Synthetix5 may be in 5th place but it’s far from poor quality. Synthetix5 provides the necessary combination of creatinine, uric acid, and urea. The kit includes self-adhesive heating pads to heat the urine to body temperature. It’s affordability and dependability are the reasons it placed 5th on the podium.

      Ultra Pure by Ultra Klean

      Ultra Klean synthetic urine may not be the best but it gets the job done. Ultra Klean contains all the compounds you expect to find along with all the characteristics of real urine. The kit contains a temperature strip, heating pad, and rubber band so you can monitor and maintain the urine at the correct temperature for extended periods. The company is so confident you’ll love the product that they offer a 500% moneyback guarantee.

        Dr Greens Agent X

        As one of the best priced synthetic urine on the market, Dr Greens Agent X is a great product that gets the job done. It contains the vital ingredients, uric acid, urea, and creatine, needed to pass a drug test. The temperature strip makes it incredibly easy to read, and the heating element provided does an exceptional job.

          Quick Fix Plus

          Quick Fix is the runner up synthetic urine for a reason. It contains all the ingredients found in real urine needed to pass a drug test. Additionally, Quick Fix comes with sticky hand warmers to heat the bottle and keep the urine at the perfect temperature for many hours. You can’t go wrong with this premium synthetic urine.


            The creators of Sub-Solution have developed a state of the art lifelike urine with ingredients you would find in real pee (creatinine, uric acid, area, and eight over essential urine compounds). The Sub Solution kit comes with a Practice Kit so you can make sure you get it right before the real deal.