Top 5 Kratom Extract Wholesale Vendors of 2022

April 8, 2022

Kratom powder, capsules, tea bags, and leaves may be sufficient for most users – but they aren’t enough for everybody. Those chasing more potent kratom effects, whether for therapeutic or recreational use, increasingly want high-strength extracts.

Established kratom vendors could expand their product collection and stimulate new interest with extracts. Start-up companies could choose to target hardcore veteran kratomites by specializing in extracts and similar products.

If you are unsure where to start, you have come to the right place. Here are my top five kratom wholesale vendors of 2022!

1 Best Kratom Extract Wholesale Vendor


Kratom Krush

In recent years, Kratom Krush has emerged as the most honest, trustworthy, and transparent kratom store operating in the United States. With a wide range of third-party tested products, including punchy extracts, Kratom Krush has it all.

Making a wholesale purchase at Kratom Krush is as easy as it should be. The team has a deep understanding of all the products in their catalog and can help you determine which ones would be most appropriate in your store.

Kratom Krush only stocks high-quality, organic kratom extracts in compliance with federal law. You can get hold of them via email, phone, or live website chat. And if you aren’t happy for any reason, they have a 45-day moneyback guarantee.

2 Most Popular


Kratom Collection Shop

Kratom Collection Shop is an excellent wholesaler with an impressive collection of extracts and concentrates. Choose from potent kratom tincture oils, mind-blowing full-spectrum extract powder, stunning resin, and intense pure isolate tablets.

Despite the relative infancy of extracts, Kratom Collection Shop still offers plenty of variety. The ethanol-based tinctures contain a blend of high-quality powders, and the full-spectrum powder is nearly seven times more potent than typical products.

Kratom Collection Shop promises lightning-fast shipping from Monday to Friday, aiming to deliver on the next business day. Products arrive in discreet, plain packaging. All kratom extracts from this wholesaler undergo third-party testing.

3 Runner Up


Kraken Kratom

Do you want premium, GMP-certified kratom extracts for your store? Then check out Kraken Kratom, a well-respected vendor with an exciting and extensive array of extracts. These include enhanced powders, tincture oils, and full-spectrum extracts.

Kraken Kratom’s tinctures contain a proprietary extract with a water and vegetable glycerin base. Their full-spectrum extract has a delightful berry flavor that masks kratom’s bitterness, made from the world-famous Bali strain.

All extract products sold at Kraken Kratom are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and have passed third-party tests. You can expect massive discounts when buying in bulk and they will throw in free same-day shipping for all orders.

4 Runner Up


Amazing Botanicals

These guys give a glimpse into the growing market for kratom extracts with a catalog featuring several high-end products. Amazing Botanicals creates an Ultimate Kratom Tincture, a 50x powder, and an Ultra Enhanced Indo Shot.

They also recognize the increasing demand for edibles, with an intriguing selection of kratom-infused soft chews, hard candies, and toffees. And if you’re still not sold, how about some high-strength capsules or tablets? 

I like how Amazing Botanicals approaches kratom, especially for wholesale vendors. You know products are up to standard thanks to third-party testing, and they claim to compete on price with Indonesian vendors. They have a private labeling service, too.

5 Runner Up


Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals is a well-known name in the kratom scene that has been around for many years. Kats takes kratom seriously, as shown by their broad product catalog and many informative blog posts. But their extract range is a bit below par.

At present, Kats Botanicals stocks a single full-spectrum extract product in two strengths (10 and 25%). I’m not questioning the quality – Kats uses a GMP-certified facility, works with organic ingredients, and complies with third-party testing.

However, I expect more variety from a kratom extract wholesaler. Kats Botanicals doesn’t stock any shots, tinctures, or ultra-enhanced kratom capsules. But if you want a reliable place to buy full-spectrum extract in bulk, they may work for you.

What is Kratom Extract?

Kratom extract is a more concentrated version of kratom, with higher alkaloid levels than you would find in standard powder. Increased quantities of mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and other alkaloids mean considerably more potent effects.

In contrast to powdered products, kratom extract is pricier and harder to make. Rather than simply crushing up dried kratom leaves, the manufacturing process involves boiling and straining the leaves to extract the alkaloids.

You can purchase both liquid and powdered kratom extracts. These products have a darker appearance compared to classic powder and often a more intense, bitter flavor, too. 

The highly-concentrated nature of kratom extracts translates to more potent pain relief and heightened euphoria. But they also pose an increased risk of side effects, such as drowsiness, nausea, and vomiting. Kratom extract is also more addictive.

How kratom extracts can benefit your business


Several businesses can reap rewards from stocking kratom extracts, including those with no prior kratom history! If you sell kratom already, introducing extract products will make your range more diverse and entice new customers to your store.

Perhaps you have spotted how lucrative selling kratom can be but are yet to get involved. Any start-up in any industry has a greater chance of long-term success if it can find and dominate a niche. Kratom extracts and concentrates may be your niche!

Instead of offering product variety (i.e., capsules, powders, tea bags), your start-up could home in on kratom extracts. Try making your store a hub for hardcore kratom users searching for intriguing new products and more intense highs.

Maybe you run a shop selling legal highs but haven’t ventured into the world of kratom. Rather than opting for typical powders and capsules, you could surprise your customers with ultra-potent kratom extracts – these are sure to get their attention!

