Top 5 Kratom Shots Wholesale Vendors of 2022

April 13, 2022

Kratom shots are highly-potent extract products that offer a more intense experience than powder, capsules, and leaves. Shots are much-loved among those needing extra therapeutic relief and recreational users seeking a more powerful buzz.

If you are thinking about selling kratom, you must consider adding new and innovative products like shots to your store. Demand for high-strength kratom is on the rise, with these products set to take a larger share of the market.

But what makes an excellent kratom shot product, and are they right for your business? I’ll cover everything you need to know in this detailed guide, starting with my top five kratom shot wholesale vendors of 2022.

1 Best Kratom Shot Wholesale Vendors


Kratom Krush

If you want high-quality, third-party tested kratom shots for your shop, check out Kratom Krush. The renowned American wholesaler stocks a myriad of extract products, including shots.

Choose from ultra-potent Kratom Shot Gold Extract and flavored high-strength shots from Topps Kratom. Both products contain high alkaloid concentrations as part of a full-spectrum extract. You can find more information at Kratom Krush.

But it’s not only the top-shelf nature of Kratom Krush’s products that have won me over. It’s their dedication to providing stellar customer service and going beyond what’s expected of a wholesaler to deliver the best client experience. 

2 Most Popular


Kratom Collection Shop

A wholesale purchase from Kratom Collection Shop will show customers your commitment to emerging. They market shots as Kratom Alkaloid Suspension Bottles and sell red and green-veined products in multiple strengths.

Kratom Collection Shop creates these extracts using premium lab-produced isolate pulled from their red and green strains. Users can expect extreme relaxation from the red shots and a balance of stimulation and sedation from the green extracts.

Even better, Kratom Collection Shop meets the needs of start-ups and established distributors. If you get in touch with them, you can customize the strength, size, strain, packaging, and labeling to your liking.

3 Runner Up


C Store Supplies

Stock up on kratom shots with a bulk buy from C Store Supplies. These guys specialize in several therapeutics and legal highs, with kratom products merely one part of what they do. But that doesn’t mean they don’t take kratom seriously.

C Store Supplies has offered wholesale options to stores across the United States since 2015. They have plenty of potent kratom shots from affordable brands and provide retail guidance with all products.

You will need to spend $500 for free shipping, a relatively high threshold. But there’s no minimum wholesale order, and with new products coming into their catalog regularly, C Store Supplies is a decent place to buy kratom shots in bulk.

4 Runner Up


Kratom Roots Wholesale

The Kratom Roots Wholesale catalog features numerous liquid shots and many other high-end products. They sell shots from well-known brands such as Viva Zen, Lit Culture, and Krave Kratom.

While the extensive range at Kratom Roots Wholesale impresses, the short product descriptions and lack of third-party reports go against them. You are left trusting the brand rather than knowing if products are up to standard.

However, Kratom Roots Wholesale is still a top name in the industry, thanks to the variety of products they stock. You can contact them via multiple methods, and their website is easy to use. Even so, I cannot rank them any higher than fourth. 

5 Runner Up


Bulk Kratom Shop

Bulk Kratom Shop has a solid selection of liquid kratom shot wholesale options. The web-based vendor specializes in all things kratom and has a growing range of extracts to meet the increasing market demand.

All products sold at Bulk Kratom Shop undergo comprehensive third-party testing, with checks on purity and potency. They also promise consistency in quality – something which should be standard but isn’t always the case.

Bulk Kratom Shop notes the lucrative potential of liquid kratom shots, mentioning the fast-growing market and the sizeable profit margins. They offer private labeling with large orders, which will give your products a unique and personalized touch.

What are Kratom Shots?


Kratom shots are concentrated products with higher amounts of mitragynine than the likes of Maeng Da kratom powder, capsules, and leaves. Shots come in liquid form and typically contain a carrier oil like vegetable glycerin.

These products vary in potency but are only for veteran kratom users well-acquainted with high dosages. It’s not uncommon for a 12ml kratom shot product to have the equivalent strength of 10 grams of powder.

The best manufacturers create shots using a full-spectrum kratom extract. Therefore, as well as getting the benefits of mitragynine, you’ll also reap the rewards of 7-OH-mitragynine, mitraphylline, and other lesser-known alkaloids.

Moreover, the highest quality concentrates consist of organically-grown kratom sourced from Southeast Asia. The CO2 extraction method helps preserve the kratom alkaloids while expelling any impurities from the final product. 

How kratom shots can benefit your business


Kratom shot products can benefit several types of businesses, whether you specialize in kratom or not. For the specialists, shots and similar extracts make your collection more diverse and help new customers.

Many vendors still only sell classic products, such as kratom powder, tea bags, and capsules. Including shots in your range shows your business has a forward-thinking mentality and is always looking for exciting new products to stock.

If you run a headshop, super-strength kratom shots could be a new best-seller. Your customers may have indulged in regular kratom products for recreational purposes. But shots take things to another level, providing a euphoric experience of unrivaled intensity.

Or maybe you have a start-up business in the works – in which case shots and extracts could be your niche. Many kratom stores stock the staple products, but few, if any, focus specifically on concentrates. 

