5 Best Wholesale Kratom Capsules Vendors

Tim Rosenberger Tim Rosenberger

April 21, 2022

Capsules are among the best-selling kratom products and have distinct benefits over powder, tea bags, and extracts. Any vendor thinking about stocking kratom would be wise to sell a selection of capsules.

Perhaps you haven’t started your kratom business yet, or maybe you want to freshen up your range. Whatever your circumstances, this is the post for you. I will be delving into all the vital details about kratom capsules.

Let’s begin by familiarizing ourselves with the industry. Here are my top five wholesale kratom capsules vendors of 2022!

Top 5 Begin Here

1. Best Selling Kratom


Kratom Krush

I purchase all my kratom products – including capsules – from Kratom Krush. A world-class wholesaler that caters to stores and individuals, they have a deep catalog of premium capsules infused with the finest kratom powder.

Kratom Krush stocks all the well-known strains, such as Maeng Da, Borneo, Bali, Malay, and Thai. You will find red, green, and white-vein varieties within each strain, and even a few gold-veined capsules. 

All Kratom Krush capsules hold 0.7 grams of alkaloid-rich powder, sourced from the best growers in Southeast Asia. You can purchase capsules in batches of 60, 180, and 360. Every Kratom Krush capsule product undergoes third-party lab testing. 

2. Most Popular


Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals is another excellent online store with wholesale kratom capsule products for your business. They have a collection of regular capsules, as well as quirkier options such as chocolate capsules and plantation strains.

The Specialty Blends from Kats Botanicals are worth checking out, especially if you want to stock something a little different. These consist of multiple strains, carefully chosen and combined to generate specific effects.

All capsules from Kats Botanicals contain 0.6 grams of powder – the 00-sized capsule design makes them easy to swallow. Fast shipping is assured with this cGMP-certified vendor and all capsules come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

3. Runner Up


EZ Kratom

Purchase lab-tested, premium kratom capsules from EZ Kratom, a renowned US-based wholesaler with a decent reputation. EZ Kratom has all the main strains covered and some obscure ones like Green Raiu, too. 

All products come in resealable pouch packaging, and you can pick between 00 and 000-sized capsules – these hold up to 0.6 grams and 1 gram of powder respectively. I’m impressed that EZ Kratom gives you the choice between the two sizes.

They use non-GMO kratom powder sourced from Southeast Asia and do not include any fillers or additives in their capsules. While EZ Kratom doesn’t quite have the variety of its competitors, they are still a reliable, high-quality kratom wholesaler.

4. Runner Up


Super Speciosa

Start-ups will love the selection of cheap, lab-tested kratom capsules available at Super Speciosa. Certified by the American Kratom Association as a GMP-qualified vendor, they stand out as a trustworthy wholesaler in a sketchy industry.

Super Speciosa uses vegan capsules, manufactured without gelatin and animal by-products. The 100% plant-based nature of these products makes them ideal for health stores with a focus on wellness and saving the environment.

Super Speciosa opts for 00-size (0.6-gram) capsules and sells them in batches of 60, 180, and 320. All products get third-party tested for potency and purity before hitting the shelves. Access the reports by scanning the QR code on the packaging.

5. Runner Up


Bulk Kratom Now

Forgive the simplistic name and website design – Bulk Kratom Now is a competent wholesaler that merits a mention on my list. They don’t get too flashy, preferring to concentrate on common strains. But if anything, that’s a sensible decision.

Bulk Kratom Now’s lab-tested, 00-sized capsules come with a moneyback guarantee. And since you can purchase as few as 150 capsules, they are a good vendor to help you find your feet and decide which strains work for you.

Contrary to what they say, Bulk Kratom Now is not the only wholesaler offering low-priced, high-quality kratom capsules. But there’s plenty to like about them and they are a cut above some of the lesser-known and corner-cutting vendors in the scene. 

What are Kratom Capsules?

Kratom capsules are therapeutic and recreational products infused with kratom powder. Legal in the United States, kratom caps can help with chronic pain, fatigue, opioid addiction, and poor concentration. Some products also induce euphoria.

The kratom powder in capsules comes from the crushed leaves of kratom trees. Primarily cultivated in Southeast Asia, kratom has rich quantities of beneficial alkaloids, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Western scientists have much to learn about kratom, but the tree has a long therapeutic history in its homeland. And people in the US who are fed up with the side effects and addictive nature of prescription opioids want in on kratom’s benefits.

Why vendors should stock kratom capsules


The recent – but controversial – emergence of products like kratom capsules makes them a lucrative business opportunity. The big grocery stores and pharmacies have so far avoided kratom, leaving the door open to niftier and more flexible vendors.

When the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) tried scheduling kratom in 2016, nobody could foretell the future. But kratom activists staved off the assault and the industry has become increasingly robust and valuable to the American economy.

That leaves us with a situation where risk-averse companies won’t touch kratom products, despite millions of Americans wanting them. These circumstances don’t come every day and they might not last forever.

There’s no time like the present. If you are debating whether to go into business or if kratom products have a place in your store, now is the time to make your move!

Types of kratom capsules

In this section, I will introduce you to the best-known kratom strains. But don’t dismiss Indo, Ketapang, Sumatra, and Hulu kratoms

Maeng Da: The so-called ‘pimp-grade’ kratom usurps all other strains in terms of potency. Maeng Da typically consists of two alkaloid-rich kratoms and produces unusually energizing effects. It’s popular with veteran kratom users.

