7 Best Kratom Strains For Anxiety and Depression

Tim Rosenberger Tim Rosenberger

With a reported 18% (40 million) of US adults suffering from anxiety, it’s no wonder more people are turning to kratom for anxiety and depression relief. I know I did, and I haven’t looked back. If you will allow me the opportunity, I will provide you with the best strains to combat anxiety or depression from both personal experience and research.  

The best kratom strains for treating symptoms of anxiety or depression are:

  • Red Bali
  • Green Malay
  • White Thai
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Gold Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Green Maeng Da

They provide not only physical relaxation, but can also mental peace by inducing mood boosting euphorias. 

And don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how to experiment to find your perfect dose as well. Ready? Let’s jump in and get straight to the point. 

Best Kratom Strains for Anxiety and Depression

The following kratom strains are the most effective for combating anxiety and depression in no particular order. Notice I didn’t include depression in the following bar graphs. That’s because the effect that reduces anxiety also reduces depression, so there’s no need to input it twice. 

I used two factors to rank these strains as the best. 

  1. Popularity among the people
  2. High percentage of alkaloids (the more alkaloids the more potent the strain)

Unfortunately, we don’t test every single strain for alkaloids. We test every few batches or so. However, based off the potency and many years of using kratom, I can get a pretty good idea of the strains that are richer in alkaloids than others. Usually, the more potent the strain the more popular it is. 

How you choose your strain will highly depend on what other effect you would like to combine with anxiety or depression relief. For example, if you suffer from anxiety and also pain, you may want to choose Red Maeng Da. If you would like energy along with anxiety relief, I recommend any of the white or green strains. Makes sense? Great, here we go!

1) Red Bali Kratom (Buy Here)

Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali is a kratom strain from Indonesia, and one of the best-sellers in the US market. This is a good value and easily attainable strain, renowned for its high potency.

Red Bali is teeming with 7-hydroxymitragynine, a key alkaloid responsible for pain, depression, and anxiety relief. Due to its sedative effects, Red Bali is more ideal for evening use. According to the Google search volume I found in my research, this strain is the MOST popular red strain with 4600 searches a month as of Jan 2021.  

2) Green Malay Kratom (Buy Here)

Green Malay Kratom

As the name suggests, Green Malay Kratom comes from Malaysia. This strain will relax the mind and produce a strong euphoria combined with an energy boost. 

If anxiety or depression are affecting your day-to-day life and preventing you from completing important tasks, this strain can help you relax and improve your overall productivity. 

Green Malay is the number one popular green strain in the market. However, I personally enjoy Green Meang Da more than Green Malay and I’ll explain why later in this post. 

3) White Thai Kratom (Buy Here)

white thai kratom

This strain is another amazing option for those affected by anxiety and depression. White Thai is more energizing than other strains, with even the Red Thai producing more stimulating effect than other red strains.

White Thai is great for getting your day off to a bright and energetic start. If you’re an office worker or have a job that requires you to socially interact with others, White Thai is perfect for you. 

4) Gold Bali Kratom (Buy Here)


Gold Bali is a blend of Red and White Bali but tends to lean more toward White Bali because of its energizing effects. Gold Bali’s high alkaloid profile provides potent depression and anxiety relief benefits. Therefore, ranking as the number one most demanded gold strain.

If you need a strain that will reduce your anxiety but allow you to remain productive throughout the day, Gold Bali is perfect for you. Many people have used this strain to get through hours of office work and can attest to its amazing benefits.

5) Red Maeng Da Kratom (Buy Here)


Coming in at 4100 Google searches per month, Red Maeng Da is second only to Red Bali 

Red Maeng Da is rich in 7-hydroxymitragynine, the alkaloid crucial for sedative, analgesic, and anti-anxiety effects. I highly suggest this strain for those of you who can’t fall asleep due to too much overthinking.  

Hence, Red Maeng Da is better suited for evening and night time use. 

6) Red Borneo Kratom (Buy Here)


Red Borneo is another highly sought after strain. Ranked as the third most popular red strain with 1900 Google searches per month, Red Borneo is commonly taken for general relaxation and pain relief, which is of course great for easing anxiety and stress.

Reports from users suggest that Borneo has flexible effects. Even small quantities of this kratom can produce meaningful relief.

In fact, evening consumption of Red Borneo is perfect for getting the body physically and mentally relaxed, and in the ideal state for sleep.

7) Green Maeng Da Kratom (Buy Here)


I know we’ve already mentioned Red Maeng Da, but Maeng Da in general is so amazing and potent that I had to include Green Maeng Da.

