5 Best CBD Moon Rock Wholesale Products

Tim Rosenberger Tim Rosenberger

May 25, 2022

Moon rocks are a go-to product for CBD flower smokers seeking something extra. These CBD-rich, flower-based concoctions boast much higher potencies than regular hemp buds and have soared in popularity over the years.

Many CBD vendors can benefit from selling moon rocks, although they aren’t suitable for all businesses. In this guide, I will discuss the companies that CBD moon rocks work for and those that they don’t, while exploring what makes a great product.

Let’s start our journey with 2022’s five finest CBD moon rock wholesale products.

Top 5 Begin Here

1. Best Selling CBD Moon Rocks


JAXON – CBD Moon Rocks

Taking the top spot with an unprecedented 46% active cannabinoids, JAXON’s moon rocks are everything you could hope for. Indeed, it’s not just CBD in play here – they have cleverly coated the moon rocks in CBG kief for enhanced therapeutic effects.

JAXON opts for relaxing Bubba Kush CBD nugs, which they soak in THC-free broad-spectrum distillate before rolling in kief. The distillate contains calming and tasty Gelato terpenes, while the rocks have 0.22% total THC, way under the legal limit.

Like all world-class manufacturers, JAXON seals the moon rocks in a tinted glass jar to help preserve potency. With wholesale options ranging from 2 grams to 1 pound or more, this is a wholesaler for everyone. And yes, the rocks are third-party tested!

2. Most Popular


Plain Jane – CBD Moon Rocks

Checking in at an eye-popping 45% CBD, these super-potent moon rocks from Plain Jane are outstanding. They use an old-school method, making them with premium Oregonian CBD flower, THC-free CBD concentrate, and punchy hemp-derived kief.

At 45% CBD, Plain Jane’s moon rocks are more than twice the strength of the most potent CBD flower strains on the market. That’s precisely what hardcore CBD users want, and you can supply them with a cheap wholesale purchase from Plain Jane.

The gorgeous rocks come in a sealed and stylish glass jar, in packs of 3.5 and 7 grams. Plain Jane is a top CBD wholesaler with a solid reputation in the hemp world. And, of course, these moon rocks are third-party tested and Farm Bill compliant.

3. Runner Up


WellMart CBD – CBD Moon Rocks

With a whopping 42% CBD and less than 0.3% THC, WellMart CBD’s moon rocks take the third spot on my list. Made with CBD-rich Alien Skunk buds, pure hash oil, and a sprinkling of CBD kief, these classic moon rocks deliver potency and flavor.

WellMart also references its special sauce – winterized shatter – which helps take the CBD levels beyond most of their competitors. The full-spectrum nature of this product amplifies CBD’s medicinal value, courtesy of the entourage effect.

WellMart caters to the wholesale needs of small and large businesses, selling moon rocks in quantities ranging from 1 gram to 1 pound. SunBeam Laboratories and Victory Analytics supply third-party certificates for these CBD moon rocks.

4. Runner Up


Wholesale CBD Flower – 37.3% CBD Moon Rocks

Wholesale CBD Flower was one of the first distributors to start making CBD moon rocks, and these 37.3% beauties should not be missed. Made with a typical mix of CBD flower, hash oil, and kief, this is a stellar moon rock product.

Dipping the buds in hash oil instead of spraying them ensures an even spread of oil across the flower. Once sticky, the rocks can easily pick up plenty of dusty, high-strength kief – it’s a tried and tested method!

Wholesale CBD Flower packages the moon rocks in plastic containers fitted with a pressure-sensitive cap. And as always with wholesale, the more you buy, the less you pay per item. Both moon rock strains are third-party tested by NV Cann Labs.

Strains: Honolulu Haze, Paradise OG 

5. Runner Up


Boston Hemp Inc. – Organic CBD Moon Rocks

The name may have changed (from Boston Hempire), but this East Coast company’s organic CBD moon rocks remain as excellent as ever. They may not match some of their rivals on potency, but the product quality makes up for that.

Boston Hemp Inc. goes for Red Runtz CBD flower, coating it in citrusy and peppery CBD-laden kief. The hemp comes from Oregon and Vermont and is cultivated in both outdoor and greenhouse environments with cutting-edge farming practices.

The moon rocks contain almost 17% CBD and more than 15% CBDa – effectively bringing the CBD content to around 32%. That’s solid if unspectacular, particularly given the relative lack of minor cannabinoids. This product is third-party tested.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active molecule in cannabis with myriad therapeutic uses. Non-intoxicating and federally legal when extracted from hemp, CBD has been the natural wellness development of the past decade – and it’s only getting bigger.

But why is CBD so effective for so many ailments? It comes down to the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a somewhat mysterious but vital biological network. The ECS works in both the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Cannabis plants produce more CBD than any other non-intoxicating cannabinoid and more CBD than any cannabinoid except THC. However, per the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill), THC levels must not exceed 0.3%.

Thankfully, hemp-based products can have unlimited quantities of CBD and other cannabinoids. And that means companies can safely buy and sell extra-potent wholesale CBD products like moon rocks.

What are CBD moon rocks?


CBD moon rocks are essentially amped-up hemp flower products. Submerging or smearing CBD flower in hash oil or a similar concentrate, and then coating the newly-sticky buds with kief can more than double its potency.

Not to mention, moon rocks have spacey aesthetics and properties, with the higher CBD concentration contributing to a more tranquil experience. The added intensity still doesn’t lead to any mind-altering effects, but moon rocks do leave users feeling extra chilled.

CBD lovers can enjoy moon rocks as if they were standard hemp buds. But I don’t recommend smoking them in joints or blunts – the density and greasiness of the rocks makes it tough to keep them alight. Bongs, pipes, and bubblers work better.