Bali: A famously relaxing strain from Indonesia, Bali kratom is a potent analgesic that induces intense euphoria. Most users maximize these effects with Red Bali capsules, but you can also get white and green-vein Bali.

Borneo: Sourced from the Southeast Asian jungle island, Borneo kratom has punchy mood-lifting and anxiety-busting properties. Notably, Borneo isn’t as sedating as some kratom strains. I also recommend it to folks struggling with stress.

Malay: A delightful hybrid, Malay has a reputation for generating a mix of sedation and stimulation. And there’s no better way to enjoy these benefits than with Green Malay kratom capsules.

Thai: In contrast, Thai leans into kratom’s revitalizing and energizing properties. Long used by manual laborers for its fatigue-busting effects, White Thai kratom aids with tiredness, poor concentration, and low motivation.

Characteristics of Kratom Capsules


Some users love capsules while others hate them, as is the case for all kratom products. The characteristics of capsules give them a few advantages over loose powder and extracts, but they aren’t without downsides. Let’s take a closer look.

DosingKratom caps leave users in no doubt about how much they are taking. Companies typically use 00 or 000-sized capsules. The former holds between 0.5 and 0.6 grams of powder, while the latter can pack in up to 1 gram.

Dosing accurately with kratom is vital given its addictive potential and propensity to cause nasty side effects in large doses. With capsules, users can regulate their intake and avoid accidentally taking more than they need.

Taste: Kratom powder and leaves have a notoriously bitter flavor that many find unpleasant. Indeed, I’ve heard stories of users skipping doses due to kratom’s taste, even though they find products beneficial.

Capsules solve this problem by sealing the powder and eliminating the flavor. It’s worth selling a capsule version of any kratom strain that you stock in your store.

Effects: Capsules have similar properties to kratom powder. Low dosages are somewhat energizing and large dosages are rather relaxing. 

However, kratom’s benefits hit relatively slowly when consumed in capsule form. Unlike with powder, leaves, and extracts, the alkaloids cannot activate immediately. The kratom only has an impact once the stomach has digested the capsule.

Discretion: Many users enjoy the convenience and discreetness of capsules. It’s hard to toss and wash while on the go, but it’s easy to dose up with a kratom capsule.

Since taking capsules won’t attract any attention, users can indulge with confidence wherever they are. And as we covered in the dosage section, they’ll always know precisely how much they are ingesting. 

Consumption: If capsules have a downside, it’s the act of taking them. With the average kratom dose between 4 to 5 grams, that means swallowing several caps at a time. 

This may be an issue for some – especially older folks. The bulky capsule design can make swallowing difficult, hence why many capsule supplements these days have a soft-gel casing.

Kratom Capsules and Drug Tests


Recreational and medicinal kratom users don’t need to panic about failing a drug test. Sure, kratom can make you high and euphoric, but tests have no means of detecting the unique alkaloids in kratom powder.

Kratom alkaloids do not fall into any of the categories covered by standard drug tests (i.e., cannabinoids, opioids, and amphetamines). Technically, t’s not impossible to check for these compounds – specialized tests exist, but they are rare.

However, it’s not financially practical for employers to shell out for kratom tests. Unless or until manufacturers redesign standard tests to detect mitragynine and other alkaloids, kratom users have no reason to worry. 

What to Look for When Buying Kratom Capsules Wholesale

There are a few considerations to make before purchasing kratom capsules in bulk. 

You must guarantee quality by buying third-party tested products and I suggest investing in a range of capsules to lure in more customers. Look to maximize profit margins by saving every cent possible without compromising on quality. 

Third-party tested products


Independent product certification shows customers that you play by the rules and aren’t afraid of transparency. Third-party testing examines alkaloid concentrations in capsules and checks whether they contain any harmful by-products or adulterants.

I admit it’s an unusual concept, but it works well in the kratom industry. With no FDA regulation, there is no legal mechanism to see if products are legit. Companies that balk at third-party testing may be hiding some damning secrets.

Variety of veins

Unless you have a highly-specialized store, you should stock red, green, and white-veined kratom capsules – and perhaps even gold, and yellow caps, as well. Each vein color has different characteristics, and you need to cover all bases.

Red: These strains help with chronic pain and insomnia. Red kratom produces euphoric effects popular with recreational users.

White: The most stimulating kratom vein boosts energy levels, enhances focus and concentration, and improves motivation. 

Green: These strains draw on the best of red and white kratoms without being excessively energizing or relaxing.

Superb customer service

Don’t settle for inadequate customer service when making a wholesale kratom purchase. Vendors should offer more attentive service to businesses than individuals.

The best wholesalers will respond swiftly and give you several ways to contact them (i.e., phone, email, live website chat). 

How to Store Your Kratom Capsules


Keep your kratom capsules in a dry, dark, and cool climate. Storage matters a little less with caps than with loose kratom powder. But it’s good practice to maintain high standards. 

How Long do Kratom Capsules Last?

An unopened tub of kratom capsules will stay fully potent for several months. But you must keep products away from direct sunlight to ensure this lengthy lifespan.

Purchasing Kratom Capsules Wholesale Online vs. Shops Near Me


Save money and time by shopping wholesale for kratom capsules online. It’s simply not worth buying from more expensive brick-and-mortar wholesalers when there are so many excellent options on the web.

Moreover, online wholesalers typically offer more variety, and it’s easy to check out several vendors on the internet. Doing so in the physical world is much more time-consuming, and you may feel under pressure to make a purchase.

Visit Kratom Krush today and register for a wholesale account – it’s time to start shopping for kratom capsules!

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