Green Maeng Da is an excellent strain for anxiety or depression relief. It’s a blend of red and white maeng da, but definitely more of a stimulant than its red relative.

It’s powerful euphoric effects are responsible for boosting your mood and providing a steady dose of energy to get you through the day (which is why it’s my favorite). 

Green Maeng Da is also the best kratom for social anxiety. The strong euphoria will have the most antisocial person chit chatting all night. (I’ve witnessed this with my own eyes). 

Green Maeng Da is definitely more of a daytime strain.

A word of caution: if you’ve never used kratom, any type of stimulating effects can actually increase your anxiety instead of reducing it. If you’re new to kratom, I suggest starting with Green Malay or any of the red strains previously mentioned. 

How to Take Kratom for Anxiety and Depression

After settling on a kratom strain, you’ll now have to decide your preferred method of taking it. Depending on the product, there is a range of options, each with pros and cons.

Kratom Leaves

If you have fresh kratom leaves, you can chew them for immediate relief, although this leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

This is probably the most uncommon way of taking kratom, as it can take a quite a bit of chewing to obtain the same effects as kratom powder or capsules. 

Kratom Tea

If you enjoy teas, you can brew kratom leaves or powder, add sweetener and enjoy more pleasant effects. It’s possible to grind leaves into powder with a pestle and mortar.

If you want to learn more about kratom tea and how to prepare it, feel free to check out this awesome kratom tea guide Here.

In that post I go over 3 different types of tea recipes and how to protect your alkaloids from being destroyed while heating up the kratom. 

As well as tea, kratom powder can be stirred into water, milk, fruit juice or any other hot beverage for the same anxiolytic effects. Some even add kratom into yogurt!

Kratom Capsules

If you don’t enjoy the bitter taste of kratom, you could buy kratom capsules for flavor-free kratom experience, or make them yourself with powder and a capsule machine.

Just keep in mind when you take capsules it might take you anywhere from 30-45 minutes to begin to feel the effects because your stomach has to break down the capsule. 

Getting the Right Kratom Dosage

Dosage is the topic I get the most questions about, so I’m going to do my best to make it as simple as possible. For starters, not everyone’s dose is going to be the same. Some people may need 2 grams while others may need 10. 

kratom tea

Different ranking factors such as weight, tolerance, amount of food in your system, and more will influence how much kratom you will need.

If you saw a specific amount of kratom being suggested as a universal dose on another site, it’s probably a very rough estimate and you need to tread lightly. 

With that being said, you need to experiment to find your perfect dose. 

Kratom Powder Dose

To find your kratom powder dose, I recommend starting with 2 grams as shown in the picture with the tablespoon below. 

If you weigh over 200 pounds, you can start with 3 grams. Wait at least 3 hours after eating to take your kratom powder, then wait 30 minutes to feel the effects. If you didn’t acquire the anxiety relief and other effects you wanted, wait until the next day and add another gram to your starting dose. 

Repeat this process until you find the prefect dose.

Kratom Capsules

The process for finding your kratom capsules dose is very similar to the powder. Take 3 capsules as your starting dose. Wait at least 3 hours after eating to take your kratom capsules, then wait 90 minutes to feel the effects.

If you didn’t experience the effects you hoped for, add a capsule a day until you acquire the effects you want. If you weigh over 200 pounds you can start with 4 capsules. 

Each capsule contains 0.7 grams of kratom powder. Therefore, the starting doses of powder and capsules are roughly the same. 

What Makes Kratom Effective for Anxiety and Depression?

The alkaloids in kratom interact with opioid system receptors, making the plant similar to codeine and morphine. However, unlike these two classic opioids, kratom is nowhere near as addictive. That said, kratom must always be used responsibly and not taken for recreational purposes.

The primary active ingredients in kratom are alkaloids called mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids bind to mu-opioid receptors, producing an analgesic and sedative effect.

This calming influence – and the physical and mental relief – helps to ease anxiety symptoms and allows you to continue enjoying your favorite tasks and activities.

Anxiety is experienced at different levels and in different ways, hence why it is classified as a spectrum disorder. Some suffer from anxiety all the time (generalized), whereas others are affected only in certain situations (typically social).

The relaxing effects of kratom may be useful in combating general anxiety symptoms. Moreover, kratom could help to provide mental clarity and clear the mind from some of the toxic thought patterns that contribute to anxiety. The plant also has a mood-boosting effects, which complements the anti-anxiety effects nicely.

Well, there you have it. I hope this information has been of good use to you.

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