Best 5 Kratom Wholesale Distributors Online of 2022

April 8, 2022

Kratom products have taken the western world by storm in recent years. Once a secret of southeast Asia, millions of people now enjoy kratom’s benefits in America alone. And the passionate kratom community even fought off a possible federal ban!

With the uncertainty of a few years ago gone, now is the ideal moment to start selling kratom! As the industry grows, new strains and products are coming thick and fast, giving users more ways of enjoying kratom. It’s time to cash in!

I have lots of vital information to share on what makes kratom such an exciting business opportunity. But before I discuss the details, I’ll start with my top five kratom wholesale vendors of 2022! 

Best Kratom Vendor


Kratom Krush

Pick up high-quality, organic kratom powder, capsules, extracts, and leaves from Kratom Krush. Their dedicated and well-informed team knows where to source products from, and they offer a wide range of premium strains.

Choose from classics like Maeng Da, Bali, and Borneo, or give your customers something more obscure, such as Elephant, Ketapang, or Chocolate Tayan. You could even try your luck with emerging kratom shots or gummies.

Kratom Krush has an affordable wholesale program that can help any start-up get into the market. Their friendly crew will answer any questions you have about the products available, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.   

Most Popular


EZ Kratom

Get your kratom store up and running with a wholesale purchase from EZ Kratom. Consider their standard collection of powders or take things up a notch with EZ’s ultra-enhanced line of products. They also stock excellent capsules and extracts.

Products come in various sizes, with superb deals available if you purchase in large quantities. All products featured at EZ Kratom have detailed descriptions, so you know what you are getting. They have an attentive customer service team, too.

EZ Kratom is up there with the best wholesalers, with impressive strain and product variety. If you aren’t convinced by any of the products in EZ’s collection, they offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee. 

Runner Up


Super Speciosa

Super Speciosa Raw Leaf waxes lyrical about their superiority over other wholesalers. While I don’t think they are the best, they get a lot right and take a deserved third place on my list. And it all comes down to quality.

The commitment to stocking clean and unadulterated kratom shines through at Super Speciosa. All wholesale products come with third-party lab reports, an effective mechanism that shows transparency in the unregulated kratom scene.

Super Speciosa makes its products in a GMP-certified facility, ensuring purity without compromising potency. Their range includes powder, tea bags, kratom capsules, and tablets. But they have limited strains available and do not sell leaves or extracts.

Runner Up


Oasis Kratom

At Oasis Kratom, you can purchase enormous batches of high-quality kratom at low prices. For established businesses with cash on hand, their wholesale options are worth checking out.

These guys stock a broad variety of kratom powders, capsules, leaves, and extracts, as well as non-kratom botanicals like kava and blue lotus flower. All products sold at Oasis Kratom have passed third-party checks and are free from harmful microbials.

Furthermore, you can expect speedy delivery when purchasing from Oasis Kratom, with stateside orders completed within three days. They package products in a GMP-certified facility and have a responsive customer service team.

Runner Up


Kratom Wholesale U.S.

Begin your kratom journey with a bulk purchase from Kratom Wholesale U.S. The all-American vendor sells several powdered products, which they promise are among the world’s finest and purest. I would agree they are in the conversation.

Kratom Wholesale U.S. stocks 12 unique strains, sourced from mature kratom trees with high alkaloid levels. They argue this guarantees unrivaled potency and purity – but to some extent, we are taking their word for it.

In a nutshell, Kratom Wholesale U.S. has high-quality stock, but limited variety. Until they branch out from powder and start selling capsules, extracts, and leaves, too, I cannot put them in the same league as some of the other wholesalers around.

What is Kratom?


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree that predominantly grows in Southeast Asia. The kratom tree produces leaves containing alkaloids with therapeutic potential. Kratom is part of the Rubiaceae family of plants, which also includes coffee.

While kratom consists of many alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the most prominent. Both compounds engage with receptors in the opioid system, possibly initiating a painkilling effect.

Kratom products have emerged in the United States as natural alternatives to prescription painkillers and legal recreational drugs. In large dosages, kratom can have a deeply relaxing effect and induce euphoric sensations.

But like cannabis, kratom comes in different forms – namely red, white, and green veins. Most strains come in each color, and some even have a gold variety.

Red vein kratom has a sedative effect, while white vein strains have invigorating mental and physical properties. Indeed, in Southeast Asia, workers with taxing manual jobs often take white vein kratom for energy. Green vein kratom levels out the effects of red and white vein strains. 

Gold kratom is more potent than other veins. A red strain becomes gold when left to dry and ferment in the sun.

Why selling kratom products makes perfect sense


Since first appearing several years ago, the kratom industry has established a solid customer base in the United States. But it’s still a lucrative and open market, free from well-known retail corporations and pharmacies like Walmart and Walgreens.

These slow-moving companies still view investing in kratom as too big a risk and fear getting burned if the federal government ever bans it.  However, that leaves the door open for dynamic small businesses to cash in. 

And there’s no doubting that demand for kratom is high. Potential customers for vendors include recreational drug users, those seeking a natural remedy for opioid addiction, and folks wanting a safer type of painkiller.

