! Get creative, be brave, and start reaping the rewards this lucrative CBD industry has to offer. 

Health Benefits of CBD Edibles

While CBD has a seemingly endless list of health benefits, let’s focus specifically on the ailments that edibles are well-suited for. And, of course, that brings us back to the long-lasting effects of products like gummies, hard candies, and brownies.

Chronic pain: For people who live with persistent pain, the extended relief provided by edibles is preferable to the short and sweet effects of smoking and vaping. CBD may regulate pain perception through many channels, including CB1 receptors.

Stress: A large CBD edible dose is ideal for sustained stress relief. CBD has a general calming effect, relieving anxiety and relaxing tight muscles at the same time!

Sleep: Those taking CBD for sleep need a product that remains active throughout the night. The same applies to people who wake up during the night due to other problems (e.g., chronic pain).

CBD edibles, and particularly those with melatonin or an indica terpene blend, are excellent at promoting a peaceful night’s sleep. Users can take a dose around one hour before bedtime and enjoy a steady CBD release that lasts until morning. 

What to Look for When Buying CBD Edibles Wholesale

With so much product choice, it’s common for first-time edible wholesale shoppers to get stuck and indecisive. And while you will probably always have a few tough calls to make, your life will be much easier if you know what to look for.

Third-party lab reports


No CBD edible product is complete without an independent certificate of analysis (COA). Sadly, not all CBD companies are in business for the right reasons, but the third-party testing system can help you spot these brands and avoid them.

Third-party certification verifies a brand’s claims about its edibles. Do they really have as much CBD as listed? Do they conform with the Farm Bill’s THC limit? Are they clean and pure or riddled with harmful by-products? The COA tells all! 

Stocking untested CBD reflects badly on stores and causes customers to shop elsewhere. You might think you are getting a bargain with cheap edibles, but you will give back those gains many times through potential lost revenue. 

A variety of CBD extracts

Capture as much of the market as you can by selling different types of CBD edibles. A range of potencies matters, but not as much as a variety of hemp extracts. 

We discussed the qualities of CBD-isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum hemp earlier. If you have each type of edible on your shelves, every customer can find a product that meets their requirements.

Additional non-hemp ingredients

Edibles are one of the few CBD products that can incorporate other non-hemp extracts and ingredients – and manufacturers utilize them to great effect. They may cost more, but these amped-up edibles significantly enhance the CBD experience.

How to Store Your CBD Edibles Wholesale Products


Like all CBD products, you must keep CBD edibles in a dry and dark space, away from direct sunlight. As for temperature, I suggest cold storage (i.e., a refrigerator) to prevent melting.

While melting doesn’t affect potency, it ruins the measured dosage aspect of edibles. You cannot easily sell a melted chocolate bar or merged gummy bears. Accurate and measured dosing is a leading selling point of CBD edibles.

How Long do CBD Edibles Wholesale Products Last?

For up to one year, with a good storage procedure. You cannot stop cannabinoid degradation altogether, but proper storage will slow things down. But don’t take the long lifespan for granted – I like to get my CBD edibles sold within 90 days.

Purchasing CBD Edibles Wholesale Online vs. Shops Near Me


You will find more product options and cheaper prices at online hemp wholesalers. It may seem convenient to have a wholesaler local to you, but if they don’t have much variety or rock-bottom prices, they simply cannot compete with the world wide web.

When shopping online, you can spend more time perusing CBD edible products and comparing wholesale distributors. Don’t rush into a purchase – take the time to learn about products and contact the wholesaler if you have any questions.

Nowadays, the top online wholesalers have stellar customer service to match, if not exceed what you can get from a face-to-face interaction. There’s no need to shop in-store!

I recommend CBD Genesis for all your CBD edible wholesale needs! 

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