Top 5 Best CBD Oils For Pain

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Studies have suggested that CBD may be helpful in pain management. Its effectiveness has seen many people who suffer from chronic pain conditions opt for various forms of CBD for pain. While using CBD for pain is only supported by anecdotal studies, there are significant prospects.

The growing demand for quality CBD has seen the number of players in the market rise. As a result, shopping for quality CBD products has become a serious challenge. The quality of the CBD used is vital and must be determined when you go shopping for CBD. Look out for factors such as potency to obtain the best product.

I will be looking at the available types of CBD in the market and list the best options to use. Keep reading to learn more about the products you can use.

Top 5 Best CBD Oils for Pain Symptoms

Few CBD brands have emerged as trustworthy and reliable producers of CBD for various purposes. Nonetheless, it is necessary to pay specific attention to the products available on the market. Some brands may produce quality CBD but fail to offer the best option when shopping for CBD for pain. 

Here are the Best CBD oils for inflammation:

  • Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil
  • CBDistillery Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture
  • CBD Genesis Tincture Oil
  • Liftmode Hemp Calm CBD Oil
  • FOCL Premium CBD Drops

All the producers on my list offer quality products but we will rank them based on user feedback and the convenience that each product offers to users.

1-Best CBD Oil

CBD Genesis Tincture Oil 1000mg

CBDGenesis is a legend in the world of CBD products. Although they have a wide range of products to choose from, the most effective in the management of pain is the 1000mg option. This is one of the best products in the market in terms of potency, delivering about 33.3mg per serving. 

You are required to take just two drops of the oil under the tongue for migraines. 

They have a wide range of potencies for their products, ranging from 550 mg per 30 ml bottle to 2000mg per 30 ml bottle. Each of these options can be used for diverse purposes. 


  • Different potencies ranging from 550mg per 30ml bottle to 2000mg per bottle.
  • Full-spectrum CBD extracted from high-quality American hemp
  • The product comes in diverse flavors
  • They provide independent lab testing


  • Only available in full-spectrum

2-Most Popular

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil takes the first position as the best CBD oil for inflammation. This oil comes in a 30ml bottle with a potency of 1, 800 mg. The product stands out as the best for various reasons. Besides the fact that it is of high potency, the oil is also made in America with high authority hemp.

The full spectrum product boasts of terpenes and flavonoids that help the product offer the entourage effect. This makes the oil more effective. The product is quite costly than the others in the market but is more concentrated and offers value for money.


  • Comes in a high potency of 1800mg per com ml bottle
  • High-quality pure, full-spectrum CBD 
  • The product is extracted from high-quality hemp grown in American 
  • The product comes in diverse flavors
  • They provide independent lab testing


  • Only available in full-spectrum
  • More costly than similar options

3-Running Up

2. CBDistillery Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

The second product on my list is CBD CBDistillery oil. This full-spectrum CBD oil for pain by CBDistillery comes in diverse potencies, ranging from 500- 5000 mg per 30 ml bottle. The product is among the most popular and as a result, they only make their products available on request. 

The product is probably popular due to the limited additives. It only contains MCT oil and full spectrum CBD as the main ingredients. The product can be used by ardent users and beginners all alike. Each serving of the product contains about 17 mg of CBD.


  • Comes in diverse potencies ranging from 500- 5000 mg per 30 ml bottle 
  •  Full-spectrum CBD 
  • American-grown high-quality hemp
  • They provide independent lab testing


  • The product is only available in full-spectrum

4-Running Up

Liftmode Hemp Calm CBD Oil

The LiftMode Hemp CBD oil takes the fourth position among the best CBD products for pain on our list. This product has a potency of 1500mg per 30 ml bottle and can easily be purchased online. The product is specifically designed to offer relaxation and is commonly used by those who struggle to get a good night’s sleep.

Users of LiftMode have noted that it offers quite effective results in the management of painful conditions. This product is affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, a new CBD brand that has received a high rating from customers despite being a new player.


  • They produce high-quality pure, full-spectrum CBD 
  • Their hemp is American grown 
  • They provide independent lab testing results


  • Only available in full-spectrum
  • The product is only available in the 1500mg potency
  • Lacks variations in terms of flavors

5-Running Up

FOCL Premium CBD Drops

The final product on our list of the top CBD oils for pain is FOCL Premium CBD. This CBD oil comes in a 1000mg potency for a 30ml bottle. Their product is a broad-spectrum CBD, which means that it does not have any traces of THC but still offers the benefits of other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. 

It comes in an orange cream flavor, which will bring back memories of a hot relaxing summer. The product does not have any additives except for the all-organic MCT oil. 


  • Broadly-spectrum CBD extracted from high-quality hemp
  • The product is very affordable
  • It is user friendly for beginners
  • They provide independent lab testing
  • Does not contain any amounts of THC


  • Only available in 1000mg potency
  • Available in one flavor
  • Only available in broad-spectrum

What Research Says About CBD for Pain Management

Many people already use CBD for pain, despite the fact that it is not approved by the FDA. Those who use the product claim that it is effective. Some anecdotal studies have also provided evidence. I have found some studies to be insightful. 

Here are the scientific facts about CBD for pain

  • A 2016 study published by the NCBI found that applying just 6.2 mg of CBD gel to joints with pain could reduce pain in rats with arthritis. 
  • A different review by the NCBI concluded that for people who have found relief from pain after using CBD, it should be studied for use in the management of rheumatoid arthritis.

The findings and scientific studies have so far provided anecdotal evidence that can be used to lay the ground for proper future studies in the use of CBD for pain. 

How to Effectively Use CBD For Pain Relief

There are several ways to use CBD for pain. This depends on the form of CBD available. For instance, there are those who take capsules while others use edibles. In the case of CBD oil, there are two common ways used.

How to apply CBD oil for pain:

  • Topical application on the joint
  • Ingestion 

Topical application is where you rub the oil around the injury for relief. With ingestion, you can place a drop of the oil under the tongue and let it dissolve. 

Finding CBD Oil Dosage 

Use the product based on the dosage recommended on the bottle. This is because products come in different potencies. However, since different people use different amounts of CBD, beginners should start with a small dose of below 10mg per day and monitor their intake.

Full Spectrum vs Isolate

Full-spectrum CBD oil is the type of oil extracted from the hemp plant without removing flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. Isolate CBD is extracted by eliminating all other compounds. Full-spectrum CBD offers better results since CBD has been found to work well when combined with terpenes and flavonoids.

Side Effects

Although CBD does not have very serious side effects, users of the product have reported several side effects. 

Among the most common side effects are:

  • appetite changes
  • diarrhea
  • weight changes
  • fatigue

The side effects vary from person to person. New users of CBD are more likely to experience side effects. 

Where to Buy High-Quality CBD Oil?

When shopping for CBD oil, you have two options. You may either buy your products online or shop at a local store. If you choose to buy online, only shop from the official vendor websites. If you choose to buy from a local store, I recommend that you ask for known brands that have been tested and proven.

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