With enough effort and the right products, your shop could become the first port of call for customers seeking high-strength kratom.

There are endless business opportunities with kratom shots. These intriguing, emerging products could transform both the kratom industry and the market for legal highs. I do not doubt there is a place for these products in your store.

Kratom shots vs. other kratom products


Manufacturers have brought various kratom products to market in recent times. While shots remain relatively new and only appeal to a subset of kratom users, it’s worth exploring how they compare with more widely-used products.

Shots vs. powder: Shots are more potent but less versatile than powder. For example, users can swallow powder with water, brew tea with it, and even make infused cookies and ice cream.

You can still drink kratom shots or mix them with beverages, like classic tincture oils. For users put off by the bitter flavor of kratom, it’s easier to consume a small amount of a shot than large quantities of powder.

However, extra-strong shots work great for those seeking convenience and discretion when dosing with kratom. A quick swig of a kratom shot delivers more alkaloids than several grams of powder. For that reason, users of shots and similar concentrates must be warier of side effects.

Shots vs. capsules: Capsules mask kratom’s taste, which is ideal for those who find its bitterness completely intolerable. These products also contain a set amount of kratom (typically 1 gram), and users can take them discreetly wherever they are.

However, kratom shots are preferable for people needing high dosages. It’s not just that shots and other concentrates have more intense effects – they are also easier to enjoy in large amounts.

For instance, half a kratom shot product has as many alkaloids as you’ll find in 10 grams of powder. Anyone with experience in taking kratom capsules will know swallowing several 000-size, hard-cased capsules at once is anything but pleasant. 

Shots vs. leaves: Few vendors in the West stock loose leaves, although they have enjoyed a slight uptick in popularity. It seems some want to take kratom traditionally!

As with powder, users must fight through the bitterness with leaves, which is less pertinent with shots. In addition, kratom leaves have a notoriously coarse texture that makes chewing them a chore.

Both shots and leaves produce fast-acting effects. However, I would only recommend leaves for novices with limited kratom experience. Even regular kratom users would be better off taking tiny shot dosages than trying to munch leaves.

Kratom Shots and Drug Tests


Kratom shot usage will not show up on a drug test, no matter how potent they are! Regular 5 and 9-panel drug tests do not have the mechanism to detect kratom alkaloids. While like opioids in effect, alkaloids have a completely different chemical makeup.

Drug tests for kratom do exist but remain very uncommon. I have never heard of an employee at any company being screened for kratom. 

However, if kratom becomes more widespread in the months and years to come, employers and drug test manufacturers might start taking more notice. But for now, your customers do not need to worry about failing a test after taking kratom shots.

Will Kratom Shots Remain Legal?


The federal government has unsuccessfully tried to ban kratom in the past. But some states and counties across the U.S. have had more success. While more bans may come in at lower levels, I expect kratom shots will stay federally legal.

In 2016, the kratom community showed the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that they are a genuine force. The agency’s efforts to make kratom a Schedule 1 drug were met with a swift and fierce backlash from advocates and users.

What to Look For When Buying Kratom Shots Wholesale


Do you want to start stocking kratom shots in your store? Ensure that you get the best wholesale deals and that you’re appealing to a wide range of potential customers by keeping the following advice in mind. 

Third-party lab reports

All kratom shot products must come with independent lab certification if you want to look legit. Third-party testing is not an official requirement of kratom vendors, but it sets you apart from other companies that might not be selling high-quality products.

With high-strength kratom shots and similar extract products, third-party testing is crucial. Customers want to know they are getting genuine kratom and not a potentially dangerous substitute. 

Well-informed and helpful vendor

A friendly, helpful, and client-based service transforms a good wholesaler into a great one. While vendors don’t have to go the extra mile and work with customers to find personalized solutions, the best ones will gladly do so.

Top wholesalers are also attentive and responsive, promptly answering questions from clients. If a distributor doesn’t make you feel important or you fear they aren’t being transparent, I suggest taking your money elsewhere.

Remember that buying wholesale for your business isn’t like purchasing one or two products as an individual. You should demand a five-star service from companies that expect you to part with thousands of dollars.

How to Store Kratom Shots


I recommend keeping kratom shots in a dark and cool location. Do not expose products to direct sunlight since this can cause alkaloid degradation and reduce potency. Never break the seal of kratom shot products as this will affect freshness. 

How Long do Kratom Shots Last?


If stored properly, kratom shots can last for several months. However, products can degrade fast if you fail to keep products sealed or away from direct sunlight.

Excellent storage should be your priority as a vendor. Customers must receive your products in as good condition as possible. 

Purchasing Kratom Shots Wholesale Online vs. Shops Near Me


I advocate buying kratom shots for your store from an online wholesaler. While kratom products are becoming more mainstream, there are several disadvantages to purchasing from a brick-and-mortar vendor.

Firstly, going from wholesaler to wholesaler in person takes time, and they won’t all have the products you want. In contrast, you can visit several online wholesalers within an hour and compare them without the pressure of a pushy salesman.

Pick up some premium, lab-tested kratom shots for your store at Kratom Krush! Register for a wholesale account today! 

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