You can also vape moon rocks. They vape best when broken up and mixed with typical CBD flower – this stops the vaporizer from getting clogged up with gunk.

Both vaping and smoking deliver moon rocks’ ultra-potent effects swiftly and with maximum intensity. Taking in such rich doses of CBD with every inhale makes for sudden blasts of relaxation and relief. That’s perfect for folks with severe symptoms.

Why do some brands use CBG kief?

Notably, some manufacturers create CBD moon rocks with another cannabinoid – cannabigerol (CBG). Non-intoxicating and therapeutic, CBG complements CBD with slightly different health benefits, and it promotes the entourage effect, too.

Brands incorporate CBG into moon rocks by soaking them in broad-spectrum distillate or dusting them with CBG-rich kief. A broad-spectrum extract also has other minor cannabinoids, including cannabinol (CBN) and cannabichromene (CBC).

Like CBD, CBG functions in the ECS. It helps improve sleep quality, soothe pain, and boost motivation. Sure, people can get some of these benefits from regular CBD moon rocks, but CBG’s presence helps generate all-encompassing effects.

CBD Moon Rocks vs. Other CBD Products


Let’s start by comparing moon rocks with the most similar hemp product – CBD flower. As stated, moon rocks are stronger and therefore preferable for those who need large dosages quickly. But there is less product variety, and they are trickier to use.

However, the relatively limited moon rock selection isn’t a huge deal – there are enough products to cover indica, sativa, and hybrid experiences. And moon rock lovers soon get to grips with their sticky nature. In other words, don’t be put off!

Unfortunately, moon rocks only appeal to users comfortable with vaping or smoking, and that isn’t everyone. I recommend educating your customers on how much less dangerous vaping is – this may lure in new moon rock buyers.

Why Your Store Needs CBD Moon Rocks

Firstly, hemp-derived moon rocks only attract a select group of CBD users. They aren’t for first-timers or even those satisfied with low or average dosages. But for individuals who do crave more powerful effects, moon rocks are a top choice.

If your business stocks CBD in all its forms, one or two moon rock products should suffice. However, those targeting high-dose CBD users – who conveniently buy products more often! – would likely benefit from a more extensive selection.

Start-ups contemplating how to venture into the hemp-based CBD industry should research unexploited niches. In this context, you could pursue becoming the authoritative store for moon rocks, concentrates, and other high-strength products.

Over time, many CBD users gradually increase their dosage. And with more people taking CBD than ever, the proportion of high-dose users will inevitably increase. Get involved with moon rocks now and reap the rewards in the months and years ahead!

CBD Moon Rocks and Drug Tests

Even though some companies proudly state using THC-free distillate in their moon rocks, that won’t protect against a failed drug test. Ultimately, the hemp flower itself will always have a small and unavoidable amount of THC.

And research shows that it takes far less than 0.3% THC to trigger a positive drug test sample. You should warn customers that no CBD moon rock products can guarantee a clean drug test – although failure is not inevitable, either. 

What to Look for When Buying CBD Moon Rocks Wholesale

Bulk-buying CBD moon rocks comes with similar considerations as when purchasing them for yourself. Let’s run through these and some wholesale-specific issues so you are well-informed and prepared when shopping. 

Third-party tested products


Ensure your business stays above board by sticking with third-party tested moon rocks. Stocking untested products puts you at risk of selling federally prohibited moon rocks with more than 0.3% THC (i.e., a Schedule 1 drug).

In addition, there’s invariably a catch with cheap, unapproved products. The manufacturer might be overstating their potency or cutting corners by using inferior extraction methods that leave products full of impurities. 

Frankly, purchasing untested CBD moon rocks is a waste of money. Customers won’t take you seriously, and buyers of high-strength CBD products are more educated than most CBD users. Don’t be tempted into spending on cheap fakes.

High cannabinoid concentrations

Your chosen moon rocks should have a CBD potency that justifies the tag. Avoid moon rocks with less than 30% CBD and, if you can, find products that blast through the 40% threshold. Double-check the CBD concentration via the third-party report.

You must conduct similar cannabinoid checks if purchasing moon rocks with CBG. Since these are pricier (because CBG is more expensive to extract), they should come with a decent amount of CBG to make it worth it.

Good packaging

Only purchase CBD moon rocks packaged in a jar with a pressure-sensitive cap. Without top-tier packaging, your products will degrade before they even the warehouse. Shoddy packaging may indicate the moon rocks have been returned and re-sold.  

How to Store Your CBD Moon Rock Wholesale Products


Find a dark, dry, and cool place for your pre-packaged CBD moon rocks. A good container will stop any oxidation but keeping products out of direct sunlight will protect them from light degradation. Buy moon rocks in a tinted container, if possible.

How Long do CBD Moon Rock Wholesale Products Last?

You can reasonably expect any CBD product, moon rocks included, to last for 12 months. But good packaging and storage are critical for getting such a lifespan. 

But I recommend working on a tighter timeframe and aiming to sell products within weeks so they are still at maximum freshness.

Purchasing CBD Moon Rocks Wholesale Online vs. Shops Near Me


CBD moon rocks are a bit obscure, and you will have a better chance of getting high-quality products by shopping online. With more wholesalers to choose from and deeper product catalogs, web-based distributors easily win out over physical stores.

You will save money if purchasing from an online wholesaler, a key consideration for small start-ups with tight budgets. And since online customer service is so good nowadays, brick-and-mortars don’t even have their traditional advantage anymore.

Stock up on top-shelf, lab-tested hemp products for your store with a wholesale purchase from CBD Genesis!

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