In 2021, the American Journal of Preventative Medicine published a study showing that 0.7% of the US population used kratom in the past year. That’s more than two million people, and this figure could be an underestimate.

Ultimately, a lot of Americans like kratom and it’s only growing in popularity. But users can still only purchase products from selected stores. 

Your business could capitalize on the insatiable demand for kratom by providing the market with much-needed supply! And this is the best time to do so because if kratom does become more mainstream, the big players could still move in.

Types of kratom products


Kratom comes in a few different forms – each product type has perks and disadvantages. I recommend stocking a wide selection of kratom products unless you choose to specialize. 

Powder: The most versatile type of kratom product, you can ‘toss and wash’ powder, brew tea with it, or even make edibles. Loose kratom powder tends to be cheaper than other kratom products, so it’s ideal for those on a budget.

Kratom powder has fast-acting effects – the body can absorb kratom alkaloids directly, without having to digest a capsule first. For users who need swift relief from acute pain, powder works better than capsules.

Teabags: Simplify the tea-brewing process with kratom tea bags. These have a set amount of kratom, so users always know how much they are consuming. Boil some hot water, pour it into a cup, and allow the tea bag to sit for a few minutes before drinking.

Capsules: Some find the pungent, bitter taste of powder too much to handle. For those users, kratom caps make consumption more pleasant – they also give total control over the dosage.

However, the largest capsules only hold 1 gram of kratom, while most people take 4 or 5 grams per dose. Not everyone finds it easy to swallow several of these hard, large capsules and they also take a relatively long time to kick in. 

Extracts: Kratom shots and tinctures provide veteran kratom users with an extra hit. These ultra-potent products are not suitable for everybody, and the additional strength may make them more addictive.

But an increasing number of vendors now stock kratom extracts, indicating how popular they are becoming. If your store caters to all kinds of kratom users, you should be selling these. 

Kratom Products and Drug Tests


Good news: drug tests cannot detect pure kratom products. At present, drug screenings do not have the mechanism to check for kratom alkaloids like mitragynine. That makes kratom an attractive recreational drug for employed people.

Those taking kratom for therapeutic purposes can also rest easy. Even though kratom alkaloids engage with opioid receptors and have similar pain-killing and euphoric effects, they are not opioids.

Will Kratom Stay Legal?


Kratom’s future in the United States is more secure than a few years ago. In 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) planned on temporarily making kratom a Schedule 1 drug. But kratom activists fought back fiercely.

Since then, the federal government has backed off. But unfortunately, some states, counties, and cities have recently banned kratom. However, future crackdown attempts at the federal level seem unlikely given how much support is out there.

I only see this changing if scientists uncover conclusive evidence that kratom is dangerous and has no therapeutic value. Yet with millions of Americans taking it as a stimulant and a painkiller, it’s absurd to suggest kratom doesn’t work! 

What to Look for When Buying Kratom Wholesale


If you have no experience with kratom, your first interaction with a wholesaler could be overwhelming! Here are three things to look for when purchasing in bulk. 

Third-party lab reports

Kratom products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), making it difficult to guarantee product potency and purity. But third-party lab reports can help you establish whether a product is legit and safe for your customers.

Third-party testing isn’t as common in the kratom scene as in the hemp industry. But customers want assurances that companies are making products properly and aren’t ripping them off. Third-party testing boosts your credibility.

Variety of strains and veins

Many kratom users are fussy and prefer sticking with one or two favorite strains rather than chopping and changing. I advocate stocking a broad range of strains, with red, white, and green vein varieties for each.

People take kratom for different reasons. Somebody seeking energizing effects will want a strain like White Thai, whereas someone wanting pain relief will choose a kratom like Red Borneo. Ensure you appeal to all tastes and preferences. 

Knowledgeable and responsive vendor

Since a wholesaler will be taking thousands of dollars from you, the least they can do is answer your questions in a timely fashion! Vendors should be happy to discuss the quality of their products and how they source them – be wary of those that aren’t.

How to Store Kratom Wholesale Products


Keep kratom products in a cool, dry, and dark place. Exposure to direct sunlight may degrade the alkaloids. Moist conditions could make your kratom moldy.

If you have loose kratom stock, such as powder or leaves, keep them in an airtight container (e.g., a mason jar). Kratom exposed to oxygen will degrade and lose potency.

How Long do Kratom Wholesale Products Last?


Well-stored kratom should last for several months, if not longer. However, poor storage methods can ruin your kratom within weeks. If you neglect storage, your customers will soon let you know about it with negative product reviews.

Purchasing Kratom Wholesale Products Online vs. Shops Near Me


You may have a physical kratom wholesaler near you, but it’s safer, cheaper, and more efficient to purchase products online. Let’s quickly run through why.

When buying online, you don’t need to rush, making it less likely that you’ll splurge cash on low-quality products. Only-online wholesalers also have lower running costs than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Moreover, if shopping online, you can check out multiple wholesalers within minutes as opposed to having to trek from shop to shop.

Visit Kratom Krush today and register for a wholesale account – it’s time to start your kratom journey!

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