Those are merely a few ideas on the business potential of kratom extracts. As the industry develops, I’m expecting more extract products to come onto the market. It’s a fascinating time in the kratom industry and the perfect moment to cash in.

Kratom extract vs. other kratom products


We know kratom extracts are more potent than other forms of kratom, but how else do they compare to these best-selling products? Let’s find out. 

Extract vs. powder: It can take a little practice to consume large quantities of dried powder without coughing and spluttering. That’s not an issue with powdered or liquid extracts, as the higher alkaloid concentration means your dosage will be smaller.

Extract vs. capsules: Standard capsules work well for people concerned about taking too much kratom. But the slow onset of effects and difficulties with swallowing several hard capsules puts some users off.

In contrast, liquid and powder extracts kick in faster. And if you take powdered extract in capsule form, you’ll only need one as opposed to five or six. Some manufacturers also produce soft-gel capsules containing kratom extract.

Extract vs. leaves: Chewing kratom leaves is an old-fashioned consumption method rarely utilized in the West. However, it’s an efficient way of ingesting alkaloids for those who can cope with the taste and coarse texture.

While kratom extracts have a bitter flavor, it’s less overwhelming in small amounts. Furthermore, you can discreetly dose up with extracts in seconds, but it’s impossible not to attract attention when chomping on leaves. 

Kratom Extract and Drug Tests


No ingredients in kratom extract products are detectable on regular drug tests. Kratom alkaloids might work like opioids, but they are a separate class of compounds with unique chemical structures.

Currently, it’s too expensive for employers to test for kratom, even though more than two million Americans use these products. While individual kratom tests exist, employers aren’t going to shell out thousands of bucks to catch one or two users.

The situation might eventually change as tests could be redesigned with a panel to check for kratom alkaloids. But such a revamp isn’t on the horizon anytime soon. 

Will Kratom Extracts Remain Legal?


The kratom industry hasn’t always had the best relationship with the federal government. Indeed, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) wanted to make kratom a Schedule 1 drug in 2016 and only relented after fierce pushback.

At the federal level, kratom extracts and other products look likely to remain legal. However, several states and counties have banned kratom, and vendors won’t ship to these jurisdictions.

Some legislation suggests many lawmakers don’t even understand the substance. But that indicates many of these state and county-level bans are flimsy and could be reversed at some point.

I’m confident that kratom will stay federally legal unless scientists unearth proof the substance is dangerous. The kratom community is well-organized, passionate, and has already given the DEA a bloody nose. They won’t want another embarrassment.

What to Look for When Buying Kratom Extract Wholesale


Buying kratom extract wholesale can be confusing if you have never done so before. But with a little knowledge of the kratom industry and how wholesale purchasing works, you can quickly learn the ropes.

Third-party lab reports

Nowadays, you cannot realistically compete with other kratom vendors unless you sell third-party tested products. Customers want confirmation they are getting fresh, potent, and pure kratom, and third-party testing makes up for no FDA regulation.

Sure, you don’t have to provide lab reports for kratom extract products. But if a potential customer sees that your extracts aren’t independently tested, they might go elsewhere and find stores where products are.

Product strength

Kratom extracts vary in potency. Some are only slightly more intense than regular products while others on a whole new level. Before deciding on a wholesale product, you need to find out exactly how potent it is and whether it suits your store.

For example, if you run a headshop specializing in legal highs, you’ll want the highest-strength kratom extracts you can get. But if you operate a typical kratom store that targets therapeutic users, you may be better off with milder extracts.

Excellent customer service

Most wholesalers can offer products at affordable prices. However, only the best provide fantastic customer service, too. It matters less if you already know what you are looking for – but if you don’t, first-class customer service is vital.

Firstly, a wholesaler should know the pros and cons of all their products and communicate them to you with clarity. The top vendors will then also give you personalized advice that applies to your business.

Don’t hesitate to choose a different wholesaler if you aren’t getting all the information you need. 

How to Store Kratom Extract


Store extracts in a dark, dry, and cool place. Keep them away from direct sunlight as UV rays can degrade alkaloids and destroy kratom products. Store loose powdered extract in an airtight jar or container to protect against oxidation.

How Long do Kratom Extracts Last?


With optimum storage, kratom extracts will stay fresh and retain maximum potency for a few months. However, no matter how well you store kratom, the natural alkaloids in products will gradually degrade. 

Don’t purchase more stock than you can sell in a reasonable length of time. If your products vary in potency and freshness, customers will soon let you know with scathing and damaging reviews.

Purchasing Kratom Extract Wholesale Online vs. Shops Near Me


Many wholesalers now sell kratom extracts, in addition to powder, capsules, and leaves. There may even be a wholesaler near you selling powdered and liquid extract. But I recommend avoiding brick-and-mortar wholesalers and purchasing online instead.

Shopping on the web allows you to check out several kratom wholesale vendors and compare them at your leisure. In contrast, shopping in person means traveling from store to store, a time-consuming and inefficient process. 

And there is no guarantee that a physical vendor will have the extracts you’re looking for. At least you can find that out in seconds when shopping online! If that’s not enough, online wholesalers usually have cheaper options than brick-and-mortar vendors.

Register for a wholesale account at Kratom Krush and start purchasing kratom extracts and more for your store!

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